Charmed (Reboot)–Season 1 Finale (The Source Awakens)

Now that the three main big bads—Fiona, Alastair and Hunter have been vanquished, the finale focuses on saving Macy from herself as she has surprisingly but fittingly become the Source.

The purpose of a season finale is to wrap up the season’s story arcs and establish new ones for the next season (if there is one). This finale did its job perfectly.

The episode ominously opens with Macy turning up to the manor, knocking on the door with a surprisingly alive Marisol answering the door as Macy says “it worked” and hugs a shocked Marisol.

The episode then cuts to the “present day” where a groggy and confused Galvin wakes up in Macy’s bed, surprised at having survived the ritual. Meanwhile Mel and Maggie are bombarding Harry with one question after another about Macy’s newfound powers, however Harry doesn’t have any answers as it’s an unprecedented situation. The three of them share their concerns about Macy as she is, unknown to them, eavesdropping in the other room. Macy almost gets away with eavesdropping until Galvin comes downstairs and asks her if she’s alright, which alerts Harry, Mel and Maggie to her presence. They didn’t know Galvin was alive and Macy stops them stops them from telling him about his resurrection, Maggie also notices Macy’s ying-yang necklace is gone.

After Galvin leaves, Harry, Mel and Maggie confront Macy about her necklace and Galvin’s resurrection. Mel tells her it’s against the laws of nature while Harry warns her that there will be repercussions in the form of a cosmic reckoning, but Macy refuses to listen.

After this confrontation, Maggie goes to find Parker, who is cleaning out Alastair’s office. Maggie asks him if he was told anything about taking on the Source and what effects it would have. He tells her the Source preys on the host’s deepest insecurities. Maggie realises that Macy’s deepest insecurity is abandonment and that the page Lucy stole from the Book of Shadows is the key to saving Macy.

Meanwhile, the cosmic reckoning has begun as Galvin tells Harry, Mel and Maggie that two of the patients he saved have died suddenly from heart attacks. When Mel goes to speak with Galvin alone, he tells her he remembers sacrificing himself and doesn’t understand how he survived. He asks Mel if Macy brought him back to life and she tells him the truth. He tells her that he was at peace with dying and now that he’s back from the dead, he doesn’t feel right. He tells Mel that she needs to save Macy.

Speaking of Macy, Harry finds her in her bedroom and that she can actually sense his presence now and read his thoughts. Harry warns her not to use her new powers so freely and tells her about Galvin’s dead patients, however she just tells him she’ll bring them back like she did with Galvin.

Maggie recovers the missing Book of Shadows page, only to find it is written in an untranslatable language. Macy appears and Mel confronts her over what Galvin told her. Macy tells them she’ll be able to fix it, however Harry and Mel point out to her that, that’s not how destiny works. Realising she is losing control, she tells them that she knows they are scared of her and that she is going to bring Marisol back so Mel and Maggie can feel safe, which brings us back to the opening scene of the episode and the beginning of Macy’s use of alternate realities.

As Macy hugs Marisol and walks into the manor, Marisol immediately starts choking and collapses. As Marisol dies, Mel and Maggie enter the room and Macy tries to tell them that she is their sister but they don’t believe her and she attacks them with her new powers, throwing Maggie through a glass door. She again says she’s going to fix it, this time going to Knansie at the grocery store where she works. As she starts talking to Knansie, she sees Harry in the store who almost recognises her and she orbs away with her. Knansie tells her that in order for the course between Macy and Marisol to be lifted, there needs to be a different sacrifice and Macy offers up Mel as the sacrifice.

In the next alternate reality, Mel is living in Seattle not Hilltowne and is a driver for a rideshare company and she picks up Harry. When Harry tells her that he’s a women’s studies professor, Mel tells him about being raised by a single dad and at that precise moment, they both feel a major sense of deja vu. Mel’s and Harry’s noses begin to bleed, signalling that their brains are being overwhelmed by memories, just like Niko’s were. Mel freezes Harry, however as Harry doesn’t freeze, he reveals to her that he is Macy’s and Maggie’s Whitelighter. Harry orbs them to the Whitelighter power source and when they drink from it, they regain their memories and bottle some more of it up to take with them.

