Speechless–Season 3, Episode 13 (F-A–Fashion 4 A-All)

This episode showed a lot of character development.

The A story revolves around Maya and Melanie progressing with building their business by broadcasting a television ad and attending the 2019 Abilities Expo—a convention for vendors with accessible products. However their excitement about their progress quickly disintegrates when they realise that they have feuded with pretty much everyone in attendance. This in itself presents problems, however they worsen when Maya discovers she had an internet feud with Nina Thompson, a blogger who is now with the SoCal Abilities Journal, and therefore the most important person there. Another problem arises when Jimmy and Kenneth are mistaken for the company’s founders and are invited on stage by Nina. However Jimmy and Kenneth helps the audience see that Fashion 4 All is a good company.

Overall I found the A story to be good, as it showed progress in the adaptive clothing line business subplot, however the outcome was predictable. I personally found the B story to be more entertaining.

The B story revolves around JJ and Ray going on an overnight college visit. JJ wasn’t going to go, but changed his mind when Maya told him about her and Melanie going to the Abilities Expo. JJ wants to cut loose without Maya holding him back, however JJ unfortunately learns that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as Ray is acting just like her. When JJ calls him out on his behaviour, Ray gives up and drinks a beer he doesn’t like and then decides to have “too much dessert” only to discover that he skulled five vodka shots.

Ray’s mistake leads to a role reversal of the siblings, and JJ realising how hard it was for Ray to look after him when he kept refusing his help. JJ admits to Ray that it’s hard for him to accept his help, but that he loves him for it, as he’s putting Ray to bed.

Overall I found this subplot more entertaining as drunk Ray was hilarious and it was actually good to see him make a mistake for once. It also provided the audience with a heartfelt moment as it showed that JJ is capable of looking after himself and Ray, with the right accessible dorm.

The C story revolves around the revelation through the standardised test results that Dylan is in fact the smartest person in her grade. This revelation puzzles Mr Powers as Dylan’s grades don’t match these results. When Dylan and Mr Powers discuss this further, Dylan admits she gets annoyed when she tries to learn as she keeps picturing a know-it-all that won’t shut up, in the form of Ray. When Dylan and Mr Powers try to get to the bottom of it, and Dylan fails to have a breakthrough, she gives up and tells herself and Mr Powers that Ray is the only smart one in the family. When she calls him to tell him this, she finds out he is drunk and he reassures her that she is smart by pointing out the fact that she comes up with elaborate schemes and pranks. Ray’s kind words and seeing that he is clearly drunk by making a mistake, solves Dylan’s problem.

Overall while I found the C story entertaining, especially the unexplored dynamic between Dylan and Mr Powers, I felt that it should have been given more air time.

Overall this was a good episode due to the amount of character development with almost every character and the entertainment value of a drunk Ray, and Dylan imagining Mr Powers as Ray.


Stray Observations:

-Dylan made a “rejection bingo” game for Ray. Apparently Ray is one college girl and an over 6′ 2” girl away from bingo and winning a Chinese finger trap.

-Maya and Melanie have named their company “Fashion 4 All”

-Nina and Maya’s internet feud started in 2004. Maya didn’t know, even then, that anything published on the internet was public and permanent.

-Jimmy pretend to be the “President of the Internet” to get Maya and Nina’s feud to end.

-Ray’s blood type is B Negative.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Oh My Giraffe!” (Mr Powers when reading the standardised test scores/results)
  • “I’m Dylan Danger and this is too-long-bungee!” (Dylan on video)
  • “It seems like ‘our people’ consists pretty solidly of folks who hate us.” (Maya to Melanie at the Abilities Expo)
  • “Maybe a little Rejection Bingo can kill some time.” (Ray to himself)
  • “I am not letting someone beat me up for a breakthrough, I have done that once and the class never looked at me the same.” (Mr Powers to Dylan while trying to fend her off of him)
  • “Either they’ve been invited onto the panel or they think that’s the bathroom.” (Maya to Melanie on Kenneth and Jimmy being invited on stage at the Abilities Expo)
  • “Don’t give her the mic!” “It’s alright, I’ll yell!” (Nina-Maya at the Abilities Expo)
  • “Can we answer any questions?” “To be clear, questions about the company not questions about the things we did to make you hate us.” (Maya to the attendees at the Abilities Expo)
  • “Go and get the hose and turn on the siren!” (A drunk Ray to JJ)
  • “Yes we have wronged you. Are we sorry? Case by case.” (Maya to the attendees at the Abilities Expo)

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