Five Bedrooms–Season 1, Episode 6 (Fifty Years)

Now that all of the main characters have narrated at least one episode, I wondered whether the writers would continue with a rotating narrator, and if so, who they would go with? Would they keep the same rotation and start all over again with Ainsley? The answer to my two questions was yes and no. Yes, the rotating narrator would continue, but no it would not be Ainsley, it would be Heather.

This episode focused on Heather’s feelings around turning 50. She starts her day waking up to the sound of Ben singing outside, believing that he is singing away his broken heart over her “breaking up” with him. She then gets a call from Col wishing her a happy birthday, only for her to quickly remind him her birthday is in fact the next day and that she would be spending the last day of her forties assessing Manju’s home suitability for her wheelchair and interviewing receptionists for the nursing home she works for. Heather then goes downstairs and finds herself bombarded with a birthday song and dance from Ainsley and Harry, and a birthday cake with 50 lit candles on it before going to work.

At work, Heather’s colleague, Rhonda, informs Heather that she is dating Col after coming across him on a dating app. Whilst they are discussing it, Liz reveals her presence as she is there for a job interview for the relief receptionist. Heather at first refuses to hire her, however when Liz admits she’s overqualified but needs the money, Heather changes her mind. Later, Heather and Col have a minor tiff about the fact he’s dating Rhonda, and Col asks Heather to talk to her about it. After Heather is surprised with more birthday cake at work, she encourages Rhonda to pursue a relationship with Col.

Whilst Heather is going about her day, Ainsley is putting together a surprise birthday party for her, which includes inviting Col and Rhonda, Pete, and Manju. Whilst everyone is gathered by the front door waiting for Heather to arrive home, Heather and Liz are talking in the front yard about Heather’s inability to follow her dreams and do what she wants. Heather reveals loud enough for everyone to hear that she was doing what she wants by having sex with Ben. When she opens the door everyone yells “surprise!” with Col and Ainsley giving Heather looks making it clear they have heard everything.

While Col angrily calls out Heather for keeping the affair a secret, an upset Heather is trying to apologise to Ainsley, who is hiding in her bedroom. After Col accuses Heather of investing in the house because of Ben, Ben steps into defend her, only to admit his love for her and accidentally outs Harry to his mother in the process. Ainsley and Col eventually leave, the latter after Heather somewhat apologises, reminds Col that their marriage hadn’t been great for years, and encourages him to go after Rhonda. Ben and Liz go up to the loft to give Heather pizza and a birthday gift in the form of noise cancelling headphones, whilst Ben reveals to Heather that his birthday gift to her is a zen garden, which is the reason behind his digging up of the backyard over the previous day. Heather tearfully admits to Ben that she does have feelings for him but is scared of them, and needs to figure out what she wants for herself and who she is before she can date anyone.

Meanwhile, Harry is trying to assist Manju in her recovery, which hits a roadblock when Heather tells Harry that her home isn’t suitable for her needs and Manju refuses to go into care, and when Ben outs Harry to her.

The episode ends with Ainsley hiding out at her office after the surprise party disaster, calling Lachlan and kissing him.

Overall I felt this was a solid episode as Heather and Liz’s similar personalities and dynamic were explored, and now Ben and Heather’s affair, and Harry’s sexuality was brought out into the open. With the affair and Harry’s sexuality out in the open, opportunities for new subplots have presented themselves.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the fallout of the surprise party disaster and its affects on the gang will be in the next episode.


Stray Observations:

-The nursing home Heather and Liz work at is Dawes Court Aged Care.

-Liz is capable of doing yoga in the backyard whilst Ben is digging it up.

-Heather hates flying.


Best one liner:

  • “Have you thought about pouring your feelings into sex and alcohol like a normal person?” (Heather to Ben)



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