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Mr Black–Season 1, Episode 7 + Season 1 Finale

As the final two episodes of the season were aired at the same time, I’m going to review them both in one post.

Episode 7 revolves around the discovery that Finn apparently has a son.

Episode 7 kicks off with Mr Black arguing with his doctor over how to manage his ankylosing spondylitis and leaving the doctor’s office only to be hit by another man riding a scooter. The episode then cuts to Mr Black back home in a neck brace, with a woman named Greta showing up at the house to tell Finn he has a son.

Greta tells Finn that she didn’t tell him about her son, Bacardi, as she didn’t want to ruin his life. She also invites him to meet Bacardi at a cafe, which Finn does, unaware that Mr Black has followed him on his scooter and taken pictures. Mr Black (with the help of Malcolm) writes an email to Finn with the photos from Angela’s account. Surprisingly, Finn believes Angela sent the email, admits to the one night stand to Mr Black and leaves.

Although Mr Black rejoices in Finn’s departure and thinking his plan works, Angela reveals he didn’t win as she got a notification and a copy of the photo as it was saved to the Cloud. Angela reassures Finn that she’ll be there for him and asks him if he’s sure Bacardi is his son. They go to see Greta and Bacardi, and Angela finds a photo of Greta and Bacardi with another man. Angela finds out by doing an image search on the photo that Greta is married and her husband met Greta shortly after hers and Finn’s one night stand, and she left him when he lost his job. While everything is cleared up, randomly, Greta’s friend, Simone, shows up at the house, also a one night stand of Finn’s, with her own son, Evian, who also looks like Finn. It’s later revealed that Evian is not Finn’s son either.

Overall I felt Episode 7 was the weakest episode of the season as the story was unrealistic and it blatantly pointed out the strong flaws in Finn’s character, specifically his unquestioning gullibility.

The Season Finale gets off to an amusing start with Finn being pranked by Mr Black in a large teddy bear costume while he is on the phone to Angela ranting about his Uber rating going down. The episode then changes pace to focus on Mr Black introducing Finn to a woman named, Julia, that used to work as a cartoonist at The Post, who is now a famous portrait artist.

Julia and Finn hit it off and Julia offers to paint a portrait of him, however she only paints nudes. Although Finn is nervous, he goes along with it and Mr Black is on Skype call with Angela, making sure she sees what’s going on in the background. Although Angela finds it weird, she doesn’t start to lose faith in Finn until she interviews a body language expert for a story she’s working on at The Post.

Angela resorts to buying a security camera to spy on Finn (the same one Mr Black bought), which he finds and turns off. Afterwards, he and Julia disappear, however Angela sees Julia leave from the backyard. Angela later finds Finn playing the guitar in the garage and he rightly calls her out for not trusting him and tells her they would be engaged if it weren’t for her need to have Mr Black’s blessing. He also tells her that Julia painted another portrait of him, which is of him on one knee proposes. He then proposes, with his grandmother’s ring, and Mr Black storms in begging Angela not to say yes, (although politely) and she says yes. He walks off telling them not to expect him to dish out a lot for the wedding, however the episode ends with him posing nude in front of a half-dressed Julia saying that he’s got a wedding to pay for.

Overall I felt the finale was hilarious but solid as Finn was truly tested and ultimately passed, and finally proposed to Angela. Although Mr Black isn’t too happy, he reluctantly accepts the news and Finn, something which has been consistent throughout the season.

Overall I felt the first season of the show was rocky, but eventually found its stride. It’s not the best Australian show I’ve come across, but in all honesty it does have potential and I would prefer to see more Australian shows on air then more reality TV. I’ve enjoyed reviewing this season and I hope there is a second one, that being said if it isn’t renewed, it did end on a good note.


Stray Observations:

-Greta apparently named her son Bacardi as she was drinking it the night he was conceived.

