Harrow–Season 2, Episode 4 (Aegri Somnia)

This episode is similar to the first season’s Hic Sunt Dracones¬†with Harrow and this time, Grace instead of Saroya, heading to North Queensland for the case of the week.

The case of the week revolves around the discovery of Benjamin Raza with his legs missing at a beach in Port Astor. While Benjamin is initially believed to be a victim of a shark attack, it is quickly and typically discovered he was murdered after Caruka Barnesi jellyfish are found in his stomach.

While suspicion is at first put on Vicki as she was having an affair with Ben. It is then on Chaudhari, the owner of the aquarium, after the discovery that the jellyfish came from a tank due to Methylene Blue in Ben’s stomach. When Harrow and Grace to go a function at the aquarium, and Harrow takes a look in the lab, he discovers the Qadirs’ suitcases, which he first spotted at Port Astor airport, filled with marine wildlife. It’s then revealed, after they sneak up on him, that Janelle from Parks & Conservation and Ash, an aquarium employee, were stealing species of fish to sell to foreign collectors, like the Qadirs.

Janelle and Ash hold Harrow hostage and they take him to a shark tank, where Ash falls into the tank with him and they fight each other as Janelle is trying to shoot Harrow. Grace is completely unaware of this, until she sees Ash and Harrow fighting inside the tank, as it can be seen inside the aquarium where the function is being held. Grace rushes to the tank and tackles Janelle, coming to Harrow’s rescue once again.

Overall I felt the case of the week was compelling and unusual, not to mention it was great to see another North Queensland location being highlighted and explored, as well as the reappearance of Capello.

Meanwhile Fern is investigating the pharmacist she followed in the previous episode. She bumps into him to steal his car keys, and it’s revealed his name is Tim Markides. She goes to his house and finds shredded documents. She tapes the documents back together and she discovers that Markides claimed $30,000 for the $20,000 of Fentanyl that the police took, and that he has a gambling problem, which gives him motive to commit insurance fraud. However it’s not made clear whether he planted the drugs in hers and Callan’s flat.

Meanwhile, Simon decides to conduct his own investigation on Francis Chester, after Harrow tells him not to. Simon’s investigation leads him to speak with Karen Chanson, Brendan Skene’s ex-wife, and then checking out pubs. He eventually ends up at The Gunner’s Daughter pub where he tries to get info from Francis’ old cellmate, Ross Moran. Ross punches Simon in the face and threatens him. While Simon is taking the ferry to go home, he calls Harrow, who doesn’t answer as his phone battery is dead, and tells him he is getting close to finding proof that Francis Chester is alive. After he hangs up, Francis sneaks up on him and attacks him, ending the episode.

Overall I felt this was a solid episode with a compelling and unusual case of the week, an interesting development in the Fern subplot, and a shocking twist and cliffhanger in the Francis Chester subplot. It will be interesting to see how the Francis Chester subplot will progress in the next episode, judging by the promos, it appears Francis has killed Simon.


Stray Observations:

-Harrow stole Capello’s tux to wear to the aquarium function.

-Harrow’s done 23,000 post mortems/autopsies.

-One of Harrow’s mentors, Laurie Badcoe, did the autopsy on the man who is supposedly Francis Chester.

-Francis Chester was an anaesthetist.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “That should come with a defibrillator!” (Harrow to Grace on the dress she is wearing to the aquarium function)
  • “I do love champagne and having my curiosity satisfied.” (Grace to Harrow)


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