Speechless–Season 3, Episode 16 (W-H–Wheelchair P-L–Planet)

This episode did the rare thing of picking up right where the previous episode left off.

The family (sans Maya) get together to help JJ make his submission film for NYU. His submission film is “Wheelchair Planet”, which is, according to JJ, a Twilight Zone-like film that is dumb but shows good technique, and is about a world where everyone uses a wheelchair except one outcast that can walk.

The family is sans Maya as she refuses to help and even goes out of her way to sabotage production by vacuuming and having the TV on at a loud volume, whilst JJ is filming. However she does help when JJ realises he needs a bigger space, by breaking into the school, but afterwards she refuses to help again.

When Maya runs into Dr Miller power walking in the school, she confides in her that she finds it hard to let JJ go after struggling and fighting for him for years, and feels it’s unfair that her “reward” is letting JJ go. Dr Miller tells her that it is, as her children leaving and being ready to leave is a sign of her good parenting. This inspires Maya to help JJ finish filming, which he successfully does. However when everyone goes to watch the footage at home, they discover it wasn’t recorded.

Although she denies it, Dylan ends up quickly folding and admitting that she didn’t record the key scene as she doesn’t want JJ to leave either and thought that Maya would end up sabotaging the production to the point that JJ would stop. Maya reassures her that they’ll keep coming back to each other, even when JJ leaves and when she eventually does herself.

Meanwhile when Jimmy tells JJ that they can use a nanny cam bear as an additional camera to film, Ray and Kenneth team up to destroy the bear and its footage as they both have secrets to keep. Some of their attempts to destroy the footage include destroying the bear and deleting the footage whilst at the school library, however Dylan foils them both times. The footage eventually reveals that Ray has been making out with his lab partner, Tia Cassella, who also happens to be the hottest girl in school, and that Kenneth has been rehearsing his tap dancing in the house. Although it was only a small B story, I felt it provided great comedic moments and broke up the A story perfectly.

Although it’s not really a C story, I also enjoyed the moments between Jimmy and Izzy as the former is constantly mistaking the latter for Maya.

After Tia Cassella storms out of the house, JJ comes up with the idea to make his submission film about the family and friends, using the footage he has of “Wheelchair Planet”.

Overall I felt that this episode was a filler as it revolved around JJ’s submission film to get into NYU, which he will most likely get into. Although it continues and progresses the overall story arc of JJ going off to college, the continuation and progress didn’t really go far beyond the production of the film itself.



Stray Observations:

-Jimmy corrects Dylan on her assertion that they have never been to New York when he tells her that her grandparents live there and they have visited them many times. I’m assuming he’s referring to his own parents as Maya’s father is based in England and her mother is constantly travelling for work.

-When Ray is applying for college scholarships for JJ and asks Jimmy about his income, Jimmy is pleased to discover that his income isn’t the lowest box.

-Dr Miller comes to school early to power walk somewhere her neighbour’s dogs can’t chase her.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “The Governor and the Mayor can’t even agree on who runs the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority)!” (Dylan to JJ against moving to New York)
  • “Dylan’s selective ignorance than mastery is not the point.” (Maya to JJ)
  • “From now on, you ask a dumb question, you get slapped!” “Where did you get a megaphone?” “What did I just say? Also, Dad you’re lead.” “I forgive the slap.” (Dylan-Jimmy-Dylan when she is starting to boss everyone around, when she slaps Jimmy and then tells him he’s the lead)
  • “Am I crying yet?” “Still looks constipated.” (Jimmy-JJ on Jimmy’s attempt to cry on cue and the face he’s making)
  • “Wasn’t that suspicious? How weird are we normally?” (Kenneth to Ray on Dylan busting in on them having a tea party with the nanny cam bear)
  • “Every year they get less curious.” (Dr Miller to Maya on the students arriving at school and not reacting to the fire sprinklers raining over the cast and crew of JJ’s film)

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