Mr Black–Season 1, Episode 4

This episode was action packed with guns, burglars, snakes and blackmail.

The episode kicks off with Finn discovering a tiger snake in the backyard and calling his local council to get animal control to get it, only to hear Mr Black shooting it dead. Finn is naturally against the guns and wants it out, which Angela at first agrees to but Mr Black hides it under the mattress.

Meanwhile, we see Angela at work at The Post for the first time when she is in her editor’s office with her editor, Daina, and her colleague, Thomas. One of the crime stories was wrong and Tom accuses Angela of writing the story, something which Angela denies and Daina believes anyway because Thomas is clearly her favourite. Angela eventually finds proof that Thomas wrote the story and has him admit to it while secretly recording him. She emails the audio clip to Daina, and it’s later revealed when Daina apologises to her that Angela blackmailed her into giving her the crime reporting job. However Daina keeps Thomas on, in her own way telling Angela that she knows she recorded Thomas.

Overall I enjoyed this subplot as it was a nice break from the usual Mr Black-Finn-Angela conflicts.

Throughout Angela’s work subplot, the snake subplot escalates into being about guns. Mr Black invites Angela and Finn to go to the gun range with him to try shooting since he’s keeping his gun in the house. Angela is an excellent shot to the point where she’s asked to enter a competition. Angela feels that the competition will help her blow off steam about her work situation, to the point where she agrees to let Mr Black keep the gun in the house, which Finn is against. This ends up working against them, as Finn’s worst fears are realised and burglars break into the house and manage to overpower Mr Black and hold them hostage with his own gun. Just as the burglars are about to leave with Mr Black’s gun, the police (who Angela and Finn called) arrive and arrest them.

The episode ends when Angela realises that Mr Black wasn’t shot after all and tells Finn that this is her first crime story, and tries to come up with puns for the headline revolving around western movies and Mr Black.

Overall while it started off a little silly, the guns subplot addressed a serious issue and turned surprisingly dark. While I’m glad no-one was hurt and appreciated the little bit of dark territory, I felt the subplot ending was rushed.

Overall a solid episode with more action in it than usual.


Stray Observations:

-Mr Black is a clay target shooting, boxing and hockey champion.

-Mr Black thinks Finn’s pancakes are too floury, however when he says he’ll throw them away, Mr Black says he’ll eat them reluctantly.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “I cry like a real man: when Collingwood wins, at the national anthem and at the end of Toy Story 3!” (Mr Black to Finn)
  • “If you can’t make Finn a better man or manly man, at least help me lower my standards.” (Mr Black to God)


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