Speechless–Season 3, Episode 15 (G-A–Game N-I–Night)

This episode revolves around a DiMeo family game night.

The episode kicks off with JJ coming home from a date with Izzy and Maya immediately bombarding him with a PowerPoint presentation on the fact that she hasn’t met Izzy. JJ agrees to let Maya meet her and sets up a game night.

The A story revolves around the game night and Maya makes several promises to not ruin the night. Of course the night is as awkward as JJ anticipates, with Jimmy and Izzy awkwardly interacting when the latter first arrives. When Izzy goes to the bathroom, Jimmy hears Izzy’s phone go off and sees a text from JJ (I’ll get to why he’s not there in a minute) which reads, “I’ll be back soon, don’t talk to them about it, they won’t understand.” Jimmy tells Maya about it and in typical Maya-style, she creates a board game called “Revelations: A Game of Truths“, to get the truth from Izzy. While Maya tries to interrogate Izzy and seems to be succeeding, Izzy manages to turn the tables and ask Maya questions. Just when Maya and Izzy manage to get along when the latter reassures the former about her intentions, Jimmy lets it slip that he read the text from JJ. It is then JJ tells them that he wants to go to NYU with Izzy and study film making, and he needs to make a submission film by tomorrow.

The B story revolves around Ray getting his driver’s licence and offering to drive JJ around, saying it’s half JJ’s. When JJ gets Ray to drive him to the store to get a cake for the game night, Ray annoys JJ with his “driving checklist”, which includes avoiding fog, which leads to him taking the long way home and hitting a tree. When this happens, Ray admits to JJ that he said that he said his driver’s licence was half JJ’s as he feels guilty that he gets to hit certain milestones in life and JJ can’t. JJ tells him that nothing can be done about it and that there’s no point wasting energy worrying or being angry about it. They then discover that Maya has hit items with her car nearby and use that to get home.

The C story partially ties in with the A story as it revolves around Jimmy’s famous cheeseball that he made for the game night. While Kenneth is initially sceptical of the cheeseball, it isn’t until he tries the cheeseball himself that he falls in love with it, which leads to all sorts of trouble. Kenneth and Dylan keep eating at the cheeseball until they inevitably eat it all. Dylan and Kenneth attempt to remake the cheeseball however they run out of cheese and resort to using clay and dog food. They plan to “accidentally” drop it, however Jimmy foils this plan when he catches it and gives it to Izzy to eat. This leads to the truth coming out.

Overall I enjoyed the A story as Maya has finally met her match in Izzy, they manage to bond and it leads to the reveal that JJ wants to move away to go to college. I also enjoyed the B story as it lead to character development in Ray and JJ’s sibling relationship. The C story was only minor but provided the episode with some great comedic moments.

Overall this was a solid episode.



Stray Observations:

-JJ and Izzy have been together for a month.

-According to Maya’s PowerPoint presentation, the list of people who have met Izzy include: Kenneth, Ray and the server at the yoghurt place that Maya followed them to a week earlier.

-In her PowerPoint presentation, Maya pledges not to: embarrass JJ, interrogate Izzy and collect Izzy’s hair for a drug test.

-According to her PowerPoint presentation, Maya gave birth to JJ after a 30-hour labour.

-It’s not stated how or why Dylan has the Ohio Driver’s Licence of a woman by the name of Trudie Higgins.

-Rule #6 of Ray’s pre-drive checklist: “My car is a hate-free zone. Misogyny will not be tolerated.”

-The DiMeos don’t have a printer.

-JJ has a journal.

-According to JJ, Maya has hit a mailbox, a lamp post and a car with her car.

-Maya’s board game, “Revelations: The Game of Truths” consists of:

  • Five revelation zones—past plans, future plans, hard truths, hypotheticals and physical challenge.
  • A truth wheel.
  • Cards—reversal card, non-family handcuffs, question card, mirror card, control everything card.
  • An orange answer dodge cap.
  • Blowing up a red balloon.
  • Power tokens.
  • A bombshell bonus.


Best one liners:

  • “You took a picture of me sleeping?” “Worse, I found it online.” (Ray-Maya on the picture of him sleeping in the PowerPoint presentation)
  • “I don’t want to judge her based on her toppings but it’s all I know!” (Maya to JJ)
  • “Who’s Trudie Higgins?” “Not my problem. I’m the organ donor now.” (Ray-Dylan on the fact that she has a random woman’s Driver’s Licence)
  • “I only make this on special occasions. Births. Weddings. Dinner with that guy who claimed to be my new boss.” “That guy was a liar. We figured it out when we caught him taking a bath.” (Jimmy-Dylan to Kenneth on Jimmy’s famous cheeseball)
  • “Food is about tasty bites not Gigabytes!” (Kenneth to Dylan)
  • “I’d rather not, I’m awkward.” “I’ve never heard anyone come out and say they’re awkward before. It suggests a certain amount of comfort.” (Izzy-Jimmy when they first meet each other)
  • “Please my father’s bathroom is the restroom, call it the can.” (Jimmy to Izzy when she asks to use the DiMeo’s bathroom)
  • “I shall place the hammer of falsity in the middle of the game and hope we never have to use it.” (Maya to Izzy on the hammer being a part of her board game)
  • “For a couple of people who’ve eaten collectively three pounds of cheese, we’re pretty smart.” (Kenneth to Dylan on their plan to recreate the cheeseball)
  • “What is this a dang arboretum?” (Ray to JJ when he continually runs into trees)
  • “At least you’re true to your word…you kept me from ruining it.” (Maya to Jimmy when Izzy learns that Jimmy looked at her phone)
  • “Follow the things mom hit with her car!” “No wonder I’m such a terrible driver!” (JJ-Ray on finding their way home after Ray crashes his car)
  • “Izzy, if there’s one thing we miserable retches can do it’s make a party cheeseball that radiates with love.” (Jimmy to Izzy)


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