Five Bedrooms–Season 1, Episode 4 (Zero Dollars)

In this episode, the narrator is switched to Liz and focuses on her life, or rather the fact that it is spiralling out of control.

Liz talks about her life in her old, predictably large house, and then compares it to life in the house with the others. When she comes home from work, Harry tells her they’ve been robbed and the gang bombards her with questions about her television as it was stolen. However she refuses to help as she is on her way to an important appointment. This appointment is revealed to be with a State Trustee, who informs her that she has been declared bankrupt. He tells her that her car and the house may be sold.

While Liz is out, the others talk to Pete Portelli, a police officer who is also their neighbour down the street. When Ben sees the sparks between Harry and Pete, he leaves the room, followed by Heather, and Ben rings Ainsley to get her out of the room.

When Heather and Ben go to inform their neighbours about the robbery, this leads to a neighbourhood watch meeting being held. When Liz comes home and discovers the meeting taking place, she admits to “relocating the television”. While Liz doesn’t admit to her bankruptcy, it is clear to the housemates she is having some kind of financial trouble and Harry offers to give her loan, only for Liz to angrily refuse.

Liz goes back to work to inform Edwina about her bankruptcy, which shocks her, and she tells her she’ll have to discuss it with the other senior partners. She then meets with the Trustee at the house, when Ainsley sees the Trustee take photos of the house and overhears their conversation, she alerts Harry, which leads to the truth coming out. She leaves, against Harry’s advice and warning that the others may kick her out for not informing them of her bankruptcy, but she leaves to go back to work, only to discover the senior partners have decided to fire her. When she returns to her office to pack up, Ainsley calls her to ask her, on behalf of the others, to move out. This sends her over the edge.

Liz steals a bottle of wine from the office, drives to her old home, and sits in a swing set in the backyard and starts drinking. Naturally, the others grow concerned, with Ainsley and Ben going out to look for her. They arrive at Liz’s old house, moments before police arrive as the homeowners reported Liz’s presence in their backyard. Ainsley and Ben take Liz home, they all apologise to each other, Harry buys Liz out, and the others tell Liz she’s not going anywhere.

Meanwhile, after Liz admits to relocating her television, Harry goes to the police station to tell Pete the truth and Pete asks Harry out. On their date, Harry is distracted by the Liz drama, however his date ends on a good note with him kissing Pete. Overall I enjoyed this subplot as it explored Harry’s sexuality in a tasteful, realistic and humorous way.

Speaking of sexuality, Ben and Heather’s apparent chemistry is explored further when they try to hook up at a motel room, due to Heather’s “rules”. Col calls her just as her and Ben are getting underway, I thought this would lead to a cliche moment of Heather becoming confused over her past feelings for Col, however it only makes Heather determined to hook up with Ben, which I was happy to see as it avoids the cliche. Overall, I still feel that there isn’t much chemistry between them, but I am interested to see how their relationship, if you will, evolves over time.

Overall this was a solid episode, especially as the gang’s friendship was seriously tested and they made it through.


Stray Observations:

-Pete lives at number 58 in the street.

-Heather’s rules for having sex with someone: it has to be at least 20.4km away from anyone she has ever met, the person has to be drunk (and drunker than her).

-Heather hasn’t been able to sneeze with any confidence in over a decade.

-Liz was an associate at her law firm.

-Liz’s surname is Wendell.

-Pete has been living in the same street as the gang for four years, and he owns his house.

-In an attempt to follow Heather’s rules, Ben buys optional disguises consisting of blue, comically oversized sunglasses, a Thirst Aid drinking hat, and bottles of Melbourne Bitter.

-Harry suggests to Liz that they add another “alarm” to their friendship, a “Harry I’m struggling and I need your help” alarm.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Walking in is like going through a tough mudder course.” (Liz on the house)
  • “Wait two hours, call him and ask him out for a refreshing beverage.” (Ben giving Harry a dating strategy to asking Pete out)
  • “Which part of ‘take this to our graves’ did you not understand!?” (Heather to Ben on their kiss)
  • “I was on the phone with the insurance company for three hours giving myself an early Alzheimer’s detection test!” (Heather to Liz when Liz reveals she relocated her television)
  • “No-one is seeing me naked again under any circumstances!” (Heather to Ben)
  • “Is that your arm?” “No, but thank you for the compliment.” (Heather-Ben when they are in bed)
  • “That was a rough patch wasn’t it? You were so angry.” (Col to Heather on her gluten free phase)
  • “Some of the best, let’s call them ‘romantic encounters’ I’ve ever had have been when I’ve gone in incredibly angry.” (Heather to Harry)
  • “This is a house of utter humiliation!” (Heather to Liz)
  • “To your knowledge, is Liz engaged in a flirtation with her financial person?” (Ainsley to Harry when she sees the State Trustee taking photos of the house and later overhears their conversation in Liz’s bedroom)


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