Speechless–Season 3, Episode 12 (O-U–Our M-A-G–Mageddon)

The episode kicks off with Maya and Dylan at Lafayette attending a mother-daughter morning tea, where they notice the clearly unhealthy dynamics between many mothers and daughters, including Dr Miller and her own mother. Maya and Dylan brag to each other about how great their dynamic is, however the moment is ruined for Dylan when Maya tells her that she is a “mini Maya”. This moment kicks off the A story.

Later in their room, Dylan asks Ray how we would describes her. When she asks him if it’s as a “mini Maya” he agrees with her. This fuels her anger even further and she tries to start a fight with Maya in various ways, such as by signing a petition to ban straws at the school, chasing Maya around the house (eventually beating her by making her think she’s in the walls when she was actually hiding in the ceiling), and culminating in her driving the van into the garage. Dylan later admits that she finds it hard to ask Maya what she wants and says it’s best to keep her head down and be quiet. After telling Maya that it’s hard to share a room with JJ and Ray, Maya surprises Dylan with a half-bedroom of her own by installing the new garage door in the doorway in the kids’ room.

Overall I enjoyed this subplot as it explored the rarely-explored territory of Maya and Dylan’s relationship.

The B story focuses on Ray realising that both he and JJ like Izzy. When JJ asks why Ray won’t compete with him, Ray admits to Jimmy it’s because JJ’s in a wheelchair. Jimmy gently convinces him to act like he normally does with girls as it usually drives them away. When Izzy tells Ray that they aren’t compatible and she doesn’t understand why JJ talked Ray up to her and told her they’d be suitable as a couple, Ray goes to talk to JJ to find out why he’s done this. JJ admits he wants to avoid the rejection and dumb excuse Izzy will give for rejecting him, just as girls in the past have. Izzy later admits to JJ that she likes him but is frightened by his disability. JJ appreciates her honesty and tells her that they’ll take things slow.

Overall I enjoyed the B story as Izzy and JJ finally got together and you got an insight into both JJ’s desire and fear of romance.

The C story revolved around Jimmy and Kenneth trying to develop a friendship. Kenneth asks Jimmy to go a turtle race with him, which Jimmy accepts, however Kenneth later asks him to stall Joyce for a few hours, as he wants to avoid her at the race. While Jimmy manages to do so for a while, when Kenneth calls Jimmy on his mobile while in the car with Joyce, Joyce answers and finds out the truth. Joyce also tells Jimmy that he is pretty much Kenneth’s booty call, only friendship wise. Joyce shows up to the race to surprise Kenneth, she calls him out on his behaviour towards her and he apologises, which she accepts. Jimmy doesn’t like that she accepts his apology so easily, which leads to Joyce asking whether Kenneth really hurt him. Jimmy admits he has and Kenneth cancels on Melanie to spend time with him, however Kenneth asks a lot of Jimmy, which reveals he’s a needy friend.

Overall I enjoyed the C story as it explored whether a friendship could work between Jimmy and Kenneth, however it wasn’t as strong as the A and B stories. I also found the idea of turtle races a little silly.

Overall this was a good but not great episode, as there were too many silly moments.


Stray Observations:

-According to Ray, he falls in love five times a day.

-Joyce somehow knows Kenneth’s social security number.

-The pretend JJ emergency that Jimmy makes up to get Maya and Dylan out of the mother-daughter tea is that he accidentally left JJ in a hot-air balloon for a second and now he’s gone.

-According to Joyce, she has to keep her marble collection with her otherwise her room mate will steal it.

-Joyce thinks Jimmy is a cobbler.

-Every night, Ray tries on all his outfits for the next day and makes JJ & Dylan watch him walk in them.

-Ray keeps records of every girl from school who’s ever rejected him. The records include information such as likes, dislikes and allergies.

-Ray likes to hear what excuses girls come up with when they reject him.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “So many strong, beautiful women calling each other the B-word.” (Maya to Dylan on the ladies at the tea)
  • “How long have you been there?” “To answer the question behind your question, I heard you fart.” (Ray-Dylan)
  • “We all have our dynamics with mom—JJ can do no wrong, mom and I have our Sam and Diane ‘will they or won’t they’ thing, and you and mom are two peas in an angry pod.” (Ray to Dylan on all of the kids’ dynamics with Maya)
  • “As a man who has been unlucky with love, I’ve developed an approach I like to call ‘Mean Don Juan’, anything goes.” (Ray to JJ)
  • “Weird energy to this whole speech.” (Dylan to Ray)
  • “You sued me for taking your phone.” “I sat down with a lawyer to discuss my options!” (JJ-Ray)
  • “I fall in love five times a day. I just noticed that curvy lamp for the first time, I love her.” (Ray to Jimmy)
  • “You can’t ground what you can’t catch!” (Dylan to Maya as they are chasing each other in the house)
  • “So I just decided—I am a weird kisser and I’m never going to change.” (Ray to Izzy)
  • “You’ve made your opinion on me quite clear, now good day Madison!” (Ray to Madison)
  • “I don’t want to disagree with you because you’re terrifying.” (Jimmy to Joyce)
  • “Is he okay?” “He’s fine, rejections rolls off of him.” “No, I mean in a larger sense, is he okay?” (Izzy-JJ-Izzy about Ray)
  • “I didn’t cower in the parking lot and sneak in behind you to see that.” (Jimmy to Joyce and Kenneth on Kenneth’s apology to Joyce)
  • “We can take it one date at a time and we’ll put a bell on Ray.” (JJ to Izzy)
  • “I’ve never looked up at a ceiling before, just Ray’s butt through a mattress.” (Dylan to Maya)
  • “Teenage girls, we’re ridiculous!” (Dylan to Maya)


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