Five Bedrooms–Season 1, Episode 5 (Five Lies)

As everyone else has told their story, so to speak, it didn’t surprise me that this episode switched the narrator to Harry and focused on him.

This episode mainly focuses on Harry’s tug of war between wanting to be with Pete and coming out to his mother. Harry and Pete manage to have a great second date and hook up, with the housemates eager to get to know Pete the next morning. However their plans are derailed when Harry’s mother, Manju, shows up unexpectedly with food. Manju meets Pete and doesn’t suspect anything due to Harry, Pete and the housemates barely managing to feed her a bunch of lies.

After Pete makes a hasty exit, clearly upset with Harry over lying to him about coming out to his mother, Harry goes over to his house to explain. Pete makes it clear that he can’t date someone who is in the closet as he has had this experience with another man and it ended badly. Harry then tells him he is going to come out to his mother, Pete is sceptical, however Harry tries to go through with it twice, however he fails, interestingly, due to circumstances beyond his control.

The first time he fails as Manju has secretly set him up with an Indian girl by the name of Prisha. After watching the cricket together, Harry and Prisha go out to a cafe together where he tells her he’s gay, which she accepts, however she warns him that telling his mother will be difficult. The second time he tries to tell her is much more tragic as he walks into her house to discover her lying on the floor, discovering that she has had a stroke. Liz stays with him, while Ben and Heather clean up Manju’s house. Liz tries to convince Harry to call Pete, however Harry refuses as he is not ready to come out to Manju and any man who is with him needs to be okay with this. The episode ends with Harry promising Manju that he is not going anywhere.

Meanwhile, Ainsley finally reveals her feelings to Ben, only for him to attempt to let her down gently by telling her he is seeing someone (but of course he doesn’t reveal he’s seeing Heather). I found this moment to be incredibly heartbreaking as Ainsley is hurt and Ben is desperate not to hurt her. I found Ben begging Ainsley to continue talking to him and telling her she could do better than him to be an interesting contrast to Lachlan’s lack of respect for her, even more so as Lachlan and Mel make an appearance in this episode. While my heart broke for Ainsley, I appreciated her character development which was proven by the fact that she finally plucked up the courage to tell Ben how she felt and that she stood up to Lachlan and didn’t give into him when he told her he has feelings for her (apparently).

After Ainsley reveals her feelings to Ben, she turns to Heather for comfort and support, of course not knowing about Ben and Heather’s affair. Just as Heather was embracing her affair with Ben, after Ainsley tells her she has feelings for Ben, Heather breaks off the affair, inadvertently hurting Ben, when she reveals she wasn’t looking for anything long-term. Ben’s reaction clearly shows he had feelings for Heather and wanted more, which meant that the shoe was on the other foot.

Overall I enjoyed this subplot as Ainsley finally revealed her feelings for Ben and the affair between Ben and Heather ended. It will be interesting to see where this subplot goes now, the only loose end is the fact that Ainsley is still unaware that Heather is the woman Ben was seeing, which I’m sure will eventually come out in the open.

There wasn’t much of a focus on Liz in this episode, however she stilled played a crucial role. Liz and Harry’s friendship was a strong focus, with her giving advice to Harry on what outfit he should wear on his date, offering to be wherever Harry needed her to be when he told her he was going to come out to Manju, and she quickly arrived at the hospital after Manju had her stroke. She also became the first housemate to discover Ben and Heather’s affair when Heather jumped out of Ben’s bedroom window to avoid Ainsley, and landed in front of Liz, who was working out in the garage. Liz managed to play her crucial role whilst job hunting throughout the episode. I enjoyed seeing Liz being there for Harry and her facial expressions as the housemates tried to explain themselves to her were hilarious.

Overall this was a strong episode with a great amount of character development and realistic dramas.


Stray Observations:

-Pete’s brother is also gay.

-With this episode, all five main characters have narrated at least one episode.

-Heather somehow knows how long the spin cycle on the washing machine lasts.

-According to Ben, he has a visit with Mia coming up.

-Ben’s bedroom is next to the garage, or at least the closest one to it.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “If the goal is to give the man retina damage, you’ve nailed it!” (Liz to Harry on date outfit #1)
  • “You look like a waiter, an undertaker…a waiter at a funeral.” (Liz to Harry on date outfit #2)
  • “That’s the thing about an honesty policy, it only takes a ten percent half-truth and then you’re a total liar.” (Harry narrating)
  • “I didn’t realise your identity was attached to cleaning.” (Ainsley to Heather on cleaning duty)
  • “I’m starting to wonder if you’re only in this for the ride share benefits.” (Harry to Pete)
  • “He hasn’t played in a while you must update your choice.” (Manju to Pete when says Sachin Tendulkar is his favourite Indian cricket player to cover the fact that he and Harry are dating)
  • “At least as a meteorologist you’d be prepared for the cold.” (Harry to Prisha on her job)


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