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Five Bedrooms–Season 1, Episode 3 (Three Millimetres)

As I predicted in my review of the previous episode, this episode switches the narrator to Ben and focuses on him.

The gang have been living in the house together for a couple of months now and Ben’s behaviour—specifically his apparently slow pace of getting the house painting finished, sending his tradie mates to Harry for skin checks, and his “nudie strolls” are bothering the others, especially Liz. Ben is completely oblivious to this and thinks his life is “finally on track.” While this can be excused as him thinking his life is good, when his secrets come out later in the episode, his words take on a whole new meaning.

Heather decides to have a chat with him on everyone’s behalf while he’s in the pool (naked of course) and tells him how they feel. When Heather tells them what happened, Liz decides they need to have an intervention, however Ainsley decides it would be a better idea to set up a letter writing system and drop them into a Housemate Feedback box. From there, Ben narrates and tells the housemates how he feels about them in his letters.

After his conversation with Heather, Ben goes to the hospital to apologise for Harry and ends up having a skin check. Harry finds an abnormal mole and Ben reveals he first noticed it last year. Ben gets a biopsy and Harry later reveals the mole is melanoma and he needs to have surgery to get rid of it as it’s larger than two millimetres. When Harry asks about his next of kin, it’s when Ben’s secrets come out—he has a 12 year old daughter, Mia, an ex-wife, Rebecca, and he hasn’t seen Mia in two years as he was in jail for possession of pot. Ben also reveals that he has been painting the house to make it presentable for them.

When Harry comes home from work, he finds the rest of the gang, bar Ben, are ready to give Ben an intervention, however Harry tells them it might not be the best night (although he can’t tell them why due to doctor-patient confidentiality).

Meanwhile, Ben’s letters are read throughout the episode—he adores Ains, praises Heather for her strength and expresses admiration for Liz, and thanks Harry for his help and encourages him to come out to his mother. Ben also reveals his melanoma diagnosis and impending surgery as a P.S. at the end of the letters. Heather reads her letter first and is therefore the first one in the gang to find out about it. She goes to the hospital to both support and give him a lecture. Rebecca and Mia then show up, and Harry and Heather leave the room. After they leave the room, Harry tells Heather about Ben’s secrets.

While Harry and Mia catch up, Harry, Heather and Rebecca are waiting outside. Harry and Heather talk Ben and the house up to Rebecca. Meanwhile Mia figures out that Ben has melanoma.

While Harry and Ben are in surgery, Heather organises Simmo and Ben’s tradie mates to get the house painting finished and gives Ainsley and Liz their letters. Once they’ve read them they’re motivated to pitch in and help finish the painting. Harry comes home and tells everyone Ben will be fine.

When Rebecca picks Ben up from the hospital and takes him home, he shows her the house. He later tells Heather that Rebecca was impressed and they are organising for Mia to come over every once in a while. He later thanks her for her support and kisses her. This was completely out of the blue, not just for Heather, but for me and from what I could tell on Twitter, many viewers as well. While Heather tries to dismiss Ben’s kiss as a drug-fuelled impulse, he tells her he likes her. I felt that this was a forced twist, I genuinely thought he liked Ainsley, however this twist provides the foundations for a love triangle that I hope is executed tastefully and as realistic as possible, and not dramatically or in a cheesy manner.

Overall this was a solid episode, with major character development in Ben, and the establishment of another story arc. From what I could tell in the promos for the next episode, it looks like the next episode will have Liz as the focus and narrator.


Stray Observations:

-According to Ben, the gang have been living together in the house for a couple of months.

-Apparently Ben sings on the toilet.

-Apparently Liz has a “being a total bitch” alarm that Harry sets off to warn her when she’s being a bitch.

-Harry is scrubbed up and dressed head-to-toe in medical gear, yet he speaks to Ben without his mask on in the OR. How is that not ruining the sterile environment of an OR?


