Five Bedrooms–Pilot (Five Owners)

The job of a pilot is to establish the show’s premise and characters, I feel this pilot did the perfect job.

The pilot kicks off at a wedding with five people delegated to the dreaded singles’ table: Liz (a lawyer), Ben (a tradie, who has been set up with Liz), Harry (a doctor and Liz’s best friend who is gay and closeted), Lachlan and Ainsley (both real estate agents). Ainsley is the narrator of the episode.

Ainsley’s landlord, Heather, comes to the table and the topic of the loved up couples on the dance floor eventually turns to real estate and home owning. Heather plants the seed of the premise in the gang’s head by saying that if they all pitched in and bought a house, they would have twice as much buying power as a married couple. Ainsley explains that the internet search turned into a group email and eventually leads to them going to an auction days later.

Heather tries to discourage Ainsley from buying but she resists and the gang eventually get the house for a little over $2.5 million.

The gang move into the house and Lachlan’s wife, Mel, comes over angry at Lachlan’s choice. While they argue at first, they eventually have make up sex in the loft Lachlan has chosen and in the shower in the ensuite. However the first problem for the gang arises when water is leaking through the ceiling, which subsequently leads to the power going out. When Ben takes a look, he discovers that there is no upstairs plumbing and that the water from Lachlan’s shower has been going into the roof cavity. This is after Harry and Ainsley discover the oven doesn’t work and something’s wrong with the water, and Ben and Liz discover the pool decking is gone.

Later, Lachlan asks Ainsley for advice on what to do about his marriage and that he thinks of her like a sister. This causes Ainsley to be angry enough to admit her love for him, and once she does, she is done with him and tells him she can’t stay in the house with him. She later goes back to the granny flat where she finds Heather’s boys have made it their haven. Heather quickly orders them out.

The next morning, Lachlan goes to see Ainsley and Heather reprimands him and tells him he’s moving out. Ainsley and Heather than go back to house and propose to swap Lachlan with Heather. They don’t seem too happy about it, especially Liz. However they agree to give it a shot for at least six months as they can’t legally get out of it.

Overall I felt the pilot did it’s job in establishing the show’s premise and characters. The premise of the show and it’s diversity of characters in genders, personalities and careers, are promising. The highlight of the episode for me was Ainsley revealing her feelings to Lachlan, the writers didn’t go with the cliche of a “will they or won’t they” for a whole season, they got the reveal out of the way and instead of happily ever after, Ainsley was done and wanted to move on from the moment the reveal was over. It will be interesting to see whether Lachlan will appear again.

I’m looking forward to reviewing the rest of the season.


Stray Observations:

-The show is set in Melbourne.

-Ainsley is from Doncaster.

-Ainsley and Lachlan first hooked up five years ago.

-Ainsley has lived in Heather’s granny flat for eight years.

-Harry is 30.

-Ainsley has paid off Lachlan’s credit card debt twice.

-Heather set the rule of no sex between housemates, although technically Liz set this rule first.

-The house’s name is Waldheim.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “That’s not happy, that’s terror dressed up as optimism.” (Heather to the gang on the loved up couples on the dance floor)
  • “That’s just doctor face, I’m shitting myself right now.” (Harry to Liz on their buyer’s remorse)
  • “I’m sorry I let you down…the tool belt was right there.” (Ben to Liz on the tradie fantasy)
  • “I’m grateful George Foreman didn’t get lost in the flood.” (Ben on what he’s grateful for)
  • “If you love my boy, I’ll find a way to love you.” (Manju to Liz when she finds her in bed with Harry)
  • “Why did you submerge a mattress?” (Harry to Ben when Ben tells him he learnt that putting a submerged mattress out in the sun for a couple of days will make it as good as new)


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