-Malcolm keeps a party popper in his pocket in case there’s good news.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “We’ve been through this, ankylosing spondylitis is not a death sentence.” (Mr Black’s doctor to Mr Black)
  • “Yoga is for wankers!” “Pilates?” “Is for wankers who don’t like to stretch!” (Mr Black’s doctor and Mr Black on the former’s suggestions to the latter on dealing with his condition)
  • “Three of my patients have reported being hit by a scooter.” “Only three? I’ve got to get my average up!” (Mr Black’s doctor-Mr Black)
  • “Seeing you two together is like seeing a fat man in a sushi restaurant…it makes no sense.” (Mr Black to Angela and Finn)
  • “Curious to see where you draw the moral line…we’re using her computer and sending an email from her account.” (Malcolm to Mr Black when Mr Black objects to reading Angela’s emails)
  • “That’s the best thing we’ve co-written since we busted Warnie with those strippers and a blow-up doll.” (Mr Black to Malcolm on the email they sent Finn from Angela’s email account)
  • “I can’t believe you thought it was me, it looks like an old man Googled ‘what words young people use’ and threw them all in the email.” (Angela to Finn on the email)
  • “He’s just like me, overly sensitive and with no hand-eye coordination.” (Finn to Angela on Bacardi)
  • “You think that working on a surveillance story is a good idea and then you put your partner under surveillance and you find out he is having an affair with a Vodafone rep.” “My partner would never cheat on me.” “And I’m with Telstra” (Daina-Angela-Jess)
  • “I’m giving Finn the lowdown on posing nude, I’ve done it many times myself.” (Malcolm to Mr Black while he is spray tanning Finn)
  • “Don’t forget to spray tan his doodle.” “That’s the first thing we did, why do you think it’s taken so long.” (Mr Black-Malcolm on spray tanning Finn)
  • “Malcolm’s a friend of mine and look how he turned out…a Finn sympathiser.” (Mr Black to Angela)
  • “Why do you have a security camera in your bag?” “How do you know I have a security camera?” “I saw it on my security camera.” (Mr Black-Angela-Mr Black)
  • He passed all the previous tests your previous boyfriends tripped up on, plus tests specifically for him that I thought he wouldn’t survive.” “He did so well.” (Mr Black and Angela on Finn)


Mr Black–Season 1, Episode 6

This episode revolves around Mr Black and Finn teaming up to break up Rowena and her fiance, Barry’s, relationship as Mr Black wants Rowena back.

The episode kicks off with Angela and Finn in bed comparing their IQ scores, with Angela’s score turning out to be higher than Finn’s, unaware that Mr Black is eavesdropping in the hallway, on the other side of their bedroom door. Finn jokingly suggests to Angela that they get married so Mr Black can’t use his lower IQ score against him, when Angela calls him out, Finn attempts to propose, only for Angela to stop him and ask him to get Mr Black’s blessing first.

Meanwhile, Rowena is coming for a visit and Mr Black wants her back now that he has seen a photo of her on Facebook with another man. His strategy involves spray tanning himself (with the help of Malcolm) with a tan that smells of warm vanilla. However Rowena arrives with her fiance, Barry, who is also spray tanned. After everyone goes inside the house when Rowena and Barry arrive, Mr Black talks to Finn quietly to ask for his help, Finn refuses however he gives in when Mr Black agrees to give him his blessing to marry Angela, if he’s successful with helping him split up Rowena and Barry.

Mr Black’s and Finn’s efforts to split Rowena and Barry up mainly revolve around tips they found on Google, which of course don’t work. In a twist of fate, while waiting for him to show up at dinner, Finn goes to get Barry, only to find him dead on the bed in the guest room. Finn calls for Mr Black’s assistance, but of course he’s no help, with Rowena and Angela coming into the room to find out for themselves.

The episode ends with Mr Black not giving Finn his blessing as he didn’t fulfil his end of the bargain, however Mr Black does tell Finn he is on the right path to getting his blessing but how long and rough that path is, is yet to be seen.

Overall I thought this was a hilarious episode, with a great twist, and an ending which shows growth in Mr Black and Finn’s fledgling father-son like relationship.


Stray Observations:

-Mr Black’s search history:

  • How to break up a couple
  • How to break up your daughter’s relationship
  • How to spell ankylosing spondylitis
  • How to get your wife back
  • How to hire a hit man

-Finn and Angela have been together for a year now, which means four months have passed since the events in the pilot.