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “He’s doing nudie runs?” “Nudie strolls…leisurely nudie strolls.” (Heather-Liz on Ben)
  • “For me and by no means is this a main concern, but I do have to bring up his lack of pants.” (Harry to the group on Ben)
  • “I’m sorry but a penis is not an extenuating circumstance.” (Ainsley to Heather on Ben)
  • “He’s the house mascot!” (Heather to Rebecca on Ben)
  • “I think it was a combination of modesty, bashfulness and sheer idiocy.” (Heather to Ainsley and Simmo on Ben telling the gang about his melanoma and surgery through his housemate letters)


Mr Black–Season 1, Episode 4

This episode was action packed with guns, burglars, snakes and blackmail.

The episode kicks off with Finn discovering a tiger snake in the backyard and calling his local council to get animal control to get it, only to hear Mr Black shooting it dead. Finn is naturally against the guns and wants it out, which Angela at first agrees to but Mr Black hides it under the mattress.

Meanwhile, we see Angela at work at The Post for the first time when she is in her editor’s office with her editor, Daina, and her colleague, Thomas. One of the crime stories was wrong and Tom accuses Angela of writing the story, something which Angela denies and Daina believes anyway because Thomas is clearly her favourite. Angela eventually finds proof that Thomas wrote the story and has him admit to it while secretly recording him. She emails the audio clip to Daina, and it’s later revealed when Daina apologises to her that Angela blackmailed her into giving her the crime reporting job. However Daina keeps Thomas on, in her own way telling Angela that she knows she recorded Thomas.

Overall I enjoyed this subplot as it was a nice break from the usual Mr Black-Finn-Angela conflicts.

Throughout Angela’s work subplot, the snake subplot escalates into being about guns. Mr Black invites Angela and Finn to go to the gun range with him to try shooting since he’s keeping his gun in the house. Angela is an excellent shot to the point where she’s asked to enter a competition. Angela feels that the competition will help her blow off steam about her work situation, to the point where she agrees to let Mr Black keep the gun in the house, which Finn is against. This ends up working against them, as Finn’s worst fears are realised and burglars break into the house and manage to overpower Mr Black and hold them hostage with his own gun. Just as the burglars are about to leave with Mr Black’s gun, the police (who Angela and Finn called) arrive and arrest them.

The episode ends when Angela realises that Mr Black wasn’t shot after all and tells Finn that this is her first crime story, and tries to come up with puns for the headline revolving around western movies and Mr Black.

Overall while it started off a little silly, the guns subplot addressed a serious issue and turned surprisingly dark. While I’m glad no-one was hurt and appreciated the little bit of dark territory, I felt the subplot ending was rushed.

Overall a solid episode with more action in it than usual.


Stray Observations:

-Mr Black is a clay target shooting, boxing and hockey champion.

-Mr Black thinks Finn’s pancakes are too floury, however when he says he’ll throw them away, Mr Black says he’ll eat them reluctantly.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “I cry like a real man: when Collingwood wins, at the national anthem and at the end of Toy Story 3!” (Mr Black to Finn)
  • “If you can’t make Finn a better man or manly man, at least help me lower my standards.” (Mr Black to God)


Harrow–Season 2, Episode 3 (Malum In Se)

This episode went back to the late ’90s when a mummified body is discover in a brick basement wall when construction workers are trying to remove asbestos.

When Grace, Harrow and Simon are trying to figure out how long the woman had been in the wall, Grace is able to deduce the woman had been there since the late 90s, due to the clothes and shoes as she had a similar style back then. They eventually find out her name is Elizabeth “Libby” Hewitt and she has been missing since April 1997, reported missing by her best friend, Melissa Turner.

When they talk to Melissa, she tells them that she last saw her on Saturday night and they were watching videos, however Grace points out to her that Libby was dressed to go out on the night she died. When they find a hair on her that belonged to a rapist, Ron Evans, they try to look through old files for evidence, however Grace and Harrow eventually deduce that Melissa was raped. Melissa reveals that her and Libby went to a party, where both Melissa and Libby were given ecstasy, however Libby took the tablet out of her mouth and put it in her bag, whereas Melissa took hers and was raped by another man at the party. Nichols and some of the other police officers arrest the man, who has become a barrister.

