Harrow–Season 2, Episode 8 (Sub Silentio)

This episode picks up right from where we left off with Harrow digging up Chester’s grave.

Just as he hits the coffin, Chester sneaks up behind him and injects him with the paralytic agent he’s known for. Next time we see Harrow, as he comes to, both him and the audience discover that he is in the coffin. Harrow spends most of the episode in there, both trying to get out and being mentally tortured by Chester.

Chester leaves Harrow with a locked phone, where he can call Harrow but Harrow can’t call for help. Chester’s calls consist of sarcastic interactions and video calls of Chester informing Harrow that he is following Fern, which culminates in him filming his attempt to kill her, only for Fern to get away via the top hatch of the Bettie. The subplot ends with Harrow believing the coffin has given way and he is going to be suffocated by the soil, only to find that Chester has dug him out and left him beside the grave, just as Nichols finds him at the grave.

Meanwhile, while Harrow is stuck in the coffin, life goes on with the others albeit they are curious as to Harrow’s whereabouts. At Brisbane airport, an Egyptian sarcophagus is scanned at Customs where a mummy is expected to show on the x-ray, however it’s revealed a modern mummified body is inside as a titanium hip joint was shown on the x-ray.

The mummy is revealed to be Howard Hobson, a mining magnate who was donating the sarcophagus and the mummy that was supposed to be inside it, which is now missing. As no-one knows Hobson is dead, Maxine and Nichols want the case to be solved as quickly and quietly as possible.

As Harrow has been suspended, Edwina arrives to help out and work with Fairley and Grace. They find that Hobson was overdosed with Viagara so his heart would give out, however he was only unconscious when he was mummified and placed in the sarcophagus and he eventually suffocated once he was placed in there. Although Hobson’s current and former wives are naturally suspected due to his wealth, it turns out one of the Eygptian Government’s employees, Nenet, who was constantly asking about Hobson’s will being released, was the person who dosed him up. She promised him sex, in exchange for his will being changed so the artefacts would be donated to the opposing political party in Egypt, in an effort to humiliate the current Government as revenge for its lack of women’s rights. Although Nenet dosed him up, it was actually Hobson’s lawyer, Clayton Pike, who placed him in the sarcophagus.

Overall I felt this was an interesting case of the week and I appreciated that the perpetrator wasn’t an obvious one.

When Hobson’s grandson asks Grace how Hobson died as no-one will tell him, she tells him in a cold medicinal manner, only for Edwina to jump in and tell him that Hobson was old, his heart gave out and that he loved him. When Edwina asks Hobson’s grandson his name, he reveals it’s Will, the same word that Hobson licked into the sarcophagus. As Edwina points out whether Hobson wrote that referencing his legal will or his grandson will never be known. After their encounter with Will, Edwina calls Grace out on her lack of bedside manner, a quality that has been present in previous episodes and Grace finally reveals why she stopped working as a neurosurgeon. She bonded with a young patient, Christopher, who had an apparently inoperable tumour, which she removed, however she also had to remove healthy brain tissue in the process. Christopher lived but lost vital brain function and his personality, and Grace ended up losing all confidence, so she left the profession. Overall I enjoyed this character development and was happy that this revelation finally came out.

The episode ends with Fern and Steph running away and Fern texting Chester’s photos to Callan, who realises his workmate is a killer. Unfortunately for Callan, Chester sees the message and chases him out of the kitchen with a knife into the street where Callan is hit by a scooter. Callan is badly injured on the pavement and Chester walks away.

Overall this was a compelling episode with raised stakes in the Chester subplot, character development with Grace, and an interesting case of the week. This episode was also unique as, due to Harrow being in the coffin; Grace, Fairley and Edwina were given the opportunity to be centre stage for once and their investigative skills and competency in their respective jobs were put in the spotlight.

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in the next episode and how the consequences of Chester’s actions in both leading Callan to his accident and digging Harrow out of the coffin play out, in the penultimate episode of the season.


Stray Observations:

-The episode’s title, translated from Latin, means “under silence” or “in silence”. This would definitely apply to Harrow being stuck in the coffin, Hobson being mummified and Nichols being pressured by Fern to tell her who Harrow thinks is after him.

-Nichols once forged Maxine’s signature when signing for a parcel that contained lingerie.

-Edwina refers to Fairley as “Dr Fez”.

-One of the reasons why Nichols loves Maxine is because she doesn’t do anything without good reason.

-Callan would like to have a dog one day.

-Harrow asked Callan to take Fern to his uncle’s house for protection.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “You’ve seen Howard’s body, it’s like an over baked radish that’s rolled under the fridge for a month.” (Alice, Hobson’s former wife, to Grace)
  • “I haven’t heard that many lies since my ex-wife’s wedding vows.” (Nichols to Grace on Alice and Isabella [Hobson’s current wife])




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