Five Bedrooms–Season 1 Finale (One Bid)

The job of a season finale is to tie up the season’s story arcs and loose ends, and set up story arcs for the next season (if there is one). I feel that this finale did a good, but not great job.

I will be reviewing this episode character by character.

Ainsley and Lachlan—As Ainsley realised that she might be pregnant in the final minutes of the previous episode, and the fact that she narrated the pilot, it was only natural that she would narrate the finale and that the episode’s focus would start on them.

The episode kicks off with Ainsley telling Lachlan she’s pregnant, revealing that since the previous episode, she took multiple home pregnancy tests and went to her doctor to confirm the pregnancy. Lachlan’s at the house as he is the agent for the sale, and at first he seems mad, however it turns out he’s apparently happy about it.

Ainsley eventually tells the housemates that she’s pregnant, and Lachlan leaves, ignoring Ainsley’s messages. When he eventually comes back, he reveals that Mel is also pregnant. This reveal honestly wasn’t that surprising as it was typical to Lachlan’s character and Ainsley was never going to get her happily ever after with him.

After Ainsley tells Heather about Lachlan also impregnating Mel, Lachlan is confronted by the housemates for his behaviour. The final nail in the “Lachlan is an arsehole” coffin comes when Lachlan feels threatened by Ben and shields himself behind Ainsley.

Afterwards, Ainsley finally stands up to Lachlan, telling him that she is keeping the baby but she can’t have him in her life as she needs to be surrounded by people that love her and that she can rely on. I was happy to see Ainsley finally stand up for herself and I’m looking forward to seeing her on the journey to motherhood next season (if there is another season).

Heather—The Heather subplot kicks off with her having dinner at the house with Col, Rhonda and the boys to inform them that she is leaving to go overseas and has considered Iceland due to its remote location. She unsurprisingly changes her mind, or rather, admits to Ainsley when the latter calls her out, that she was never getting on the plane to leave. When Lachlan attempts to deflect the housemates’ anger towards him back onto them, specifically having a go at her for the way she is apparently treating Ainsley, Ben stands up for her and she in turns stands up for him and finally admits she adores him.

When Ainsley calls Heather out on her behaviour, she admits that she wouldn’t miss Ainsley’s journey to motherhood for the world.

Overall, I enjoyed that Heather finally made up with Ainsley and Ben. If there is a season two, I’m looking forward to seeing Heather assist Ainsley on her journey to motherhood, and her and Ben finally enter into a relationship.

Ben—In all honesty, other than standing up for Heather and making up with her, not that much was going on with Ben.

Liz—Liz spends most of the episode in hot water with the gang after Edwina tells them how Liz described the situation they are in as a “debacle”. When she tells Edwina that the “commune” is being sold, Edwina offers Liz her house to live in while her divorce proceedings are underway. Liz calls Harry to describe the house to him and tempt him to move in as it will mean he would be able to afford care for Manju as they would live there rent free.

When the others find out about it and discuss it at the auction, Liz is in even more trouble, however she reveals that despite its perks, she hated it as none of the gang were there with her.

Overall not that much was going on with Liz, but I felt that the revelation of her hating a fancy house, the kind that she would normally like, because none of the gang were there, proved how much progression her character made over the season.

Harry—This episode shows Harry living with Manju and how much of a strain it has been on their relationship, especially the way that Manju has been treating him, as well as his struggle to balance looking after Manju with his heavy workload and the impending auction. After Liz calls him to tell him about Edwina’s house and that living there could help him rekindle his romance with Pete, he calls Pete asking to see him. He meets him at a restaurant, declaring his feelings for him, only to find out Pete now has a new boyfriend.

The strongest point of Harry’s subplot and the finale was Manju finally coming around to accepting Harry for who he is. Manju asks for Marty for information on Pete, before getting Pete to come over under the ruse of security at the house. She then calls Harry and tells him and Pete that his paternal grandfather was also gay and that she wants him to be happy. Overall while I appreciated that Manju finally came around, I felt that this happened too quickly, nevertheless Manju’s words were hilarious.

Overall I enjoyed Harry’s subplot as it provided surprising comic relief. I also felt that Harry got his happily ever after, just not the one he wanted or expected—while he didn’t get the guy he loved, he is out and his mother has finally accepted him.


The episode ended with the housemates agreeing to stay together whilst the auction is underway. By the time they’ve finally finished spilling their guts and revealing how much they love each other, the house has been sold. This didn’t surprise me and it actually frustrated me a little, as I kept thinking “stop talking and go out and stop the auction!”

Overall I felt that the finale did it’s job, however it was predictable. I could see Lachlan revealing he also impregnated his now ex-wife and the house being sold from a mile away. That being said, I’ve enjoyed watching Five Bedrooms and I hope it’s renewed for another season.



Stray Observations:

-Lachlan’s last name is Best.

-Ainsley deliberately picked the bedroom by the front door.

-The grey haired woman at the auction was also at the auction in the pilot.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “May I ask?” “Romantic complications mostly.” “I want to find a better place for my daughter.” “And romantic complications.” (Marty-Simmo-Ben-Simmo on why Ben is leaving the house)
  • “You hate flying how are you going to get there?” “I’ll be heavily sedated and probably have to be stretchered off at the other end.” (Col-Heather on the latter’s plans to move to Iceland)
  • “The last time you entered this kitchen, everyone ended up shitting themselves literally!” (Heather to Ben)
  • “I’m pregnant!” “To the dipshit?” (Ainsley-Heather)
  • “Could you hold on for a minute while I body slam your luxury linen?” (Liz on the phone to Harry on one of the beds in Edwina’s house)
  • “Can I give you a little something to calm your nerves?” “What are we talking about? Liquid? Plant?” “How strong do you want to go?” (Val-Heather-Val while the auction is underway)
  • “As long as you’re healthy and don’t wear the hot pants, I will welcome you into the family.” (Manju to Pete)
  • “Marty and mum have moved on from Pete and are workshopping my love life!” (Harry to the gang)


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