When Harrow asks Ron’s neighbour about whether the rapist did the brickwork on Ron’s house he says no and points out another man in the university’s yearbook, Harrow’s prosecutor friend, Paul Haberecht, as the tradie who did the work. When Harrow confronts Paul at his home, he tells him that that he found Libby’s mouth full of vomit and tried to revive her. Harrow told him he could have called an ambulance but Paul was afraid of losing his scholarship. Harrow says he will go to the police and Paul says he won’t be confessing, however when he is struggling for breath, Harrow tells him he has asbestosis from breathing in the fibres when he put Libby in the wall, which is also evidence of his crime.

Overall I found the case of the week interesting, especially with it happening twenty years earlier, and like last week’s case, it was an accident not a homicide, although Paul did cover up his crime in burying her.

Meanwhile throughout the episode and the case of the week, Harrow requested the autopsy report for Francis Chester. He eventually receives it when Simon brings him his mail and tells Simon about what’s been happening lately. At the end of the episode after reviewing the autopsy report and confirming that the dead body is Francis, he tells Simon he was wrong but clearly Simon doesn’t agree with him.

Also, Fern is facing at least seven years in prison as the police don’t have to prove the drugs in the backpack are hers and therefore they don’t have to look for anyone else (which is ridiculous, how many innocent people have gone to jail under that law?). When Harrow concludes Francis Chester isn’t after him, Fern calls and he tells her this and he doesn’t think anyone is setting her up, which is definitely the wrong thing to say to her. He calls her as she sees someone coming out of the chemist.

After Harrow hangs up, he hears sirens nearby and walks up the pier to find his beloved car on fire. A mysterious man is watching on and then walks into the restaurant that Callan is working at as an apprentice chef, the man turns around and sure enough it’s Francis Chester, aka Frank.

While it’s not surprising that Francis Chester is alive, the slow reveal of him being Callan’s boss was a great twist. It will be interesting to see how the reveal of him being Callan’s boss plays out.

Overall a solid episode, especially with the confirmation that Francis Chester is alive, which means the story arc can really get underway.


Stray Observations:

-Harrow’s car was his father’s.

-The episode’s title Malum In Se means “wrong or evil in itself.” In the context of crime, it refers to conduct assessed as sinful or inherently wrong by nature, independent of regulations governing the conduct. This translation is true of Paul’s crime of burying Libby in the wall, especially as he had nothing to do with her death in the first place and he merely buried her due to his fear of the repercussions and how they would affect him and his life.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Mr denim catalogue pirate!” (Grace to Harrow on his fashion sense)
  • “Memo”, “Boring”, “Memo”, Boring” “Court appearance” “Fine!” (Simon-Harrow when Simon is telling Harrow what mail has come in for him)
  • “My god it’s pigeony up here!” (Fairley to Grace on the QIFM balcony)


Five Bedrooms–Season 1, Episode 2 (Twenty Guests)

Now that the pilot has aired and the premise and characters of the show has been established, the fun of story arcs and subplots can begin.

This episode switches its focus and narrator to Heather, as the pilot ended with the gang agreeing to swap Lachlan with Heather.

The episode kicks off with Heather packing her bags in front of Col and telling their sons that she’s leaving. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang are planning on having a housewarming, with Ben and Ainsley going around the neighbourhood to hand out invitations and having to field questions on their living situation with the others. While they are going around the neighbourhood, Ben is trying to setting up Ainsley up with his mate Simmo.

Meanwhile, Heather’s beloved dog, Bruce, has run away and she orders her indifferent sons to look for him, however she discovers that Bruce has found her at the house. Heather spends some time with him, however Col later comes to get him.

Meanwhile, Lachlan does make an appearance in this episode, basically telling Ainsley she should quit and move on to another agency after their awkward interaction and Heather kicking him out. The gang tells her to confront him and Heather tells her that she will be paying him out, she’s waiting on Col to sign her loan application.