-Barry’s IQ is 111, which is apparently why he is in real estate.

-The house Angela, Finn and Mr Black live in is Rowena’s parents’ house.

-Malcolm is gay.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “My first words were ‘Gallipoli, 1919.'” (Angela to Finn)
  • “You want me to spray your doodle?” “It would be weird if you didn’t wouldn’t it?” (Malcolm-Mr Black on Malcolm spray tanning Mr Black)
  • “Invite trouble via misinformation.” “You’re good at that.” “Fake incriminating evidence.” “Another one of your specialities.” “Thank you.” (Mr Black-Finn-Mr Black-Finn-Mr Black going back and forth while Mr Black is reading out Google’s tips on how to break up a couple)
  • “Unusual combination of humans!” (Rowena to Mr Black and Finn when she sees them sitting in a room together)
  • “Well if it’ll help you change your mind, Malcolm spray tanned my doodle.” (Mr Black to Rowena on her telling him she doesn’t want him back)
  • “Stop piss phoning around!” (Mr Black to Finn)
  • “I was a terrible husband.” “Yeah…no!” (Mr Black-Barry)
  • “Joke’s on you, there’s no staples left…and I can see your balls!” (Mr Black to Barry after their fight, which involved Barry’s shower towel coming off his body)
  • “If I had known you’d found love I never would have given Peter a spray tan.” (Malcolm to Rowena)


Harrow–Season 2, Episode 6 (Locus Poenitentiae)

This episode diverted slightly from the Francis Chester-Simon’s murder subplot and had Harrow once again on the road, this time going west to Euralla Creek with Fairley.

When they arrive in Euralla Creek, Harrow realises that the locals love Fairley and is curious as to why. They then make their way to the case of the week.

The case of the week was a double road fatality in Euralla Creek where $3,000 in cash and a severed fingertip was found on the road, as well as a bottle of rum in one of the cars. The investigating Sargeant is none other than Fairley’s brother, Colin.

Fairley knew two of the victims, Bob and Diane. While Bob survives, although the severed fingertip is not his, Diane didn’t make it and Harrow spends a good chunk of his time autopsying her with local doctor, Edwina.

Harrow eventually discovers that another person survived the crash, a pregnant woman, and discovers that Diane was sent contraceptive pills in the mail even though she had a hysterectomy. Harrow eventually deduces that Bob and Diane were keeping a woman hostage and Bob had gotten her pregnant, and that she managed to escape from a freezer, which eventually lead to her fingertip being severed.

As Harrow goes to leave the freezer, Bob ambushes him, attacks him and locks him in. Bob seems to leave when Fairley rescues him, as Harrow had called him earlier to tell him about Bob and Diane. Just as they go to leave, Bob surprises them again with a shotgun. Fairley manages to calm him down enough so he can subdue him with his jujitsu skills. Harrow and Fairley are then called away to assist in the delivery of the pregnant woman, Kira’s, baby girl. When she is taken to hospital, she tells Harrow that Bob and Diane picked her up while she was trying to hitchhike and kept her prisoner for three years.

Overall I found the case of the week to be compelling, with many twists and turns, with a somewhat happy ending.

There wasn’t much of a focus on Grace and Harrow. Grace asks Maxine why she sent Harrow and Fairley together to Euralla Creek, and Maxine tells her that she thought they could help each other out through their difficult time. Maxine also tells Grace that she should have spoken with Karina, not Harrow, when Karina came to identify Simon. Grace later calls Harrow while he is travelling with Fairley, putting her on loud speaker where she inadvertently tells Fairley that her and Harrow had sex when they first met. This angers Fairley, telling Harrow that he doesn’t want to see Grace get hurt by him as he ruins people. Harrow gets out of the car and Fairley drives off. When Harrow returns from Euralla Creek and goes to see her, they almost kiss, only to be interrupted by Maxine calling Harrow to inform him about Fern’s visit and having access to the Moran files.

