Mr Black–Season 1, Episode 3

This episode is first to contain A and B stories.

The A story revolves around Mr Black antagonising his new Sudanese neighbours as they are playing loud music when he is trying to watch his beloved Magpies play the Bulldogs. However the owner of the house, Dr Balla, won’t put tolerate Mr Black’s complaining, pointing out that she is allowed to play music in the middle of the afternoon. His feud with the neighbours briefly escalates when their dog poos on his lawn and he drops it off to them in a doggy bag with a note on their front door, he pulls a fuse out of their fuse box when they are playing music again at night, and he refuses to give Dr Balla’s son, Hassan’s, ball back to him after he kicks it over the fence. However the feud ends when he discovers Hassan has talent as an AFL player.

After this discovery, Mr Black and Mal do chores for Dr Balla, and it culminates with them having a fight on the front lawn after Mr Black calls Eddie Maguire to recruit Hassan for Collingwood, and Mal calls Stephen Kernahan to recruit Hassan for Carlton. The fight and the subplot ends when Dr Balla tells them that Hassan will be signing up with the Bulldogs after Bob Murphy comes to the house to recruit him.

Overall I enjoyed this subplot as it showed that Mr Black’s behaviour isn’t limited to Finn and it was good to see him antagonise someone else for once. I felt that the appearances of Eddie Maguire, Stephen Kernahan and Bob Murphy were a little silly, however I did enjoy them.

The B story revolved around Finn and Angela getting tested for STDs after Mr Black informs them of a chlamydia outbreak in Melbourne. While Angela’s results come back clean, it turns out Finn didn’t go to the clinic as the test makes him anxious. Angela forces him to go and he tries to escape out of the clinic’s men’s room window, only for Angela to catch him. It’s later revealed that he was clean too but the doctor recommended he deals with his fear of needles before having to have tests for anything again.

Overall I felt this subplot was a little boring and unpredictable, but it broke up the A story nicely.

Overall this was a funny episode with character development in Mr Black, and development in its writing.


Stray Observations:

-According to Eddie Maguire, Mr Black has somehow embarrassed the Collingwood Football Club before.

-Finn has been with two other women before Angela.

-Three nurses held Finn down to take a blood sample and he kicked one of them in the shin.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “He’ll probably want to see the document with the results!” “I will! (Finn to Angela on getting an STD test and Mr Black responding to Finn off screen)
  • “Our players have hair and umpires are bald.” (Mr Black’s partial answer to Finn on why the umpires hate the Magpies)
  • “At least Jim and Marjorie played loud music you could sing along to!” (Mr Black angrily to Dr Balla on her loud music)
  • “Racist and sexist, hard to believe you’re still single!” (Angela to Mr Black)
  • “Get your phone, wallet and balls, you’re getting tested right now.” (Angela to Finn)
  • “You’re not going to embarrass the club again are you?” (Eddie Maguire to Mr Black)
  • “For the love of God Mal! Put on a shirt and some reasonable pants!” (Mr Black to Mal when he sees him wearing jean shorts and no shirt when washing Dr Balla’s car)
  • “I was promised a high octane performance, all I got was a TropFest film…short and weird.” (Angela to Finn on his performance in bed)


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