While she’s at work, Liz’s boss, Edwina Crowe, tells her that she’s been invited to the housewarming as Ainsley is her real estate agent. Liz panics as she reveals to Ainsley that she hasn’t told her boss that she’s living in the house and that she is divorced, the latter a fact that is also news to Ainsley. To avoid Edwina finding out about her situation, Liz spends the night hiding in another bedroom, only for her to find Edwina making out with a guy called “the fridge” in her own bedroom, when she finally gets the chance to go back there. At the end of the episode, a drunk Edwina tells Liz she doesn’t judge her and actually thinks the idea really isn’t all that bad.

Meanwhile, Heather tries to leave the house and Ben catches her. He agrees to drive her to her house as long as she doesn’t get out of the car. However when Ben gets out of the car, Col catches him and tries to jump over the fence, only to break his wrist, forcing Ben and Heather to take him to hospital. When he’s being checked out, he and Heather finally address their unhappiness in their marriage, although Col clearly still loves her. While it looks like Heather’s going to come back, she stands her ground and asks Col if he’s happy and he tells her that if she’s unhappy he can’t be happy and gives her the signed loan application.

Meanwhile Harry arrives at the party late as he is stuck at work, while his mother, Manju, arrived at the party early with food. She later finds Liz and asks her to help her find an Indian girl for Harry. Although Harry tells his mother to back off when it comes to his love life, he stops short of telling her the truth.

Later on while Ainsley kisses Simmo and sees him getting dressed in her room the next day, he reveals that they didn’t hook up as she went on about her dating history and he tells her that the way she looks and talks about Ben makes it clear she likes him. Ainsley denies this, however when he drives her to work so she can confront Lachlan and congratulates her on successfully putting him in his place, she realises she does in fact like him.

Overall I enjoyed this episode and I found it interesting that the writers switched narrators. I felt it was a smart move to signal to the viewers that the episode’s main focus would switch from Ainsley to Heather, not to mention it keeps the viewers on their toes. Judging from the promos for the next episode, Ben clearly has a health issue (it looked like skin cancer) that he’s going to need surgery for and we discover that he has a daughter, so it will be interesting to see if the narrating switches from Heather to him.

However I am questioning the possibility of Ben as Ainsley’s love interest. While I’m glad that Ainsley told Lachlan off and she’s done with him, I don’t think there is really any chemistry between Ben and Ainsley, I feel he’s more suited to Liz. It honestly felt like this possibility came out of nowhere, but as I like both characters, I’ll be happy to eat my words if this subplot is built up more.

Overall a solid episode.


Stray Observations:

-Ainsley’s last name is Eiling.

-Ainsley refers to Simmo as Ben’s “footballing colleague”.

-Heather and Col’s son’s names are Timmy and Louie. They are 21 and 23, although which son is which age isn’t established.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “There may be some tears, some low grade violence…” (Ainsley to the gang on the possibility of Heather trying to leave the house)
  • “It’s not as weird as it looks…but it’s not good.” (Ben on the phone to Ainsley describing what’s going on between Heather and Bruce)
  • “If I attempt to leave this house before dawn, you have my permission to break both my legs.” (Heather to Ben)
  • “Ben tells me you’ve come out of a very disappointing one sided crush.” (Simmo to Ainsley when he meets her)


Five Bedrooms–Pilot (Five Owners)

The job of a pilot is to establish the show’s premise and characters, I feel this pilot did the perfect job.

The pilot kicks off at a wedding with five people delegated to the dreaded singles’ table: Liz (a lawyer), Ben (a tradie, who has been set up with Liz), Harry (a doctor and Liz’s best friend who is gay and closeted), Lachlan and Ainsley (both real estate agents). Ainsley is the narrator of the episode.

Ainsley’s landlord, Heather, comes to the table and the topic of the loved up couples on the dance floor eventually turns to real estate and home owning. Heather plants the seed of the premise in the gang’s head by saying that if they all pitched in and bought a house, they would have twice as much buying power as a married couple. Ainsley explains that the internet search turned into a group email and eventually leads to them going to an auction days later.

