Speechless–Season 3, Episode 19 (P-R-O-M-P–Promposal)

This episode is all about prom.

The episode kicks off with JJ’s promposal video to Izzy, asking her to go with him. However when he shows Izzy the video, she tells him she doesn’t want to go to prom as her Grease theme for it was rejected. They argue about it, with it ending on Izzy giving JJ permission to go with someone else.

The family try and find a celebrity (which include Beyonce, Emma Watson and Judge Sonia Sotomayor) to go with him and end up with Cassidy Chambers, an actress. When JJ asks why she agreed to go to prom with him, she tells him it’s because she liked the video but also to get an insight into what it’s like to live with a disability, as she is playing the role of a disabled woman in a wheelchair who has been “healed”, and is quite offensive.

Throughout the night, JJ, Ray and Dylan educate Cassidy on why her role is offensive and how to interact with those who are disabled, whilst posting pictures of her and JJ online to make Izzy jealous. They ultimately succeed as Izzy decides to go to the prom, however JJ gives up his power play plan with Izzy, when she sees him and Cassidy dancing together and it upsets her. He makes it up to her by partially reinstating her Grease theme when he wears a letterman jacket, finds her a leather jacket to wear, has the DJ play ‘You’re the One that I want’ and has everyone dancing, including Cassidy’s protestors, with Cassidy on stage attempting to sing the song.

Overall I enjoyed this subplot as it explored conflict between JJ and Izzy, had the kids educating someone on disabilities without being preachy, and included an element of fun with the prom.

Meanwhile, Maya and Melanie are looking for an investor for their business. This means that Maya has to learn how to take criticism. To teach Maya how to take criticism, Jimmy, Kenneth and Melanie handcuff her to a chair and force her to listen to people criticising her and to control her reaction by saying the word “interesting”. This almost works when Melanie’s rich friend, Blair, comes over to hear their pitch, only for him to insult JJ and Logan as the product models. This causes Maya to lash out him and Blair leaving, only for her to agree that the photo isn’t actually that good. When she tells Jimmy that they’ll be other investors, he asks her if she’s taking her dream seriously because he would like his dreams to come true and admits how unhappy he is. Maya apologises but also encourages him to pursue his architecture dream. They end up getting the investment from Blair, much to Kenneth’s chagrin as Blair and Melanie have obvious chemistry.

Overall while this subplot progresses the adaptive clothing line story arc, I felt that in this episode it was only serving as a filler. However I did enjoy watching Jimmy doing the rare action of putting his foot down with Maya and admitting he has needs.

Overall this was a good episode with the prom providing lots of fun moments, and character development with Jimmy, and between JJ and Izzy.


Stray Observations:

-In the promposal video, Maya states that she signed a restraining order barring her from coming within 500 feet of prom.

-Dylan wants a confetti cannon, Maya says no but she somehow gets one anyway.

-Melanie and Kenneth can do the perfect Maya impression.

-JJ and Ray made a gentleman’s agreement not to pursue Emma Watson.

-JJ’s Megagram handle is ‘JJdeman123’.

-One of the celebrities the family ask to go to prom with JJ is Judge Sonia Sotomayor, she responded by sending JJ an autographed picture.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Firin’ up the no cannon!” (Dylan to Kenneth when Izzy rejects JJ’s promposal)
  • “Almost got you supporting me, you’re getting sloppy!” (Ray to Dylan)
  • “My Ray schemes run through an irresistibly charming person. What wonderful controlled experiment to see whether I suck.” (Ray to Dylan)
  • “When you work in a dead end job like mine you learn a thing or two about licking boots or you die…I’m not sure what category I fall into.” (Jimmy to Maya, Melanie and Kenneth)
  • “Nice that they followed you here, you have such loyal protestors.” (Dylan to Cassidy)
  • “I understand that me being under control leaves an ‘irrational vacuum’ but it’s not yours to fill.” (Maya to Kenneth)
  • “There’s zero chemistry, it’s like watching me talk to mom!” “You wish you and mom had this little chemistry.” (Ray-Dylan on JJ and Cassidy)
  • “Hottie McAbleist” (Dylan describing Cassidy)


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