Speechless–Season 3, Episode 14 (J-I–Jimmy V-A-L–Valentine)

This episode was the season’s Valentine’s Day episode.

The episode kicks off with JJ and Izzy planning their Valentine’s Day at school and discovering that Maya is cyber stalking Izzy’s social media accounts. JJ rushes home via his wheelchair’s “stop mom” mode. The episode than goes into it’s usual A, B and C stories format.

The A story revolves around JJ and Izzy’s first date. JJ wants and needs Kenneth to be there, however Izzy finds it strange. JJ and Kenneth call “sidebars” to try and figure out how to resolve the problem, including Kenneth and Izzy trying to find things they have in common, however Izzy eventually leaves to go to the school’s Valentine’s Day dance as she finds the date too awkward. Kenneth explains to JJ that while he likes figuring things out with him, love is something that he will need to figure out on his own. JJ goes to the dance to talk to Izzy and they manage to spend time together alone, before Maya and Jimmy interrupt them again via their romantic helicopter ride, which I’ll get to.

Overall I enjoyed the A story as it explored new territory for JJ—learning to be alone with a girl on a date.

The B story revolves around Dylan and Ray spending their Valentine’s Day evening on a cruise. Ray bought the cruise tickets to go with Taylor before she dumped him and Dylan tricks him into going on the cruise to meet up with a social media celebrity, Connor, that she likes. Ray tries to sabotage her date with Connor by pretending to be her boyfriend and he almost succeeds, until Dylan tricks him again into thinking that the coat check cupboard is a photo booth. However Dylan’s night is ruined when she discovers shortly after locking Ray in the cupboard that Connor has used her for content. When he shows no remorse in knocking her down, Ray punches him in the face and Dylan throws Connor’s phone off the boat. Their night and subplot ends with them discovering there actually is a boat jail, when they are locked up in it.

Overall I enjoyed the B story as it added a different layer to Ray and Dylan’s sibling dynamic, especially when Ray defends Dylan, even after she mistreated him.

The C story revolves around Jimmy trying to avoid buying an expensive Valentine’s Day gift for Maya, only to end up splurging on red roses and Maya catching him. Instead of getting angry, they decide to sell the roses for double the amount Jimmy bought them for, to make a profit. However when Maya accidentally sells a bouquet that Jimmy intentionally saved for her, he tells her that he doesn’t think it’s a waste of money to show her how much she means to him. When Jimmy’s coworkers bring this point home to her, she organises a helicopter ride for them.

Overall I enjoyed the C story as it explored how Jimmy and Maya, more so Jimmy, express their love for one another, something that hasn’t been shown in the series very often.

Overall I enjoyed the whole episode as it consists of most of the characters exploring new territory, especially when it comes to love and its different types.


Stray Observations:

-Maya paws her phone like a gorilla.

-JJ has a love-heart shaped, Valentine’s Day communication board.

-Things Kenneth and Izzy have in common: they both saw a white bird this week, they both know guys named Frank and they both love a good mislead.

-Dylan has cried wolf on Kenneth being a stranger in the school so many times that when he escorts her out, the doors are held open for him.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “This is the edited version, JJ’s version with swear words and valid body shaming of Jimmy was 10 pages long.” (Kenneth to the family on JJ’s statement to them in regards to his first date with Izzy)
  • “I love boats because there’s no laws at sea.” (Dylan to Ray)
  • “Hey Ray did you find a date for your cruise yet?” “No and I asked Dr Miller to let me know when a girl enrols but she couldn’t do it ‘in good conscience’.” (Dylan-Ray)
  • “I found a girl who was game to come but I’ll be disappointing Kaci another night.” (Ray to Dylan)
  • “I locked up my brother for you!” (Dylan to Connor when she discovers he was using her)
  • “I love a good mislead.” (Kenneth to JJ)


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