Heather tries to discourage Ainsley from buying but she resists and the gang eventually get the house for a little over $2.5 million.

The gang move into the house and Lachlan’s wife, Mel, comes over angry at Lachlan’s choice. While they argue at first, they eventually have make up sex in the loft Lachlan has chosen and in the shower in the ensuite. However the first problem for the gang arises when water is leaking through the ceiling, which subsequently leads to the power going out. When Ben takes a look, he discovers that there is no upstairs plumbing and that the water from Lachlan’s shower has been going into the roof cavity. This is after Harry and Ainsley discover the oven doesn’t work and something’s wrong with the water, and Ben and Liz discover the pool decking is gone.

Later, Lachlan asks Ainsley for advice on what to do about his marriage and that he thinks of her like a sister. This causes Ainsley to be angry enough to admit her love for him, and once she does, she is done with him and tells him she can’t stay in the house with him. She later goes back to the granny flat where she finds Heather’s boys have made it their haven. Heather quickly orders them out.

The next morning, Lachlan goes to see Ainsley and Heather reprimands him and tells him he’s moving out. Ainsley and Heather than go back to house and propose to swap Lachlan with Heather. They don’t seem too happy about it, especially Liz. However they agree to give it a shot for at least six months as they can’t legally get out of it.

Overall I felt the pilot did it’s job in establishing the show’s premise and characters. The premise of the show and it’s diversity of characters in genders, personalities and careers, are promising. The highlight of the episode for me was Ainsley revealing her feelings to Lachlan, the writers didn’t go with the cliche of a “will they or won’t they” for a whole season, they got the reveal out of the way and instead of happily ever after, Ainsley was done and wanted to move on from the moment the reveal was over. It will be interesting to see whether Lachlan will appear again.

I’m looking forward to reviewing the rest of the season.


Stray Observations:

-The show is set in Melbourne.

-Ainsley is from Doncaster.

-Ainsley and Lachlan first hooked up five years ago.

-Ainsley has lived in Heather’s granny flat for eight years.

-Harry is 30.

-Ainsley has paid off Lachlan’s credit card debt twice.

-Heather set the rule of no sex between housemates, although technically Liz set this rule first.

-The house’s name is Waldheim.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “That’s not happy, that’s terror dressed up as optimism.” (Heather to the gang on the loved up couples on the dance floor)
  • “That’s just doctor face, I’m shitting myself right now.” (Harry to Liz on their buyer’s remorse)
  • “I’m sorry I let you down…the tool belt was right there.” (Ben to Liz on the tradie fantasy)
  • “I’m grateful George Foreman didn’t get lost in the flood.” (Ben on what he’s grateful for)
  • “If you love my boy, I’ll find a way to love you.” (Manju to Liz when she finds her in bed with Harry)
  • “Why did you submerge a mattress?” (Harry to Ben when Ben tells him he learnt that putting a submerged mattress out in the sun for a couple of days will make it as good as new)


Harrow–Season 2, Episode 2 (Audere Est Facere)

This episode kicks off with two men falling from a tall building and dying, one landing on a rideshare car and the other on the ground next to the first man.

The victims are revealed to be Lucas Fandido and Tomas Fuentes and they were base jumpers who broke into the building to access the roof to do a jump. Nichols immediately jumps to the conclusion of death by misadventure, due to the chutes apparently not working, however we all know it it’s never that easy.

Harrow and the team watches videos made by the base jumpers, which also includes Lucas’ wife, Anna, on their previous jumps. They later discover that the chutes weren’t faulty and packed correctly, and Fairley finds rope burns on Tomas’ hand. They later find a larval cyst containing a tapeworm in Lucas’ spine, which would have affected his motor functions. Harrow watches the videos again to find out when the base jumpers went to Latin America, as the tapeworm originated there. They discover the team went to Argentina a month earlier. They also discover that he couldn’t grip with his right hand and when Callan watches the videos, he finds a video when Lucas knocked over a pitcher of drinks with his right hand at bar, however this pre-dates the Argentina trip.

