Squinters–Season 2, Episode 2 (A Winding Road)

Now that the premiere has aired, the season can really get underway.

Jess and Macca’s morning commute revolves around the possibility that they have successfully conceived a baby as Jess’ period is late, and Jess’ desire to implement a swear-free household if they do end up having kids. Unfortunately during their afternoon commute we find out that Jess isn’t pregnant after all as her period has shown up. Overall their subplot was a little sad, however the fact that the viewers are able to empathise with both of them shows how much their characters have developed in such a short period of time. Not to mention that Jess finally referenced their open marriage experiment from last season, so I’m eating my words from my review of the previous episode on their relationship.

Meanwhile, Talia and Romi’s commutes revolve around the fact that Romi’s dad hit on Talia’s mum, and that Romi kissed a man by the name of Guy in the accounts management department, and apparently constantly smells like wet dog. Overall I felt their subplot didn’t really add much, that being said, it will be interesting to hear about the inevitable and impending ramifications of the flirtation between Romi’s dad and Talia’s mum.

Meanwhile Bridget spends her morning commute with Amy, informing her that she is meeting Gary’s parents tomorrow and she’s nervous. She then spends her afternoon commute with Gary who tells her that she needs to watch what she says and to be less ignorant. I found Bridget’s subplot, especially her afternoon commute with Gary, to be entertaining.

Meanwhile Lukas spends his commutes with Alison again, with most of the time revolving around his odd thoughts about murderers, and then switching to his demotion to Forklift Personnel Supervisor due to his inability to aim the forks on the forklift and stabbing the products. He also reveals that Davis has officially broken up with him to his surprise, which Alison calls him out on, due to the fact that the break up is really his own fault. Overall I found his morning commute to be odd and didn’t really add anything, however the subplot redeemed itself by revealing crucial information that explained Lukas’ current circumstances.

Meanwhile Brett and Tina’s commute revolves around Tina and her husband apparently making up, only for Tina to get texts from her husband that he meant to send to his mistress, and Tina’s decision to fire Brett without telling him, only for him to inform her of Australia’s strict workplace laws. Overall I felt for Tina when she realised her husband was still cheating on her and found the dynamic between her and Brett about her decision to fire him hilarious.

Meanwhile throughout the episode, multiple characters keep talking about men dressed in orange working in the roof, and the idea of asbestos being in the building is floated around by multiple characters. It will be interesting to see if it is asbestos and how that will affect the rest of the season.

Overall I felt that this episode was a filler.


Stray Observations:

-Amy’s last name is Thomas, whether that’s also Bridget’s surname is unknown.

-Davis and Lukas were together for eight months, which explains how much time has passed between the season 1 finale and now, which also explains why Bridget is visibly pregnant.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “You like a bit of intimacy with your homicide do you?” (Alison to Lukas)
  • “You’re telling me that the biggest problem with murderers these days is their lack of work ethic?” (Alison to Lukas)
  • “The wanking ban must have worked!” (Macca to Jess when they discuss the possibility of her being pregnant)
  • “It’s never late, you can set your watch to it, it even adjusts to daylight saving.” (Macca to Jess on her periods)
  • “If we are having kids, we’re gonna be a swear-free household. I don’t want to pollute their little minds with swearing and shoot like that. See what I did there?” “I did see what you did there and it’s fragging embarrassing. If I spoke like that I’d be ridiculed, you Mother Chucker.” “Who are you calling Mother Chucker, you dumb slug of a ditch?” (Jess-Macca)
  • “Nah, any ranting you want to do about Kochie, my lips are sealed.” (Amy on the phone to Sam Armytage)
  • “I’m talking to my cat, look away!” (Tina to Brett while on the phone to her husband)
  • “Now remember getting angry at traffic is pointless, it’s much better to bottle up that anger and then unleash it when you get to work.” (Radio announcer)
  • “You’ve got a very horny aura about you today.” (Talia to Romi)
  • “I mean Guy’s like really hot, but there’s just one slight problem.” “Oh my God, he eats at Subway?” “No.” “You’re related?” “No.” “He rollerblades!?” (Romi-Talia going back and forth about Romi kissing Guy from the account management department)
  • “There’s a very fine line between stank and pheromones.” (Talia to Romi)
  • “My God this country, seems just like the thing criminals would create.” (Tina to Brett on Australia’s workplace laws)
  • “No Roger, I’m not going to budge on the toilet seats. It is not a lot to ask for. A fresh toilet seat in every executive bathroom of every warehouse that I visit is not a big deal. All I’ve ever asked for is a toilet seat, a fresh one, and a driver who’s an eight and that’s it!” (Tina on the phone to Roger)
  • “Why are my ovaries being so picky?” “Maybe it’s my geriatric sperm. You’ve got your fit, sexy eggs being harassed by my creepy Alan Jones listeners sperms.” (Jess-Macca)
  • “Babe, God and Mary cheated on Joseph, so it’d be pretty rich of God to judge us on that account.” (Macca to Jess when she asks whether their inability to conceive is God punishing them for their open marriage experiment last year)


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