Speechless–Season 3, Episode 11 (H–Hey, You)

This episode kicks off with establishing why this episode was given its title.

The cold open establishes that Kenneth and Joyce had some sort of fling due to Kenneth’s hyper-sexualised greeting of ‘Hey, You’ to Joyce. When the family point out how creepy it is to Kenneth, he tells them it’s his way of giving a nod to a good experience, however Jimmy brings the family’s point home when he greets the pizza man the same way.

The episode then goes on to focus on the A story of Maya and Melanie trying to work on their adaptive clothing line. The key word being try, after practising their sales pitch on Kenneth, it’s later revealed that Kenneth and Melanie have hooked up, after Melanie reveals she hasn’t done anything for the business that Maya has asked her to do, and Kenneth gives her his standard ‘Hey, You’ greeting. Maya is not happy, and her unhappiness turns to anger when Kenneth ends up becoming a distraction to Melanie with his romantic picnic and weekend getaway plans.

The final straw comes when Maya takes Melanie out of town to what the latter thinks is a women in business conference but is really a dog show, and Kenneth is in the motel room waiting for them. Maya and Kenneth ask Melanie to choose between them and she chooses neither. When Kenneth admits to Maya that Melanie makes him happy as he has someone in his life outside of the DiMeos, Maya tells Melanie to choose Kenneth by listing what she loves about him. Kenneth then thanks her by greeting her with a ‘Hey, You.’

I found the A story was solid as it provided progress on the adaptive clothing line business subplot, and character development with Maya and Kenneth.

The B story revolved around JJ having to make a romance film for his film class as Mr Powers has been dumped and needs to feel good again. Ray convinces him to cast him and his crush, Izzy, in the film, however Izzy has no memory of meeting Ray or any interest in him. Izzy also clashes with JJ over the script. While Ray invites Izzy over to the house in attempt to ask her out, she ends up bonding with JJ (after putting her foot in her mouth) and he also develops a crush on her. The B story ends with JJ showing Mr Powers his progress and him liking what he’s done so far.

Overall I enjoyed the B story, specifically with the twist of JJ also developing a crush on Izzy, and the possibility of her being his love interest. Other than Claire from the first season, and Alexa from camp at the start of the second season, JJ has had no other love interests. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes.

The C story revolves around Dylan discovering that Jimmy’s band is good at singing covers, although Jimmy leads her to believe that the covers are their original songs. When Dylan takes the band to perform for the kids at school it complicates matter, especially when another student, Addie, introduces the band to her father, Todd, a record company executive. Although Todd ends up protecting the band’s lie, he forces them to allow him to join, which leads to the band arguing and Todd revealing their secret. While Todd apologies to Addie for lying, Jimmy tells Dylan that he learnt nothing and would do it again.

Overall I found the C story to be entertaining, however I felt it didn’t really add anything else to the episode.

Overall this episode was good but not great. While the A story was good, I felt the B story was stronger and should have been given more focus.


Stray Observations:

-Apparently when Maya and Melanie previously practiced their sales pitch of their adaptive clothing line, Maya would forget to wear clothes underneath when she would rip off the adaptive clothing she was wearing.

-Izzy apparently met Ray by accidentally sitting on his lap at the planetarium.

-Apparently Maya wants the business to make her a thousand-aire not a millionaire.

-Melanie tries to seduce Kenneth by drinking mango juice to quench her thirst. Maya accurately describes this moment as a “bizarre manifestation of sexuality.”

-Finding a version of Ray that Izzy has chemistry with included: a posh man, a soldier and a vampire.

-Kenneth has over 600 Facebook friends, 550 of them are women. There are 14 Tiffanys: 6 of them work at the same Dry Bar and 4 of them have real ’80s hair.

-Apparently the school janitors owe Dylan a favour.

-Maya likes it that Kenneth dresses like it’s summer all year round and sings what he wants to say, and that he’s fantastic with JJ.

-Dylan is amazed at the talent of Jimmy’s band, although she shouldn’t be as they were playing in the house in L-O–London (Part 2). 

-Izzy once had a lizard she was close to.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “We all had a family meeting with our eyes a second ago and we all agreed that has to stop.” (Maya to Kenneth on the family’s reaction to saying ‘Hey, You’ to Joyce)
  • “As a rule we like to keep the hyper-sexualised greetings to a minimum.” “If I have to follow the rule, you should too.” (Jimmy and then Ray to Kenneth on his ‘Hey, You’ greetings)
  • “Your scream sounds like a girl’s.” “Play your cards right and you’ll hear that girlish scream again.” “Why would I want that?” (Izzy-Ray-Izzy)
  • “Where are you going?” “To get more mango juice.” (Kenneth-Maya trying to hide the fact that they plan to go after Melanie and referencing Melanie’s seduction technique that was shown earlier in the episode)
  • “That song makes me want to become emancipated.” (Dylan to Jimmy on the band’s original song)

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