Throughout the episode, Harrow consults with Lucas’ doctor back in Spain and the doctor tells him that Lucas was diagnosed with ALS (Motor Neuron Disease). Anna initially says she didn’t know, however it turns out she lied and she switched the side Lucas’ chute was packed in (Harrow discovers this when Ray Gupta, the ride share driver who witnessed the fall at the beginning of the episode), so he was unable to reach for his chute and let him fall to his death as she didn’t want to have to care for him when his ALS would eventually worsen. It’s also revealed that Tomas noticed the chute was on the wrong side and jumped so he could grab him and deploy his own suite, however he couldn’t save Lucas or himself on time. Anna goes to the building to live stream and when Harrow catches her, she tries to jump off, but he rescues her. However she tries to push him off the building, however he manages to grip it, but Anna uses the selfie stick to get him to fall but Grace catches her and Anna is arrested.

Overall the case of the week was compelling with many twists and turns.

Meanwhile, Fern is going to trial for the drug charges and is out on bail on the condition that she gets a job, stays with Steph and stays away from Callan as he has a criminal record. Fern tries to get a job but can’t as she would have to declare that she has been charged and Callan tells them all that the drugs aren’t his either. Fern asks Steph if she thinks she’s innocent and Steph says she believes her but doesn’t seem so sure. Although it looks like she has runaway when she strips her bedroom, Fern stays and doesn’t do anything stupid. Other than this, there is no other progression in her subplot. One part of the subplot I did enjoy was Callan staying with Harrow and helping him with the case.

Harrow manages to make progress in trying to find his shooter when he realises that Skene didn’t have cataracts when he was interrogated, and he finds the same Mister Lincoln roses at the crime scene of murders committed fifteen years ago by a man by the name of Francis Chester. However Maxine tells Harrow it couldn’t be Chester as he died six months ago. However this clearly isn’t true, as the episode ends with Fern waking up to a clunk, the dog barking, her closing her bedroom window and finding a red rose petal on her pillow.

Overall this was a good episode with solid building blocks for the shooter story arc laid down and an interesting case of the week.


Stray Observations:

-Fern has been working as a cleaner for the chemist where apparently the Fentanyl was stolen from.

-Grace use to work as a neurosurgeon at Royal North Shore hospital.

-The closest translation of the episode’s title is “to dare is to do”.


Best one liners:

  • “I like what you’ve done with the place. Not quite as OCD as Fairley’s but borderline.” (Harrow to Grace on her office set up)


Harrow–Season 2 Premiere (Abo Imo Pectore)

The job of a season premiere is to continue the story arcs opened in the previous season’s finale and to establish new story arcs. Harrow’s second season premiere did this perfectly.

The premiere picks up from where we were left off last year. Harrow is taken to hospital after being shot, is treated and eventually wakes up from his induced coma to the sight of Simon’s face on a rainbow balloon. Maxine informs him that the gun shot was clean through his body and he no longer has a gall bladder.

Meanwhile the case of the week kicks off with an agitated woman in a cafe holding her baby and then putting it in the pram, she then tries to take another woman’s smoothie. The other woman leaves, and the agitated woman picks a knife up from the counter and runs after the other woman, scaring the other customers away from her and leaving her baby behind.

Before Harrow is made aware of the case, he is picked up from the hospital by Simon. When they get back to the Bettie, they briefly address their last conversation and Harrow admits he doesn’t know what the lesson is. After this, any references to the previous conversation is completely abandoned. Harrow then goes to a bar and sees an attractive woman sitting at a table, at the bar he sees a married woman take off his wedding ring, the attractive woman gets up and sits next to Harrow. He asks her about the man and she admits they met online and they were meant to meet in person, however she refuses to meet with him as she doesn’t date married men and the man wasn’t smart enough to take the ring off before he got there. They flirt and eventually sleep together.

