Charmed (Reboot)–Season 1, Episode 18 (The Replacement)

This episode’s title, The Replacement, pretty much says it all.

The episode kicks off with the until-now absent Galvin walking on a deserted island in an effort to help find Macy a cure for her dark side.  He finds a mysterious glowing artefact and takes it with him, however on his way back, a dark shadow attacks him.

Meanwhile, the sisters are awakened in the middle of the night by what looks like a demon attack, only to discover it’s a test by their replacement whitelighter, Tessa. Tessa is quick to let them know what she’s think and it’s not good. She expected them to be more prepared and developed as witches.

The episode then switches to Galvin returning home. Galvin is beginning to tell Macy and the sisters about his journey, when a dead body falls through the ceiling and Galvin tells them it’s the customs agent that checked him in at the airport. Galvin tells him that the customs agent detained him over the artefact he brought home and he tells Macy that it could help “cure” her demon side.

Tessa inspects the body of the customs agent and the sisters tell her it could be a vampire. Tessa then asks Macy and Mel with help finding the vampire, leaving Maggie behind to see if the body will rise from the dead, par for the course for a victim of a vampire attack.

Macy visits Mama Roz to get some answers on the artefact Galvin brought home. Mama Roz warns her of an impending darkness. Afterwards Macy discusses the artefact with Galvin and she tells him that she doesn’t want to get rid of her demon side as it has helped her and her sisters, and he seems understanding. However we then see him go to Mama Roz’s, who is hysterical from the moment she sees him and he stabs her with demonic claws.

While it is a shock to see, there has been no evidence of Galvin being a demon throughout the series, so there has to be some explanation.

Meanwhile Maggie keeps hearing scratching noises and screams of agony, which grow louder and more desperate as the episode progresses. When Maggie asks for Tessa’s help in identifying the noises, she tells Maggie her empathy powers could be growing and she is hearing the soul of the dead customs agent. When Maggie tells Mel about the noises, they decide to go to Mama Roz for answers, only to find her dead body with the same puncture marks as the customs agent. Tessa arrives moments later and encourages Maggie to try and hear Mama Roz’s soul. She succeeds as Mama Roz tells her to find the lost soul through a threshold. Maggie then tries to hear the lost soul and realises it’s Galvin calling for help.

The sisters find a dagger in Mama Roz’s store to specifically kill the demon and they realise the demon feasts on dead babies. As Macy technically died as a baby, the sisters realise she is the demon’s real target. Macy eventually realises the truth when on a date with Galvin. When she uses her powers to fight the demon off and fails, she flees into the woods and hides in an abandoned car. The demon finds her, just as Mel and Maggie do. Tessa encourages the sisters to stab Galvin, however Macy wants tap into her demon side to telekinetically stop Galvin’s heart as he is the host of the parasite demon. Tessa is against this but Macy is adamant and traps Tessa in a vortex to keep her from interfering. Macy manages to stop his heart and the demon leaves, however when she tries to revive him, nothing seems to work, until Galvin’s soul re-enters his body. However the sisters’ troubles aren’t over as the demon kidnaps Macy.

The demon takes Macy to the attic and the sisters eventually rescue her by making the demon visible via the fire extinguisher and being able to stab the demon with the dagger.

Overall I found the battle of the week to be interesting, especially with the hint that Macy’s dark side may be starting to take over her. However the outcome was predictable, especially as Galvin is not a demon.

After the battle, Galvin tells her that despite trying to be understanding, he can’t accept the evil inside her and wants nothing to do with magic. Macy tells him that she can’t give up her demon side or magic as it’s all a part of who she is and they go their separate ways. The break-up was a little sad but not all that surprising.

Meanwhile, Maggie considers applying for college scholarships exclusively for African-American students after receiving her latest tuition bill. Although Maggie is tempted, she confides in Macy that she feels bad about it as she didn’t grow up in the African-American culture. However Macy struggles to give Maggie an answer on whether she should apply for the scholarships regardless and leaves the decision up to her. Maggie decides not to as it doesn’t feel right, however she will try to find out more about her new culture. Overall, I felt this subplot didn’t really add much to the episode.

While Maggie is trying to figure out her place in her newfound culture, Mel is trying to deal with having to work at The Haunt whilst Niko is having her engagement party there, and Niko constantly chasing her around and asking questions. Although Mel’s S’Arcana tattoo is gone and she adamantly tells Niko she’s no longer a part of the group, Niko continues to try and get more intel from her. This all leads to Mel telling Niko she’s a witch after Niko takes Mel to the S’Arcana headquarters only to find the majority of them dead. Mel tells Niko to leave the area. Jada walks in, injured but alive, and tells her that Fiona killed them and is holding Harry hostage.

Mel finds a key on the ground and recognises it as Harry’s, when she tells Macy and Maggie, they decide to use Tessa’s whitelighter powers to find Harry and beat the Elders and Fiona, once and for all.

Overall this episode was good and I enjoyed the introduction of another character, however due to the absence of Parker and Harry, who are in the middle of major story arcs, I felt this episode was a filler.


Stray Observations:

-Tessa reminded me of Natalie from the original series.

-Whitelighters’ powers come through/from the same source.

Best one liners and interactions:

  • “This is a nightmare version of Harry’s first monologue.” (Maggie on Tessa’s lecture to them)
  • “Anne Hathaway from hell!” (Maggie on Tessa)
  • “It’s bad enough we have to assume the Elders are watching our every move, but now Regina George is our whitelighter?” (Mel to Maggie on Tessa)

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