Charmed (Reboot)–Season 1, Episode 20 (Ambush)

With this episode, we are getting closer to the finale and an impending battle.

This episode focuses on Elder assassinations. The episode kicks off with an Elder, who works as a lawyer by day, assassinated in broad daylight via her coffee by obviously Fiona. Afterwards, Elder Silver turns up to the manor asking for help. Harry is reluctant to help, due to the Elders sentencing him to death only a few episodes earlier, however Elder Silver wants to put their differences aside to prevent the apocalypse from happening.

Using a magical storybook of sorts, Elder Silver discusses the prophecy with the sisters, revealing that before the Source can bring the apocalypse, a series of events must occur, one of which occurs the death of every Elder. While Alastair is the obvious suspect, Maggie also suggests Fiona as one too.

Meanwhile Macy’s dark side seems to be slowly taking over her in the form of a bad mood, Mel and Maggie express concerns over her continued use of her demon side. Harry gives Macy a watch that once belonged to Fiona so they can track her and also tells her he knows about a process that can strip a person of their immortality, however the process has to be self inflicted. While they are going through Galvin’s grandmother’s things, Macy stumbles upon a book written in the Devil’s Tongue, which shocks Harry, as the Devil’s Tongue is a language only demons can understand. Macy tells him that the book contains instructions for a voodoo ritual that could work on stripping Fiona’s immortality, however she doesn’t tell him until they’re already in the Vortex Viribus that the ritual essentially makes her a voodoo doll. Harry doesn’t like the idea of it, so when Macy uses Elder Bari’s needle as part of the ritual, this scares him enough to try and intervene, however Macy puts a force field around herself, preventing him from doing so.

Macy manages to successfully perform the ritual, however her demon side has almost fully taken over and keeps her Evil Sight awake to see the aftermath. She ends up watching Alastair and Fiona team up after he walks into the crypt, brags about finding the Origin Dagger, and she informs him she’s the Steward from the prophecy to activate the Source. Macy removes the needle and tells Harry this before passing out.

Whilst Macy’s resting, Harry tells Mel and Maggie what happened and his concerns. He tells them that she has to stop using her Evil Sight immediately, however Macy overhears this and angrily defends herself by pointing out how useful her Evil Sight has been.

Meanwhile, Maggie and Mel go to Kappa to investigate how Lucy is being controlled and realise she is being mesmerised by her phone via mysterious international calls. Maggie asks Niko for help tracing the number. This is after Mel and Niko kiss (which Maggie witnesses), when Niko confides in Mel about her fiancee, Greta, confronting her about her feelings for Mel. Maggie sees them kiss, however until Niko leaves she pretends she didn’t. Maggie confronts Mel about it and she admits she’s still in love with Niko, Maggie encourages Mel to tell Niko the truth about her re-written history.

Elder Silver tells the sisters that there are only six Elders left. Macy suggests they stop hiding and fight, setting a trap for Alastair and Hunter by giving Lucy false information to feed them. They succeed in luring Hunter, however he ambushes them by being the final unaccounted for Elder in disguise. He kills five of the Elders and tries to kill Elder Silver but only injures her, as Harry manages to orb her and the sisters to safety.

At the Manor, Macy tells Maggie and Mel that she wants to use Elder Bari’s needle to see how Hunter became so powerful, however Maggie and Mel caution her against it. Which leads to a tense exchange and Macy’s demonic side surfaces and she attacks Mel. She apologises and breaks the needle so she can’t use her Evil Sight again. As they make up in Marisol’s old “book nook”, which where she’d send Mel and Maggie to make up from their fights as kids, Maggie discovers three books with the symbols that she had been doodling. Although Maggie jokes about finding a secret passageway, when all three of them move all three books, they actually do.

The secret passageway leads them down to a hidden room with cabinets adorned with their names, weapons specifically for them and their powers, and Marisol appearing as a hologram with advice for each of them. Maggie receives a staff to focus her emotional energy, Mel is given a bracelet which can help her manipulate time, and Macy’s cabinet is empty as Marisol explains that the ying and yang pendant she wears, which was a gift from her father, will help her stay connected to her sisters and in control of her powers.

After they return from the hidden room, Hunter uses Lucy’s phone to contact the sisters. He threatens to kill Lucy if they don’t bring Elder Silver to him. They meet with him and battle with him, this time with their weapons, however it’s not clear if they’ve killed him as he fades away, but not before he throws a knife at Elder Silver, killing her.

Back at the manor, Maggie voices her fears that Alastair is close to putting the source in Parker, however Mel tells her that they’ll save him before that will happen. Harry tells them that if it’s too late, they’ll have to vanquish him. Meanwhile at Alastair’s lair, Fiona goes to see Charity, and reveals her plan to kill Parker after he’s taken in the power of the Source. She also tells her that Alastair forgot the fact that Charity is still an Elder, and before Fiona can kill her, Charity escapes.

Meanwhile, Mel finally tells Niko the truth and she reacts badly as she feels Mel used magic to alter her life against her will.

The episode ends with bartenders at the Cinco de Mayo party and Niko bleeding from their nose and eyes and then collapsing, losing consciousness—another sign of the impending apocalypse.

Overall I felt this was a solid episode as it was finally revealed that Lucy was being controlled by Alastair, the sisters’ powers advanced/grew, the fight scenes were well performed and Madeline Mantock gave her best performance as Macy’s demon side is starting to take over.

Only one more episode left before the finale, if this episode is anything to go by, I think we’re in for a thrilling battle.


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