The next morning, both of their phones ring and Harrow offers her a ride to her first day of work, when he asks her where she needs to go to, they realise that they are working together. Later, they are formally introduced and the woman is identified as Dr Grace Molyneux, the new pathologist who will be working at QIFM for the next six months. When Harrow sees Fairley come into the meeting and kiss Grace on the cheek, he is horrified at the thought of having slept with Fairley’s girlfriend, however Grace tells him Fairley’s her uncle.

The case of the week lands at QIFM and the agitated woman is revealed to be Sherry Diallo, who the police had to shoot when she attacked the other woman and tried to lunge at police. As Harrow hasn’t been cleared to return to work, he is forced to wait outside and he meets Sherry’s husband and baby daughter. He tells Sherry’s husband what’s going to happen and how to prepare. Maxine later tells Harrow that he needs to have a psych evaluation and pass to return to work, and if he wants to solve the case of his shooting that he should look through his old case files.

Harrow discovers that Sherry has been treated for anxiety since childhood but there are no reports of her ever suffering from psychosis, which is what appears to happened to her in the cafe. When he talks to Sherry’s husband, he tells her that when she gave birth to their daughter, it took four goes to give her the epidural, and ever since she has always been thirsty; constantly drinking water, juice and smoothies. When Harrow returns to the QIFM, Nichols is there waiting for him and Harrow already knew Nichols had him followed.

When Harrow discusses Sherry’s behaviour with Grace, they realise she had a blood clot that travelled to her brain and dissolved when she gave birth, and that the clot travelled to her brain due to a hole in her heart.

Overall I found that the case of the week was interesting and easy, which was good for a season premiere as to not overload the viewers.

Meanwhile Fern, who seems to have cleaned up since finally breaking her silence on her childhood trauma, has moved into a flat with Callan. There wasn’t much focus on her until the end of the episode when she finds her backpack filled with boxes of Fentanyl, with the police raiding the flat moments later and arresting her. I didn’t buy for a second that the drugs were Fern’s as it’s way too easy, so it will be interesting to see where this story arc goes.

Meanwhile Nichols find the man who bought the bullet that shot Harrow, a career criminal by the name of Brendan Skene, who admits to shooting Harrow and seemingly apologises to him via the two-way mirror. Later, Brendan is found dead in his cell apparently due to diabetes and with cataracts in his eyes, something he didn’t have in his eyes when in interrogation.

The episode ends with Harrow receiving a call from a mystery man who admits to shooting him and asks him if he likes the Mister Lincoln roses he left at the hospital room (and that were also present at the crime scene albeit dead), before threatening to take his loved ones down.

Overall, I found the reveal of Brendan Skene to be Harrow’s shooter to be too easy to believe it was him, I’m looking forward to seeing where this story arc goes. My theory is it’s related to Harrow’s choice to kill Quinn.

Overall this was a solid second season premiere and I’m looking forward to reviewing the rest of the season.


Stray Observations:

-Saroya Dass didn’t appear in this episode, she was apparently boarding a flight to Melbourne when Harrow was shot. It’s unclear whether Mirrah Foulkes is returning.

-Grace’s dating criteria includes: must have own hair, must have half a brain, must not be a criminal, must not be a doctor.

-Simon gave Harrow a USB which contained a video of Fairley rehearsing his eulogy, it was more heartfelt and Fairley admits to regarding Harrow as an extraordinary pathologist and his friend. This is a revelation that Harrow is touched by.

-The title of the episode, “Abo Imo Pectore” means “from the bottom of my heart” and/or “also rises”. You could argue both definitions apply due to Sherry’s hole in her heart and Harrow rising from his near-fatal gunshot.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Hell is very floral.” “You’re assuming hell would have you.” (Harrow to Maxine when he wakes up from his induced coma)
  • “Shouldn’t you be in bed?” “Shouldn’t you be chasing people who like to shoot pathologists?” (Nichols-Harrow)
  • “Have you actually been discharged?” (Simon to Harrow)
  • “It’s one thing to nearly die, it’s another thing to watch you killing my car.” (Harrow to Simon on driving his car)
  • “Why was Fairley going to do my eulogy?” “He asked!” (Harrow-Simon on finding Fairley’s draft eulogy)