Harrow–Season 2, Episode 2 (Audere Est Facere)

This episode kicks off with two men falling from a tall building and dying, one landing on a rideshare car and the other on the ground next to the first man.

The victims are revealed to be Lucas Fandido and Tomas Fuentes and they were base jumpers who broke into the building to access the roof to do a jump. Nichols immediately jumps to the conclusion of death by misadventure, due to the chutes apparently not working, however we all know it it’s never that easy.

Harrow and the team watches videos made by the base jumpers, which also includes Lucas’ wife, Anna, on their previous jumps. They later discover that the chutes weren’t faulty and packed correctly, and Fairley finds rope burns on Tomas’ hand. They later find a larval cyst containing a tapeworm in Lucas’ spine, which would have affected his motor functions. Harrow watches the videos again to find out when the base jumpers went to Latin America, as the tapeworm originated there. They discover the team went to Argentina a month earlier. They also discover that he couldn’t grip with his right hand and when Callan watches the videos, he finds a video when Lucas knocked over a pitcher of drinks with his right hand at bar, however this pre-dates the Argentina trip.

Throughout the episode, Harrow consults with Lucas’ doctor back in Spain and the doctor tells him that Lucas was diagnosed with ALS (Motor Neuron Disease). Anna initially says she didn’t know, however it turns out she lied and she switched the side Lucas’ chute was packed in (Harrow discovers this when Ray Gupta, the ride share driver who witnessed the fall at the beginning of the episode), so he was unable to reach for his chute and let him fall to his death as she didn’t want to have to care for him when his ALS would eventually worsen. It’s also revealed that Tomas noticed the chute was on the wrong side and jumped so he could grab him and deploy his own suite, however he couldn’t save Lucas or himself on time. Anna goes to the building to live stream and when Harrow catches her, she tries to jump off, but he rescues her. However she tries to push him off the building, however he manages to grip it, but Anna uses the selfie stick to get him to fall but Grace catches her and Anna is arrested.

Overall the case of the week was compelling with many twists and turns.

Meanwhile, Fern is going to trial for the drug charges and is out on bail on the condition that she gets a job, stays with Steph and stays away from Callan as he has a criminal record. Fern tries to get a job but can’t as she would have to declare that she has been charged and Callan tells them all that the drugs aren’t his either. Fern asks Steph if she thinks she’s innocent and Steph says she believes her but doesn’t seem so sure. Although it looks like she has runaway when she strips her bedroom, Fern stays and doesn’t do anything stupid. Other than this, there is no other progression in her subplot. One part of the subplot I did enjoy was Callan staying with Harrow and helping him with the case.

Harrow manages to make progress in trying to find his shooter when he realises that Skene didn’t have cataracts when he was interrogated, and he finds the same Mister Lincoln roses at the crime scene of murders committed fifteen years ago by a man by the name of Francis Chester. However Maxine tells Harrow it couldn’t be Chester as he died six months ago. However this clearly isn’t true, as the episode ends with Fern waking up to a clunk, the dog barking, her closing her bedroom window and finding a red rose petal on her pillow.

Overall this was a good episode with solid building blocks for the shooter story arc laid down and an interesting case of the week.


Stray Observations:

-Fern has been working as a cleaner for the chemist where apparently the Fentanyl was stolen from.

-Grace use to work as a neurosurgeon at Royal North Shore hospital.

-The closest translation of the episode’s title is “to dare is to do”.


Best one liners:

  • “I like what you’ve done with the place. Not quite as OCD as Fairley’s but borderline.” (Harrow to Grace on her office set up)


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