Throughout the episode, the Euralla Creek locals show their love for Fairley, which intrigues and mildly outrages Harrow. He eventually finds out from a local bartender that Fairley saved the lives of three people—a mother and two of her children from a house fire, however he was unable to save the life of the third child. Fairley tells Harrow that he used to be in the local fire brigade and was only nearby as curiosity over another case got the better of him. He tells him that Simon was the same in investigating Skene and Chester for Harrow, and that’s why he was mad at Harrow over Simon’s death. Fairley manages to find peace with what happened in his past when he delivers Kira’s baby.

Overall I enjoyed the exploration of Fairley’s past and backstory, however I felt that this exploration could have been done sooner.

Meanwhile, Fern is continuing her own investigation, which starts by her going into Harrow’s office to find files on Ross Moran on his computer. She then follows Tim to the races again and is just about to confront him when Steph stops her (after having followed her to Harrow’s boat). Steph tells her that she is only going to get herself arrested and making things worse at her trial, however Fern counter argues that her lawyer and the police won’t help her. Both of them make valid points and would basically say what the audience, no matter what side they are on, are thinking. Fern eventually confronts Tim in his home, informing him that Ross is dead, which scares him into kicking her out, telling her the less she knows, the better. The episode ends with Chester killing Tim in his own home by using his signature paralytic agent and burning him alive.

Overall this was a solid episode with a compelling case of the week, the exploration of Fairley’s past and overall character, and minor development of the Francis Chester story arc. Judging by the promos for next week’s episode, things are only going to get worse for Fern before they get better.


Stray Observations:

-Lyle’s brother, Colin, is not Grace’s father.

-Simon’s autopsy was done on 19 May 2019.

-The episode title, translated into English is “an opportunity to withdraw from a contract or obligation before it is completed or to decide not to commit an intended crime.” 

Best one liners and interactions:

  • “I suggest you choose your clever remarks more carefully around here.” “Or what I’ll get lynched by the locals?” “Fingers crossed.” (Fairley-Harrow-Fairley when they drive through Euralla Creek)
  • “They love you, what’s wrong with them?” (Harrow to Fairley on the locals mysteriously loving him)
  • “So you live here and you haven’t heard of the famous Lyle Fairley?” “Should I have?” “I like you already.” (Harrow-Edwina-Harrow)
  • “Helpful is not a word I would associate with Harrow.” (Fairley)


Five Bedrooms–Season 1, Episode 5 (Five Lies)

As everyone else has told their story, so to speak, it didn’t surprise me that this episode switched the narrator to Harry and focused on him.

This episode mainly focuses on Harry’s tug of war between wanting to be with Pete and coming out to his mother. Harry and Pete manage to have a great second date and hook up, with the housemates eager to get to know Pete the next morning. However their plans are derailed when Harry’s mother, Manju, shows up unexpectedly with food. Manju meets Pete and doesn’t suspect anything due to Harry, Pete and the housemates barely managing to feed her a bunch of lies.

After Pete makes a hasty exit, clearly upset with Harry over lying to him about coming out to his mother, Harry goes over to his house to explain. Pete makes it clear that he can’t date someone who is in the closet as he has had this experience with another man and it ended badly. Harry then tells him he is going to come out to his mother, Pete is sceptical, however Harry tries to go through with it twice, however he fails, interestingly, due to circumstances beyond his control.

The first time he fails as Manju has secretly set him up with an Indian girl by the name of Prisha. After watching the cricket together, Harry and Prisha go out to a cafe together where he tells her he’s gay, which she accepts, however she warns him that telling his mother will be difficult. The second time he tries to tell her is much more tragic as he walks into her house to discover her lying on the floor, discovering that she has had a stroke. Liz stays with him, while Ben and Heather clean up Manju’s house. Liz tries to convince Harry to call Pete, however Harry refuses as he is not ready to come out to Manju and any man who is with him needs to be okay with this. The episode ends with Harry promising Manju that he is not going anywhere.