Harry concludes that while the sisters are not the Charmed ones, they are still witches, which means that Macy’s newfound powers definitely can’t control destiny. Harry then takes Mel to Maggie, who has more of a Kappa personality due to her loneliness without having had Mel in her life. Harry gives Maggie the Whitelighter power source to drink and she regains her memories as well. She tells them that Macy is overly possessive of Marisol in this reality to the point that Maggie is estranged from both of them. Just as Harry, Mel and Maggie get back to work on their plan that they started to formulate in the original timeline with Marisol’s prism, Macy shows up and melts it. She starts to attack Mel, however Harry manages to orb her, himself and Maggie to safety.

Macy orbs into the room and due to the overwhelming power of the Source, she unintentionally throws Marisol through the window and she dies in the same way as she originally did, only this time Macy not Charity is her killer. Harry, Mel and Maggie orb in moments later and Harry reminds her that Marisol’s death was always destined to happen. Macy admits she initially brought Marisol back for her sisters but when she realised what she missed out on, she kept creating alternate realities to have Marisol all to herself. Now that she sees herself as the problem, Macy creates another alternate reality where she doesn’t exist and Mel and Maggie find themselves in a war-torn Hilltowne and Marisol alive.

The Whitelighter’s power source allow Mel and Maggie to retain their memories this time around and they fill Marisol in on what’s been happening. Harry orbs into help and they find the page in the Book of Shadows that Lucy stole in the original timeline. Marisol reveals to them that Elders wrote the page and taught other Elders how to translate it, which she immediately does for them. She encourages Mel and Maggie to return to the moment their sisterly bond with Macy was broken.

The moment they end up returning to is the one where Macy declared that Niko would be fine that and she would fix everything. Harry, Mel and Maggie once again try to talk to Macy about her newfound powers but again she refuses to listen. However this time Mel is more forceful with Macy and as a result, Macy throws Mel across the room and into the banister, and then sends them away from her. However she re-locates them rather than creates another alternate reality. Harry orbs them back to the attic as Macy would be going back to where everything started.

When they arrive they find that the Source has taken over Macy completely with a storm brewing around her and the manor starting to disintegrate. Macy begs them to leave her but they refuse, vowing to stick with her to the end. With this, Macy finally regains control of the Source and the storm ends.

Macy says she needs to move on with her life without the power of the Source. The sisters use the Power of Three to trap the power of the Source into Macy’s ying-yang pendant which breaks into three pieces. Macy tells them to hide the pendant in separate pieces around the world and have Harry wipe them of their memories of it afterwards.

Later, the sisters visit Marisol’s grave and reflect on what she would have thought about them coming together. Afterwards, Maggie decides to go and see Parker and declares that she can handle his demon side, while conversely, Mel decides to let Niko go. While Harry accompanies Macy home where they reveal that Macy found out something about Harry when she could read his thoughts, and they agree not to mention it again. I’m wondering if it was Harry’s feelings towards Macy? The idea of Harry and Macy together isn’t so ridiculous as it has been hinted at in other episodes, albeit with subtlety. I’d personally like to see them together and another version of the Piper-Leo love story, especially as Harry’s romance with Charity ended in disaster.

Meanwhile, Parker tells Maggie he’s leaving town. He asks her to come with him but she obviously can’t, so he promises to come back once he’s found a way to balance his demon side and his humanity. They say goodbye and Parker disappears into smoke.

Later, the girls are returning from Galvin’s funeral when they are greeted by a group of magical creatures, which include Chloe the pixie and Leon the satyr. They’ve come to thank them for defeating Alastair and saving magic. They also point out that with the Elders gone, they are in search for new leaders of the magical community and they believe the Charmed ones are the next choice.

The sisters are overwhelmed but seem to accept this new responsibility without hesitation. The episode ends with everyone entering in the manor and Macy closing the door to the manor and the season like Prue did in the original series.

Overall, I felt this was a strong finish to a first season that got off to a rocky start but eventually went from strength to strength. I have to admit, I was sceptical and dismissive of this reboot, especially as I am a huge fan of the original series and the pilot certainly didn’t do the show any favours in convincing me. However I gave the show a chance and it proved itself to be both a perfect balance of a spin off and an original in its own right. I also appreciated the many throwbacks to the previous episodes, I’d say the writers most likely managed to squeeze references to all the previous 21 episodes in this finale.

I’m looking forward to reviewing the next season of Charmed.


Stray Observations:

-According to Parker, Alastair had a heap of torture tools and specifically a thing for ball gags.

-This finale did remind of the Season 1 Finale of the original series. It revolved around time, revolved around the oldest sister’s love interest sacrificing himself, and each sister figuring out about how time was affected a little bit faster than the last. It also ended with the respective oldest sisters telekinetically closing the front door of their respective manors.


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