Harrow–Season 2 Premiere (Abo Imo Pectore)

The job of a season premiere is to continue the story arcs opened in the previous season’s finale and to establish new story arcs. Harrow’s second season premiere did this perfectly.

The premiere picks up from where we were left off last year. Harrow is taken to hospital after being shot, is treated and eventually wakes up from his induced coma to the sight of Simon’s face on a rainbow balloon. Maxine informs him that the gun shot was clean through his body and he no longer has a gall bladder.

Meanwhile the case of the week kicks off with an agitated woman in a cafe holding her baby and then putting it in the pram, she then tries to take another woman’s smoothie. The other woman leaves, and the agitated woman picks a knife up from the counter and runs after the other woman, scaring the other customers away from her and leaving her baby behind.

Before Harrow is made aware of the case, he is picked up from the hospital by Simon. When they get back to the Bettie, they briefly address their last conversation and Harrow admits he doesn’t know what the lesson is. After this, any references to the previous conversation is completely abandoned. Harrow then goes to a bar and sees an attractive woman sitting at a table, at the bar he sees a married woman take off his wedding ring, the attractive woman gets up and sits next to Harrow. He asks her about the man and she admits they met online and they were meant to meet in person, however she refuses to meet with him as she doesn’t date married men and the man wasn’t smart enough to take the ring off before he got there. They flirt and eventually sleep together.

The next morning, both of their phones ring and Harrow offers her a ride to her first day of work, when he asks her where she needs to go to, they realise that they are working together. Later, they are formally introduced and the woman is identified as Dr Grace Molyneux, the new pathologist who will be working at QIFM for the next six months. When Harrow sees Fairley come into the meeting and kiss Grace on the cheek, he is horrified at the thought of having slept with Fairley’s girlfriend, however Grace tells him Fairley’s her uncle.

The case of the week lands at QIFM and the agitated woman is revealed to be Sherry Diallo, who the police had to shoot when she attacked the other woman and tried to lunge at police. As Harrow hasn’t been cleared to return to work, he is forced to wait outside and he meets Sherry’s husband and baby daughter. He tells Sherry’s husband what’s going to happen and how to prepare. Maxine later tells Harrow that he needs to have a psych evaluation and pass to return to work, and if he wants to solve the case of his shooting that he should look through his old case files.

Harrow discovers that Sherry has been treated for anxiety since childhood but there are no reports of her ever suffering from psychosis, which is what appears to happened to her in the cafe. When he talks to Sherry’s husband, he tells her that when she gave birth to their daughter, it took four goes to give her the epidural, and ever since she has always been thirsty; constantly drinking water, juice and smoothies. When Harrow returns to the QIFM, Nichols is there waiting for him and Harrow already knew Nichols had him followed.

When Harrow discusses Sherry’s behaviour with Grace, they realise she had a blood clot that travelled to her brain and dissolved when she gave birth, and that the clot travelled to her brain due to a hole in her heart.

Overall I found that the case of the week was interesting and easy, which was good for a season premiere as to not overload the viewers.

Meanwhile Fern, who seems to have cleaned up since finally breaking her silence on her childhood trauma, has moved into a flat with Callan. There wasn’t much focus on her until the end of the episode when she finds her backpack filled with boxes of Fentanyl, with the police raiding the flat moments later and arresting her. I didn’t buy for a second that the drugs were Fern’s as it’s way too easy, so it will be interesting to see where this story arc goes.

Meanwhile Nichols find the man who bought the bullet that shot Harrow, a career criminal by the name of Brendan Skene, who admits to shooting Harrow and seemingly apologises to him via the two-way mirror. Later, Brendan is found dead in his cell apparently due to diabetes and with cataracts in his eyes, something he didn’t have in his eyes when in interrogation.

The episode ends with Harrow receiving a call from a mystery man who admits to shooting him and asks him if he likes the Mister Lincoln roses he left at the hospital room (and that were also present at the crime scene albeit dead), before threatening to take his loved ones down.

Overall, I found the reveal of Brendan Skene to be Harrow’s shooter to be too easy to believe it was him, I’m looking forward to seeing where this story arc goes. My theory is it’s related to Harrow’s choice to kill Quinn.

Overall this was a solid second season premiere and I’m looking forward to reviewing the rest of the season.


Stray Observations:

-Saroya Dass didn’t appear in this episode, she was apparently boarding a flight to Melbourne when Harrow was shot. It’s unclear whether Mirrah Foulkes is returning.

-Grace’s dating criteria includes: must have own hair, must have half a brain, must not be a criminal, must not be a doctor.

-Simon gave Harrow a USB which contained a video of Fairley rehearsing his eulogy, it was more heartfelt and Fairley admits to regarding Harrow as an extraordinary pathologist and his friend. This is a revelation that Harrow is touched by.

-The title of the episode, “Abo Imo Pectore” means “from the bottom of my heart” and/or “also rises”. You could argue both definitions apply due to Sherry’s hole in her heart and Harrow rising from his near-fatal gunshot.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Hell is very floral.” “You’re assuming hell would have you.” (Harrow to Maxine when he wakes up from his induced coma)
  • “Shouldn’t you be in bed?” “Shouldn’t you be chasing people who like to shoot pathologists?” (Nichols-Harrow)
  • “Have you actually been discharged?” (Simon to Harrow)
  • “It’s one thing to nearly die, it’s another thing to watch you killing my car.” (Harrow to Simon on driving his car)
  • “Why was Fairley going to do my eulogy?” “He asked!” (Harrow-Simon on finding Fairley’s draft eulogy)

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