Mr Black–Season 1, Episode 2

Now that the pilot has established the show’s premise and characters, the fun can begin.

This episode revolves around Angela’s birthday with Mr Black and Finn competing to see who can give Angela the best gift. It starts with Finn and Mr Black giving her books and escalates to the Mr Black giving her a car from the money that he owes his ex-wife, Rowena.

Before he gets in the new car with Angela, Mr Black proposes to Finn that they have a fight to settle the birthday gift competition. While Angela and Mr Black drive off, Finn practices his fighting dirty talk in the shower and realises that Mr Black used all of his towels. As Finn walks around the house naked to find a towel to dry himself with, he realises Rowena is sitting in the house and they get to know each other.

When Angela and Mr Black return, Angela’s happy to see Rowena and Mr Black isn’t, knowing this Rowena immediately informs Mr Black of Finn’s apparently large penis. Later, Rowena and Finn tamper with the new car. When Angela can’t start the car to get to an appointment, Mr Black sees the car has been tampered with, and Rowena decides to surprise Angela with a Tuscan swing chair for the backyard.

While the chair is being assembled, Mr Black discusses Finn and apparently how bad his generation is (except Angela) with his friend, Malcolm (Mal). When Angela returns from her appointment, Rowena and Finn take her to the backyard to surprise her with the chair, only to find that Mr Black set it alight. When Rowena and Finn fight with Mr Black over his actions, Angela reveals she knows he tampered with the car. Mr Black’s actions make Finn angry enough to accept Mr Black’s proposition of a fight.

An impromptu ring is set up in the backyard, with Mal umpiring. Mr Black and Finn dance around each other and bait each other before Finn punches Mr Black, knocking him out and winning the fight.

At the hospital, Finn brings Mr Black the most “masculine flowers” he can find and apologises to him for knocking him out. However Mr Black says he doesn’t need to apologise and compliments Finn on his right hook, offering to take him to his gym so he can be trained. Finn is happy they can actually talk and Mr Black said he might have knocked some sense into him. However typical to his character, when Angela walks into the room he acts like a victim, which provokes Finn into reacting.

However just as much as Mr Black thinks he’s winning, Rowena comes in and tells him that her lawyers are returning the first edition Ernest Hemingway novel and the car he bought for Angela, which brings him back to his normal self. To justify his actions, he tells Rowena that Angela is the victim of their separation, but Rowena won’t have a bar of it and leaves.

Mr Black tells Finn he’ll honour the bet and will move out when he can, however Angela tells Finn that he needs to stay a bit longer due to his head injury. Finn reluctantly agrees after Angela tells him it won’t be long and Mr Black nods his head in agreement.

Overall, this episode was a large improvement of the pilot, especially with the introduction of Rowena/Mrs Black who is an ally for Finn, and Mr Black’s friend, Mal. I also liked the fact that basically Finn “won this round” and that despite his manipulative behaviour, there seems to be hope for Mr Black and Finn’s relationship.


Stray Observations:

-When Mr Black reprimands Finn for his barbecue cleaning technique and asks him whether his father taught him anything, Finn tells him his father passed away. You can see the look on Mr Black’s face indicates that he regretted saying that, but brushes it off by saying that it explains a few things and tells him how to clean it correctly.

-Angela has an ex-boyfriend, Mark, who’s a war correspondent in Crimea.

-Finn’s boxing nickname is “Thriller in Vanilla”

-Mal says to Finn that he has “zero wins, zero knock outs and zero chance” at the start of the fight.

-According to Mal, Mr Black was a boxing champion.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “I’m in my jarmies!” “That’s okay!” “No it’s not!”(Finn-Angela-Mr Black when Angela tells Finn to come for a ride in the new car)
  • “Can’t we just have a bake off?” “No, fights are quicker.” (Finn-Mr Black on the latter’s proposition of a fight)
  • “I already saw it, don’t tell Peter whatever you do, he think he’s adequate” (Rowena to Finn on his penis)
  • “I always love the people Peter hates!” (Rowena to Finn)
  • “I’ll make it look like an accident so your family gets the insurance money.” (Mr Black to Finn)
  • “No-one’s going to get hurt, at least not physically.” (Mr Black to Finn on their fight)
  • “You can be cruel sometimes like your mother…but yes I will join you I’m famished.” (Mr Black to Angela when she invites him to join her and Finn for dinner after she realises he tried to manipulate her)


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