Meanwhile, Ainsley finally reveals her feelings to Ben, only for him to attempt to let her down gently by telling her he is seeing someone (but of course he doesn’t reveal he’s seeing Heather). I found this moment to be incredibly heartbreaking as Ainsley is hurt and Ben is desperate not to hurt her. I found Ben begging Ainsley to continue talking to him and telling her she could do better than him to be an interesting contrast to Lachlan’s lack of respect for her, even more so as Lachlan and Mel make an appearance in this episode. While my heart broke for Ainsley, I appreciated her character development which was proven by the fact that she finally plucked up the courage to tell Ben how she felt and that she stood up to Lachlan and didn’t give into him when he told her he has feelings for her (apparently).

After Ainsley reveals her feelings to Ben, she turns to Heather for comfort and support, of course not knowing about Ben and Heather’s affair. Just as Heather was embracing her affair with Ben, after Ainsley tells her she has feelings for Ben, Heather breaks off the affair, inadvertently hurting Ben, when she reveals she wasn’t looking for anything long-term. Ben’s reaction clearly shows he had feelings for Heather and wanted more, which meant that the shoe was on the other foot.

Overall I enjoyed this subplot as Ainsley finally revealed her feelings for Ben and the affair between Ben and Heather ended. It will be interesting to see where this subplot goes now, the only loose end is the fact that Ainsley is still unaware that Heather is the woman Ben was seeing, which I’m sure will eventually come out in the open.

There wasn’t much of a focus on Liz in this episode, however she stilled played a crucial role. Liz and Harry’s friendship was a strong focus, with her giving advice to Harry on what outfit he should wear on his date, offering to be wherever Harry needed her to be when he told her he was going to come out to Manju, and she quickly arrived at the hospital after Manju had her stroke. She also became the first housemate to discover Ben and Heather’s affair when Heather jumped out of Ben’s bedroom window to avoid Ainsley, and landed in front of Liz, who was working out in the garage. Liz managed to play her crucial role whilst job hunting throughout the episode. I enjoyed seeing Liz being there for Harry and her facial expressions as the housemates tried to explain themselves to her were hilarious.

Overall this was a strong episode with a great amount of character development and realistic dramas.


Stray Observations:

-Pete’s brother is also gay.

-With this episode, all five main characters have narrated at least one episode.

-Heather somehow knows how long the spin cycle on the washing machine lasts.

-According to Ben, he has a visit with Mia coming up.

-Ben’s bedroom is next to the garage, or at least the closest one to it.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “If the goal is to give the man retina damage, you’ve nailed it!” (Liz to Harry on date outfit #1)
  • “You look like a waiter, an undertaker…a waiter at a funeral.” (Liz to Harry on date outfit #2)
  • “That’s the thing about an honesty policy, it only takes a ten percent half-truth and then you’re a total liar.” (Harry narrating)
  • “I didn’t realise your identity was attached to cleaning.” (Ainsley to Heather on cleaning duty)
  • “I’m starting to wonder if you’re only in this for the ride share benefits.” (Harry to Pete)
  • “He hasn’t played in a while you must update your choice.” (Manju to Pete when says Sachin Tendulkar is his favourite Indian cricket player to cover the fact that he and Harry are dating)
  • “At least as a meteorologist you’d be prepared for the cold.” (Harry to Prisha on her job)


Harrow–Season 2, Episode 5 (Ab Initio)

This episode confirmed what I thought the promos were telling me–Simon was murdered.

The episode kicks off with Simon’s dead body floating in the river to inform the viewers what they most likely would have suspected, it then cuts to Fairley doing Tai Chi in the park where it’s also revealed Harrow is gleefully watching Fairley. Harrow gets a call from Pavich, which he doesn’t answer, however its moments later when Pavich proceeds to call Fairley that they realise something is wrong. They go to the river and see Simon’s body for themselves to their horror. Harrow immediately calls Fern to tell her about it, who then tells Steph.

During the course of their investigation, Harrow realises how little he knew about Simon. He learns Simon had a sister, Karina, when she comes up to identify him, and he finds out from Maxine that he split from his partner, David, three months earlier. He also finds out from Karina that Simon had epilepsy.

Due to Harrow’s closeness with Simon, Maxine assigns Grace the autopsy and Fairley supervising. When Maxine talks to Pavich, he tells her Harrow needs a distraction and assigns him the case of the week.

