Speechless–Season 3, Episode 20 (On the R-O–Road A-G–Again)

This episode is another DiMeo road trip.

Kenneth has found a possible replacement aide for him when JJ goes off to college. His name is Tim and he lives in Seattle, so the family have to drive there to meet him.

As it’s a DiMeo road trip, there’s no way it’s going to go smoothly. Kenneth suggests a shortcut and they end up getting a flat tyre. Jimmy, JJ and Dylan leave to go to a gas station to get the flat tyre and the spare they were supposed to have, replaced while Maya, Kenneth and Ray waiting for them in the van in the woods.

JJ, Jimmy and Dylan have fun, despite Maya’s wishes, at a waffle house, whilst waiting for the tyres. When Jimmy and JJ go for a tractor ride on a nearby farm, and Dylan calls Jimmy out on hiding the fact that the tyres are ready, Jimmy reveals that he needs to spend time with JJ before he leaves, just as much as Maya does. This revelation makes Jimmy and subsequently, JJ and Dylan emotional.

Overall I enjoyed this subplot as it focused on Jimmy’s parental needs for a change and the emotional moments were balanced out perfectly with the comedic moments of Dylan’s struggle of trying to figure out how to spend a quarter she found. Although I felt the three brothers (the man who likes to warn people of the dangerous shortcut, the mechanic and the man who owns the gas station) was a little silly and didn’t really add anything valuable to the subplot.

Meanwhile, as Maya, Ray and Kenneth are waiting for Jimmy, JJ and Dylan to return, Kenneth reveals that he has his own JJ’s Care Manual 2.0, after Maya’s Manual falls in the river, which she brought with her to give to Tim. Maya is insulted by Kenneth’s version for the manual and throws it in the river. After Maya throws his Manual in the river, Kenneth walks off and finds a cabin, only for Maya to find him and later a bear to find them. When the bear is approaching them, Kenneth tells Maya he wrote his version of the Manual so he could be ready for anything like her, and she admits he is her best friend. The bear is driven away by Ray, who has recently joined the Eagle Scouts to improve his high school resume. After the bear leaves, Kenneth finds pages of both Manuals in the river, and he and Maya put the Manual back together, creating a new one in the process.

Overall I found their subplots to be solid with its character development between Maya and Kenneth, however I felt the execution, especially with the bear and Ray joining the Eagle Scouts to be a little silly.

The episode ends with the family finally making it to Seattle, only for Tim to flee seconds after seeing what the family is like. I felt this was a funny and suitable ending, especially when several references were made by Maya and Kenneth on how Maya and the family are perceived, and how Kenneth has grown in the job over the years.


Stray Observations:

-Apparently there is a magazine out there called “Abilities“.

-Apparently Tim was on the list of 30 hottest aides under 30 in Abilities magazine.

-Jimmy broke the waffle house’s record of eating the most amount of waffles in one sitting.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “I said play the trumpet” “And I said five bucks!” (Kenneth-Dylan on the music she’s playing on her keyboard)
  • “Do you know how much it turns me on when you engineer mother-son moments.” (Maya to Jimmy)
  • “Pop, I don’t want to overuse the ‘are we there yet?’ But stuff’s getting weird back here.” (Dylan on Maya and Kenneth’s behaviour)
  • “Getting car sick isn’t a choice but letting the vomit leave your mouth is.” (The family on their car sick rule)
  • “You going for a jealousy badge, scout?” (Dylan to Ray)
  • “My hitchhiking ankle! Who would want you now?” (Maya on her injured ankle)
  • “We need to hurry, the woods are making them weird.” (JJ to Jimmy on Maya and Kenneth)
  • “Tactics for handling Maya…damn it this would actually work!” (Maya on Kenneth’s version of JJ’s Care Manual)
  • “You’re the last person I’d choose to get eaten by a bear with.” “Why would you choose to get eaten by a bear?” (Kenneth-Maya)
  • “Call me Reverse Goldilocks because this is gonna feel just wrong!” (Ray to the bear)
  • “Stop it, you’re making him hungrier or hornier!” (Maya to Ray on his behaviour towards the bear)
  • “I don’t want to die angry, it’s what everyone would expect!” (Maya to Kenneth)
  • “I barely grazed the guy, I hit his wife’s car way harder.” (Maya on why one Seattle guy was particularly aggressive towards them)


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