Charmed (Reboot)–Season 1, Episode 21 (Red Rain)

Now we’re at the penultimate episode and at the beginning of the end of the first season.

The episode begins with Harry and the sisters planning their next move to defeat Alastair, and Maggie hearing Parker call for help. Maggie wants to go and find him, however Harry tells her they can’t do anything without a plan.

Macy then gets a call from Galvin, asking her to come to the hospital. The hospital is flat out with people bleeding out of their nose, eyes, ears and mouth. Galvin called her as he thinks the mystery virus is demonic. Galvin gives Macy a blood sample for her to analyse. Mel then sees Niko being wheeled in, however when they visit her, they notice her symptoms are slightly different as she is not bleeding out of her eyes and ears like the others. Maggie uses her empathy powers to get answers and discovers that Niko’s memories are flooding her brain, most likely due to Mel telling her the truth about her rewritten history in the previous episode. Before they can figure out how to help her, Greta arrives and kicks them out of the room.

Galvin and Macy confirm in the lab that the sample does contain the Harbinger virus, so Harry changes the game plan and decides that they have to stop Parker becoming the host of the Source. Maggie, Mel and Harry go to the address Niko gave them where the calls to Lucy came from, and find Alastair has abandoned it. Maggie tries to find Parker’s soul, much like she found Mama Roz’s and Galvin’s a few episodes earlier, and hears him again, this time sounding increasingly desperate.

Meanwhile, Galvin tells Macy that he wants to quarantine the patients, however Macy tells him it’s no use as the virus can manipulate itself, which would tip the scales to evil. It then cuts to infected patients attacking hospital personnel. Macy tells Harry and her sisters that the virus has spread and that it’s their fault as Hunter was infected with the Harbinger virus when they battled and when they killed him (which is finally made clear), they unwittingly released the virus as an airborne pathogen.

Later, Mel goes back to the hospital to perform a restorative spell on Niko, only to find that she is now infected with the Harbinger virus as she is no longer wearing the protection ring.

Meanwhile, Maggie takes Harry’s suggestion to connect with Parker on an empathic plane. She manages to succeed by using her staff, and he tells her that he’s making Alastair believe he is on his side, when in reality, he’s trying to defeat Alastair on the inside. He also tells her to find Charity and keep her safe as she’s the last remaining Elder/Sage and is keeping the prophecy from coming true. Parker tells Maggie he loves her before the connection fades, and Maggie relays Parker’s info to Harry. Harry tells Maggie that the only place he knows Charity would go to would be the Gardens of Latebra, a safe haven only a few people know about.

Back at the hospital, Galvin and Macy discover that the Harbinger virus is infecting people’s brains and has spread outside of the hospital. Galvin thinks he may be able to save the patients using the spell he was going to use to remove the Ibi from Macy. They head up to the roof to prepare as the infected patients won’t be able to reach them up there.

Meanwhile, Maggie and Harry find Charity picking a plant bud in the Gardens of Latebra, she attempts to flee when she’s caught, however she is stopped by Maggie. She tells Charity they’re come to protect her and Charity tells her the plant bud is crucial to performing the Akkadian Smokescreen, a spell that will keep her permanently hidden but the plant takes years to grow. Maggie and Harry simultaneously come up with the idea to get Mel to use her powers to speed up the process. At first she refuses to help, however Mel relents when she’s reminded of what’s at stake and as she’s about to finish, a demonic Parker shows up and Maggie realises he set her up.

Harry orbs Charity to safety while Maggie and Mel fight Parker. Maggie uses her staff to both defend herself and to appeal to his humanity. His human side briefly surfaces throughout the fight, especially when Maggie reveals Hunter killed his mother not him and that she loves him. Parker begs Maggie to vanquish him, and Mel encourages her to do so, but she hesitates and his demon side takes over and makes him disappear. It’s later revealed Harry orbed Charity to the Vortex Viribus to finish the plant bud’s growth cycle. Charity is hysterical and begs Harry to orb her elsewhere as Fiona has a connection to the Vortex Viribus and will easily find her. Charity’s fears are realised when Fiona portals in and kills her, and before she dies, she tells Harry she always loved him.

Meanwhile on the roof, Galvin and Macy make up as they prepare for the ritual. Macy apologises for getting him involved in magic, while Galvin says he has no regrets. He tells her their experience made him grateful to be human and the burden the Charmed ones carry and he wants to help them. Back at the manor, Harry, Mel and Maggie see the sky turn red and Harry tells them that Charity has died and it is now all up to Galvin and Macy performing the ritual correctly. While Harry and Mel try to find a way to get to Galvin and Macy, Maggie calls out to Parker’s human side again only to find Alastair is waiting for her and kidnaps her.

As Galvin performs the ritual, he reveals to Macy that there must be the sacrifice and that he is the sacrifice. Macy tries to intervene but can’t as there is a magical barrier between them, she calls for Harry to help but he can’t help either. The two of them are forced to watch him perform the ritual, which heals the patients but kills him. Harry takes Mel about to the manor to formulate a plan to rescue Maggie, as the patients have healed but the storm hasn’t cleared, the scales still haven’t tipped back, so Harry orbs them to the eye of the storm. When they get there they find Fiona and Alastair performing a spell and Maggie tied to a tree, Maggie calls them for help but Alastair threatens to kill her if they intervene.

Fiona performs a spell to call the Sacred Flame, however it backfires as she has been stripped of her immortality, she begs Harry to heal her but he refuses and apologies for failing her as a Whitelighter and she dies. Moments later the Sacred Flame ignites as Parker arrives. Alastair gives Parker two options: let the Flame kill Maggie or step into the ring and take in the Source. Macy gives them an alternate options—she uses her demon side to summon the Origin Dagger and stabs herself with it and steps into the Flame, taking on the source and allowing Maggie to reunite with Harry and Mel and preventing Parker from taking on the Source. Alastair bows before Macy, but she kills him. Maggie goes to Parker but he tells her to stay away as he is losing control over his demon side and leaves.

With the powers of the Source, Macy orbs her sisters and Harry back to the manor and simultaneously wipes the memories of everyone in town and cures Niko. Harry, Mel and Maggie want to discuss Macy’s newfound powers, however she refuses, says there is one more thing she needs to do and leaves without explaining what that is.

The episode ends with the one more thing Macy needs to do starting off with her reviving Galvin.

Overall this was a fantastic episode as the prophecy finally played out, the villains of the season finally vanquished and with a great twist of Macy becoming the Source instead of Parker. I’m happy to see that the finale will clearly be saving Macy from herself rather than finally facing the villains, which is what usually happens. Again, Madeline Mantock gave a stellar performance.




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