The case of the week is the electrocution of Ross Moran, who has been found dead in his bathtub. This moment shocked me but also excited me as it added another layer to both Simon’s death and the overall Harrow-Francis Chester subplot. Harrow watches surveillance footage which placed him at Duralong Point and wants to know why he was there. When he gets there, he finds an ad for The Gunner’s Daughter pub, which matches the stubby holder in Moran’s house. When he gets there, the bartender is annoyingly uncooperative until he informs her Moran is dead. It is then she reveals to him Moran punched Simon.

When he returns, Harrow tells Pavich he thinks Chester shot him, which surprises Pavich but he believes him. When Harrow sees Simon in his dreams, he tells Harrow his death is not about what but why. This leads him to go back to work and question Grace’s autopsy and whether the paralytic agent that Chester used on his other victims was tested for, which angers her and she reveals she can’t care about how Simon or anyone dies as it leads to making bad choices. Nonetheless, Grace tests for the agent anyway.

Harrow continues to investigates Simon’s death, which leads him to go to Karen Chanson’s house as she didn’t claim Brendan Skene’s body and Fairley tells him Simon was looking for Skene’s next of kin. Karen tells him she showed Simon the letters Skene would send her and that his cellmate, Moran, wrote them as Skene couldn’t write, and the last few letters were written by a different person. Harrow recognises the handwriting as Chester’s. When Harrow returns, Grace and Maxine reveal that smart drugs were found in Simon’s system, which he most likely took due to his long work and study hours.

The episode than cuts to Simon’s funeral where Harrow admits to Karina he feels guilt over his death, however she tells him there’s no need as Simon made his own choices. She also gives him Simon’s journal as it had a lot of entries about him. Fern comes up to talk to him and like Simon, she doesn’t believe Harrow is right about Chester.

When Fern goes to Ross Moran’s house (after having previously been there before), she finds Tim looking for Ross, unaware that she is clearly being followed by Chester. The episode unexpectedly ends with Maxine pulling out fingerprints from a file and throwing them into an incinerator.

I was looking forward to this episode all week due to the previous episode ending on the cliffhanger of Chester finding Simon. The episode didn’t disappoint, however I felt Simon was developed more as a character with his death, which was a shame as there had been plenty of episodes to develop him beforehand.

Now that we’re roughly halfway through the season, Simon’s death adds stakes that will only propel Harrow and the team into investigating Chester and his shooting further. The episode filled the gaps of the Simon subplot, specifically what he was up to and trying to accomplish, in the previous episode. The ending was unexpected but not a cliffhanger and will now have the viewers questioning Maxine and whether she is involved, not in the shooting, but with Chester somehow. Hopefully she is not an unexpected villain as I feel it would destroy her as a character.

Overall a solid episode, I’m looking forward to seeing where the second half of the season will go.


Stray Observations:

-The title of the episode, Ab Initio, translated from Latin is “from the beginning”. A fitting title as the story goes back to the beginning of the Simon subplot from the previous episode.

-Unknown facts we find out about Simon:

  • He was 27 years old
  • He had a sister
  • He had epilepsy
  • He hated boats


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Dr Harrow doesn’t understand the point of the wardrobe.” (Simon in his journal about Harrow)


Mr Black–Season 1, Episode 5

This episode explores Angela’s romantic past when her ex-boyfriend, Mark Strauss, comes to town.

Of course Mr Black talks him up and tells Angela he can’t believe they broke up in front of Finn, while watching him being interviewed on The Project. Angela reveals that Mark got the foreign correspondent job offer and she didn’t want a long distance relationship. Mr Black gives Finn a bit more of a ribbing before Angela asks him to be easy on Finn as it’s the anniversary of his father’s death.

Mr Black apologises about the impending anniversary and asks Finn to pick up his repaired scooter, after blackmailing him with footage of him accidentally destroying it. When they get to the garage they find it closed, however as Mr Black knows the mechanic, he guides Finn into opening the garage to get the scooter.  They find the scooter, however the propped open door closes, locking them in.

