Squinters–Season 2 Premiere (On the Road Again)

We’re on the road again with the season 2 premiere of Squinters.

This season kicks off with Talia and Romi driving to work together, which raises the question of what happened with Simoni and Paul. After we find out that both Romi and Talia were successful in regaining their jobs as Acting Marketing Director and Dispatch Facilitator respectively, it’s revealed Paul left Romi to save the ocean, and Talia and Simoni’s business failed, with Talia owing Simoni and the bank money. Their subplot ends with Romi telling Talia that she’s welcome to crash at her place only for Talia to accept it as an invitation to move in. Although I felt that Paul’s character was completely massacred and I missed Simoni, I liked the dynamic between Talia and Romi and I’m looking forward to seeing it explored more.

Meanwhile Macca spent his commute with his up-until-now unseen wife, Jess (Justine Clarke). Their commute basically revolves around their discussions about having a baby. While their loving relationship was enjoyable to watch, I felt it was undermined by it all being a huge continuity error as Macca stated in the season 1 finale that she had moved in with one of his friends that she was having an affair with. I could forgive it if there was an explanation, but it was as if their separation never happened. Nevertheless, I did enjoy their dynamic and look forward to seeing it and whether they do end up successfully conceiving, explored. Throughout their commute it’s revealed that Jess is ex riot police and is the Head of Corporate Security, and Macca has been promoted to Warehouse Systems Supervisor.

Meanwhile, Lukas’ commute is spent with his aunt Alison (Genevieve Morris) and his younger sister, Rachel (Claudia O’Doherty). Alison reveals to the audience during their morning commute that Lukas lost his redundancy money and Davis to a lonely hearts scam. It’s also revealed that Lukas has been rehired by K2, albeit as a Trainee Forklift Driver. I was honestly disappointed that Lukas’ happily ever after didn’t last, but I hope I see more of Alison and Rachel.

Meanwhile a visibly pregnant Bridget is travelling to and from work with her own sister, Amy, a personal trainer/Uber driver. It’s revealed during their commute that Gary and Bridget are back together (whether that’s just for the baby’s sake or another continuity error remains to be seen) and that Gary has been reluctant to introduce Bridget to his family due to her inadvertent racism, which Amy keeps pointing out to her. It’s also revealed that Bridget has been promoted to Director of Box Protection. Although I enjoyed Amy and Bridget’s interaction, I’d prefer to see her with Mia again and I hope we see Gary again.

The episode not only told the audience what most of the character’s fates were, work-wise, it also introduced the audience to K2’s CEO, Tina Mayer (Kristen Schaal) and her new Chauffeur, Brett (Stephen Peacocke). While Frank (Lamorne Morris) warns Brett about Tina being a bitch, he manages to bond with Tina during their afternoon commute by talking about Australian and US differences in cars and accents, and about his seven-year-old son. The episode ends with him confronting a squeegee man in an effort to protect Tina, only to be hit by a passing cyclist and landing hard on the car bonnet.

Overall I was disappointed in the lack of returning characters and unexplained continuity errors, however all of the interactions were hilarious and well done. I’m looking forward to reviewing the rest of the season.


Stray Observations:

-The episode begins with informing the viewers that Australia’s third biggest online distribution company, Kosciusko, has been taken over by US multi-national, K2. Some former employees have successfully reapplied for their jobs.

-The show’s theme song has changed.

-Talia was the Christmas party photographer last year.

-Talia has two fish tanks for some unknown reason.

-Even Jess calls Macca by his nickname.

-Alison is Audrey’s sister.

-MIA Characters: Ned, Miles, Paul, Simoni, Gary and Davis.

-According to an article by the Sydney Morning Herald, Kristen Schaal and Stephen Peacocke shot their scenes over a two-day period at the end of last year, and production was slightly delayed as the American car used for their scenes had to be converted from a left to a right hand drive.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Instead of petrol money, do you accept compliments?” (Talia to Romi)
  • “You smell like hand sanitiser…your eyelashes are like that of a cow.” (Talia’s “compliments” to Romi)
  • “I’m talking sex, drugs, misuse of office stationary!” (Talia describing the content of the incriminating Christmas party photos to Romi)
  • “You know that photocopier on the second floor?” “Yeah?” “So do Cheryl and Ian from accounts.” (Talia-Romi-Talia on the incriminating Christmas party photos)
  • “Even if I wanted to cheat on you, no-one would be interested.” “Why’s that?” “Because there’s been a massive downturn in women checking me out ever since I stopped wearing the high-vis.” (Macca-Jess-Macca)
  • “Chicks dig safety, how else did I get laid that night I wore a traffic cone on my head?” “Because I make bad choices?” “Come on babe, everyone knows fluorescent orange gives a woman an oestrogen spike.” (Macca-Jess-Macca)
  • “You can put a blonde wig on a friggin fence post and guys would still want to fuck it…splinters and all.” (Talia to Romi)
  • “It didn’t fail, it more kind of struggled to find a place in the yoga wine bar community.” (Talia to Romi on hers and Simoni’s failed business)
  • “Anyone can be a killer and I mean anyone, including those squeegee bums.” (Frank to Brett)
  • “Did you respect the wanking ban?” “With all my heart and both my hands.” (Jess-Macca)
  • “Nowadays I think everyone’s just way too scared of copping a sexual harassment case to hire the super-hot girl.” “Are you sure it’s not the lack of experience, shoes or references?” “No it’s definitely the sexual harassment thing, and I have shoes now thank you very much!” (Rachel-Alison-Rachel on Rachel’s job hunting attempts)
  • “It’s better being left for the ocean than for Tara from HR.” (Talia to Romi)

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