Harrow–Season 2, Episode 6 (Locus Poenitentiae)

This episode diverted slightly from the Francis Chester-Simon’s murder subplot and had Harrow once again on the road, this time going west to Euralla Creek with Fairley.

When they arrive in Euralla Creek, Harrow realises that the locals love Fairley and is curious as to why. They then make their way to the case of the week.

The case of the week was a double road fatality in Euralla Creek where $3,000 in cash and a severed fingertip was found on the road, as well as a bottle of rum in one of the cars. The investigating Sargeant is none other than Fairley’s brother, Colin.

Fairley knew two of the victims, Bob and Diane. While Bob survives, although the severed fingertip is not his, Diane didn’t make it and Harrow spends a good chunk of his time autopsying her with local doctor, Edwina.

Harrow eventually discovers that another person survived the crash, a pregnant woman, and discovers that Diane was sent contraceptive pills in the mail even though she had a hysterectomy. Harrow eventually deduces that Bob and Diane were keeping a woman hostage and Bob had gotten her pregnant, and that she managed to escape from a freezer, which eventually lead to her fingertip being severed.

As Harrow goes to leave the freezer, Bob ambushes him, attacks him and locks him in. Bob seems to leave when Fairley rescues him, as Harrow had called him earlier to tell him about Bob and Diane. Just as they go to leave, Bob surprises them again with a shotgun. Fairley manages to calm him down enough so he can subdue him with his jujitsu skills. Harrow and Fairley are then called away to assist in the delivery of the pregnant woman, Kira’s, baby girl. When she is taken to hospital, she tells Harrow that Bob and Diane picked her up while she was trying to hitchhike and kept her prisoner for three years.

Overall I found the case of the week to be compelling, with many twists and turns, with a somewhat happy ending.

There wasn’t much of a focus on Grace and Harrow. Grace asks Maxine why she sent Harrow and Fairley together to Euralla Creek, and Maxine tells her that she thought they could help each other out through their difficult time. Maxine also tells Grace that she should have spoken with Karina, not Harrow, when Karina came to identify Simon. Grace later calls Harrow while he is travelling with Fairley, putting her on loud speaker where she inadvertently tells Fairley that her and Harrow had sex when they first met. This angers Fairley, telling Harrow that he doesn’t want to see Grace get hurt by him as he ruins people. Harrow gets out of the car and Fairley drives off. When Harrow returns from Euralla Creek and goes to see her, they almost kiss, only to be interrupted by Maxine calling Harrow to inform him about Fern’s visit and having access to the Moran files.

Throughout the episode, the Euralla Creek locals show their love for Fairley, which intrigues and mildly outrages Harrow. He eventually finds out from a local bartender that Fairley saved the lives of three people—a mother and two of her children from a house fire, however he was unable to save the life of the third child. Fairley tells Harrow that he used to be in the local fire brigade and was only nearby as curiosity over another case got the better of him. He tells him that Simon was the same in investigating Skene and Chester for Harrow, and that’s why he was mad at Harrow over Simon’s death. Fairley manages to find peace with what happened in his past when he delivers Kira’s baby.

Overall I enjoyed the exploration of Fairley’s past and backstory, however I felt that this exploration could have been done sooner.

Meanwhile, Fern is continuing her own investigation, which starts by her going into Harrow’s office to find files on Ross Moran on his computer. She then follows Tim to the races again and is just about to confront him when Steph stops her (after having followed her to Harrow’s boat). Steph tells her that she is only going to get herself arrested and making things worse at her trial, however Fern counter argues that her lawyer and the police won’t help her. Both of them make valid points and would basically say what the audience, no matter what side they are on, are thinking. Fern eventually confronts Tim in his home, informing him that Ross is dead, which scares him into kicking her out, telling her the less she knows, the better. The episode ends with Chester killing Tim in his own home by using his signature paralytic agent and burning him alive.

Overall this was a solid episode with a compelling case of the week, the exploration of Fairley’s past and overall character, and minor development of the Francis Chester story arc. Judging by the promos for next week’s episode, things are only going to get worse for Fern before they get better.


Stray Observations:

-Lyle’s brother, Colin, is not Grace’s father.

-Simon’s autopsy was done on 19 May 2019.

-The episode title, translated into English is “an opportunity to withdraw from a contract or obligation before it is completed or to decide not to commit an intended crime.” 

Best one liners and interactions:

  • “I suggest you choose your clever remarks more carefully around here.” “Or what I’ll get lynched by the locals?” “Fingers crossed.” (Fairley-Harrow-Fairley when they drive through Euralla Creek)
  • “They love you, what’s wrong with them?” (Harrow to Fairley on the locals mysteriously loving him)
  • “So you live here and you haven’t heard of the famous Lyle Fairley?” “Should I have?” “I like you already.” (Harrow-Edwina-Harrow)
  • “Helpful is not a word I would associate with Harrow.” (Fairley)


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