Mr Black and Finn spend most of the episode trading barbs and trying to escape, however they are forced to spend the night. During this time, Finn admits he was estranged from his dad towards the end of his life as his dad wanted him to take over the family farm, while Finn wanted to write. Mr Black then admits he cheated on Mrs Black, which is why they split up, and Mr Black believes that Mark plagiarised a quote from his own autobiography. The next morning, they are found by Gary and his staff, spooning on the garage floor, and they tell them that there is a green button next to the door that releases the lock.

Meanwhile, Mark comes to Angela’s to visit, where he bombards her with stories of his foreign correspondent adventures and tries to make a move on her. The entire time, Mark is coming across as self-centred, pretentious and one-dimensional, and Angela ultimately refuses his advances and makes him sleep on the couch. After a lot of tears and anxiety, Angela is relieved to see Mr Black and Finn return, with the scooter. Mark later comes out of the house, where Mr Black accuses him of plagiarism, only for Mark to correct him on the fact that the quote is in fact a Dr Seuss quote. Mr Black storms into the house, Mark then informs Finn that he tried to hit on Angela but she rejected him. This revelation angers Finn until Mark also informs him that Mr Black treated him the exact same way he is treating him, and now that he’s Angela’s ex he wants to be mates. Finn is relieved to find out that Mr Black’s behaviour towards him isn’t personal, which Mr Black himself admitted to earlier while they were in the garage.

The episode ends with Mark asking Finn and Angela to go out and get a beer with him, Angela asks Mr Black who initially refuses, however he gives in and ends up chatting to Mark.

Overall this was a good but not great episode. I found it to be a little predictable, but it was good to finally see Angela’s ex who Mr Black kept talking up.


Stray Observations:

-On the way to the garage, Mr Black is quizzing Finn like he did with him and Angela in the pilot, however this time, Finn is answering every question correctly.

-Mr Black admits his behaviour towards him isn’t personal, it’s him acting on fatherly instincts, which is something Mark confirms to Finn at the end of the episode.

-According to Mark, he played Truth or Dare with Wendy Deng and Tony Blair.

-Angela tells Mark her mother is living on the Gold Coast with a new man.

-According to Mark, he sent Kim Jong-un Swiss cheese. He found out he likes Swiss cheese by Googling him and confirming it with Dennis Rodman. He never found out how Kim Jong-un and Dennis Rodman became friends.

-Mark worked at The Post and Mr Black took him under his wing.

-Mr Black admits that Finn is a decent man, however he said this in spite of Mark, so whether he really believes this isn’t made clear.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Working at a hot desk does not constitute adventure.” (Mr Black to Angela on Finn)
  • “I don’t know if you’re joking or being an irredeemable soft cock.” (Mr Black to Finn)
  • “Have you ever considered working as a grief counsellor?” “No, it’s only a hobby.” (Finn-Mr Black after the latter makes an insensitive comment to the former about his father’s death)
  • “Be careful there’s barbed wire up there, I don’t want to take you back to Angela with a shredded ball sack.” (Mr Black to Finn while the latter is climbing over the garage gate)
  • “Gary’s way too much of a tight arse to spring for real dogs!” (Mr Black to Finn when Finn hears the sound of barking dogs)
  • “Is he still threatening to beat everyone up?” “Yes, but that’s now tempered by the fact that he has a degenerative bone disease.” (Mark-Angela on Mr Black)
  • “A poo is not a thing you decide to do, a poo has a mind of its own.” (Finn to Mr Black after coming out of the garage bathroom to see Mr Black hanging from the garage ceiling)



Five Bedrooms–Season 1, Episode 4 (Zero Dollars)

In this episode, the narrator is switched to Liz and focuses on her life, or rather the fact that it is spiralling out of control.

Liz talks about her life in her old, predictably large house, and then compares it to life in the house with the others. When she comes home from work, Harry tells her they’ve been robbed and the gang bombards her with questions about her television as it was stolen. However she refuses to help as she is on her way to an important appointment. This appointment is revealed to be with a State Trustee, who informs her that she has been declared bankrupt. He tells her that her car and the house may be sold.

While Liz is out, the others talk to Pete Portelli, a police officer who is also their neighbour down the street. When Ben sees the sparks between Harry and Pete, he leaves the room, followed by Heather, and Ben rings Ainsley to get her out of the room.

