Five Bedrooms–Season 1, Episode 2 (Twenty Guests)

Now that the pilot has aired and the premise and characters of the show has been established, the fun of story arcs and subplots can begin.

This episode switches its focus and narrator to Heather, as the pilot ended with the gang agreeing to swap Lachlan with Heather.

The episode kicks off with Heather packing her bags in front of Col and telling their sons that she’s leaving. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang are planning on having a housewarming, with Ben and Ainsley going around the neighbourhood to hand out invitations and having to field questions on their living situation with the others. While they are going around the neighbourhood, Ben is trying to setting up Ainsley up with his mate Simmo.

Meanwhile, Heather’s beloved dog, Bruce, has run away and she orders her indifferent sons to look for him, however she discovers that Bruce has found her at the house. Heather spends some time with him, however Col later comes to get him.

Meanwhile, Lachlan does make an appearance in this episode, basically telling Ainsley she should quit and move on to another agency after their awkward interaction and Heather kicking him out. The gang tells her to confront him and Heather tells her that she will be paying him out, she’s waiting on Col to sign her loan application.

While she’s at work, Liz’s boss, Edwina Crowe, tells her that she’s been invited to the housewarming as Ainsley is her real estate agent. Liz panics as she reveals to Ainsley that she hasn’t told her boss that she’s living in the house and that she is divorced, the latter a fact that is also news to Ainsley. To avoid Edwina finding out about her situation, Liz spends the night hiding in another bedroom, only for her to find Edwina making out with a guy called “the fridge” in her own bedroom, when she finally gets the chance to go back there. At the end of the episode, a drunk Edwina tells Liz she doesn’t judge her and actually thinks the idea really isn’t all that bad.

Meanwhile, Heather tries to leave the house and Ben catches her. He agrees to drive her to her house as long as she doesn’t get out of the car. However when Ben gets out of the car, Col catches him and tries to jump over the fence, only to break his wrist, forcing Ben and Heather to take him to hospital. When he’s being checked out, he and Heather finally address their unhappiness in their marriage, although Col clearly still loves her. While it looks like Heather’s going to come back, she stands her ground and asks Col if he’s happy and he tells her that if she’s unhappy he can’t be happy and gives her the signed loan application.

Meanwhile Harry arrives at the party late as he is stuck at work, while his mother, Manju, arrived at the party early with food. She later finds Liz and asks her to help her find an Indian girl for Harry. Although Harry tells his mother to back off when it comes to his love life, he stops short of telling her the truth.

Later on while Ainsley kisses Simmo and sees him getting dressed in her room the next day, he reveals that they didn’t hook up as she went on about her dating history and he tells her that the way she looks and talks about Ben makes it clear she likes him. Ainsley denies this, however when he drives her to work so she can confront Lachlan and congratulates her on successfully putting him in his place, she realises she does in fact like him.

Overall I enjoyed this episode and I found it interesting that the writers switched narrators. I felt it was a smart move to signal to the viewers that the episode’s main focus would switch from Ainsley to Heather, not to mention it keeps the viewers on their toes. Judging from the promos for the next episode, Ben clearly has a health issue (it looked like skin cancer) that he’s going to need surgery for and we discover that he has a daughter, so it will be interesting to see if the narrating switches from Heather to him.

However I am questioning the possibility of Ben as Ainsley’s love interest. While I’m glad that Ainsley told Lachlan off and she’s done with him, I don’t think there is really any chemistry between Ben and Ainsley, I feel he’s more suited to Liz. It honestly felt like this possibility came out of nowhere, but as I like both characters, I’ll be happy to eat my words if this subplot is built up more.

Overall a solid episode.


Stray Observations:

-Ainsley’s last name is Eiling.

-Ainsley refers to Simmo as Ben’s “footballing colleague”.

-Heather and Col’s son’s names are Timmy and Louie. They are 21 and 23, although which son is which age isn’t established.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “There may be some tears, some low grade violence…” (Ainsley to the gang on the possibility of Heather trying to leave the house)
  • “It’s not as weird as it looks…but it’s not good.” (Ben on the phone to Ainsley describing what’s going on between Heather and Bruce)
  • “If I attempt to leave this house before dawn, you have my permission to break both my legs.” (Heather to Ben)
  • “Ben tells me you’ve come out of a very disappointing one sided crush.” (Simmo to Ainsley when he meets her)


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