When Heather and Ben go to inform their neighbours about the robbery, this leads to a neighbourhood watch meeting being held. When Liz comes home and discovers the meeting taking place, she admits to “relocating the television”. While Liz doesn’t admit to her bankruptcy, it is clear to the housemates she is having some kind of financial trouble and Harry offers to give her loan, only for Liz to angrily refuse.

Liz goes back to work to inform Edwina about her bankruptcy, which shocks her, and she tells her she’ll have to discuss it with the other senior partners. She then meets with the Trustee at the house, when Ainsley sees the Trustee take photos of the house and overhears their conversation, she alerts Harry, which leads to the truth coming out. She leaves, against Harry’s advice and warning that the others may kick her out for not informing them of her bankruptcy, but she leaves to go back to work, only to discover the senior partners have decided to fire her. When she returns to her office to pack up, Ainsley calls her to ask her, on behalf of the others, to move out. This sends her over the edge.

Liz steals a bottle of wine from the office, drives to her old home, and sits in a swing set in the backyard and starts drinking. Naturally, the others grow concerned, with Ainsley and Ben going out to look for her. They arrive at Liz’s old house, moments before police arrive as the homeowners reported Liz’s presence in their backyard. Ainsley and Ben take Liz home, they all apologise to each other, Harry buys Liz out, and the others tell Liz she’s not going anywhere.

Meanwhile, after Liz admits to relocating her television, Harry goes to the police station to tell Pete the truth and Pete asks Harry out. On their date, Harry is distracted by the Liz drama, however his date ends on a good note with him kissing Pete. Overall I enjoyed this subplot as it explored Harry’s sexuality in a tasteful, realistic and humorous way.

Speaking of sexuality, Ben and Heather’s apparent chemistry is explored further when they try to hook up at a motel room, due to Heather’s “rules”. Col calls her just as her and Ben are getting underway, I thought this would lead to a cliche moment of Heather becoming confused over her past feelings for Col, however it only makes Heather determined to hook up with Ben, which I was happy to see as it avoids the cliche. Overall, I still feel that there isn’t much chemistry between them, but I am interested to see how their relationship, if you will, evolves over time.

Overall this was a solid episode, especially as the gang’s friendship was seriously tested and they made it through.


Stray Observations:

-Pete lives at number 58 in the street.

-Heather’s rules for having sex with someone: it has to be at least 20.4km away from anyone she has ever met, the person has to be drunk (and drunker than her).

-Heather hasn’t been able to sneeze with any confidence in over a decade.

-Liz was an associate at her law firm.

-Liz’s surname is Wendell.

-Pete has been living in the same street as the gang for four years, and he owns his house.

-In an attempt to follow Heather’s rules, Ben buys optional disguises consisting of blue, comically oversized sunglasses, a Thirst Aid drinking hat, and bottles of Melbourne Bitter.

-Harry suggests to Liz that they add another “alarm” to their friendship, a “Harry I’m struggling and I need your help” alarm.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Walking in is like going through a tough mudder course.” (Liz on the house)
  • “Wait two hours, call him and ask him out for a refreshing beverage.” (Ben giving Harry a dating strategy to asking Pete out)
  • “Which part of ‘take this to our graves’ did you not understand!?” (Heather to Ben on their kiss)
  • “I was on the phone with the insurance company for three hours giving myself an early Alzheimer’s detection test!” (Heather to Liz when Liz reveals she relocated her television)
  • “No-one is seeing me naked again under any circumstances!” (Heather to Ben)
  • “Is that your arm?” “No, but thank you for the compliment.” (Heather-Ben when they are in bed)
  • “That was a rough patch wasn’t it? You were so angry.” (Col to Heather on her gluten free phase)
  • “Some of the best, let’s call them ‘romantic encounters’ I’ve ever had have been when I’ve gone in incredibly angry.” (Heather to Harry)
  • “This is a house of utter humiliation!” (Heather to Liz)
  • “To your knowledge, is Liz engaged in a flirtation with her financial person?” (Ainsley to Harry when she sees the State Trustee taking photos of the house and later overhears their conversation in Liz’s bedroom)