Squinters–Season 2, Episode 3 (Roadhouse Blues)

Now we’re at the halfway point of the second season.

The episode kicks off with Talia telling Romi that her mother texted her asking for Romi’s dad’s phone number, and Talia is trying to stop lying. In the afternoon, we find out that Talia’s mum and Romi’s dad made out, and Romi reveals that the orange men working in the roof were looking for asbestos and found it.

Meanwhile during Macca and Jess’ morning commute, Macca gets a text from “Boss Todd” telling him that he will be having lunch with the new CEO and that Todd signed the message off with a kiss (x). He asks Jess for advice on how to respond and he responds with a kiss too (X) only to receive a question mark response from Todd. They also discuss their impending fertility tests results. During their afternoon commute, Macca reveals he blew the lunch with Tina (or at least he thinks), from Macca’s account Tina seemed to be very nice to him. Macca reveals to Jess that his infertility test results showed that he is infertile and gives Jess permission to find someone else. Although they briefly argue about it Jess reveals that she is never going to leave him. Jess finds out that she is a poor IVF candidate and reveals that she saved a man from killing himself at work.

Meanwhile Lukas takes a fellow forklifter, Lacey to work with him. It’s clear throughout the commute that Lacey is closeted and that he is a new love interest for Lukas. It’ll be interesting to see how their bond progresses over the remainder of the season.

Meanwhile Bridget reveals that Gary’s family kicked her out of their home when she met them as she made racist remarks towards them. Gary and Bridget end up breaking up after Gary tells Bridget to educate herself and she gives him a misspelt apology cake. Overall I felt their subplot was the most entertaining one of this episode and it will be interesting to see where they will go from here now that they have broken up.

Meanwhile Tina asks Brett why the employees hate her and Brett ends up anonymously surveying 20 K2 employees. The employees give Tina unkind and odd feedback which upsets her and Brett tells her to ignore it. The episode ends with Tina then inviting Brett over to her house to try her bolognese sauce with milk as according to her, it’s a “game changer” and he doesn’t answer.

Overall I felt that this was a solid episode as there was crucial story progression on all fronts as it’s confirmed that there is asbestos in the K2 building, Jess and Macca’s conceiving subplot has progressed, Lukas has a new love interest, and Bridget and Gary have broken up. I’m looking forward to seeing where the rest of the season will go from here.



Stray Observations:

-According to Talia on her lunch date, she was asked what she is like in a relationship and she said, “I’m exceptional for the first couple of weeks, but then obviously I run out of puff, and then become emotionally unavailable, start ghosting you, which kind of drives you to cheat on me, which obviously I find out about after I hack into your phone, and then contrive to be the offended party.”

-This episode marks the first appearance of Barney in this season.

-According to Jess, Macca knows a “Crying Todd” as well as Boss Todd.

-According to Tina, Brett looks like he could be anywhere between the ages of 15 to 52.

-According to Bridget, she is having another daughter.

-According to Bridget, she fell pregnant as Gary is “triggered by condoms”.

-According to Gary, during the family meeting, Bridget did an impression of Chris Lilley doing an impression of a “blackfella”.

-Some of the feedback from Brett’s survey about Tina included: “the Willy Wonka of bullshit”, and “she looks like someone brought a mannequin halfway back to life.”


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “No self respecting gay man would wear Lynx deodorant.” (Tina to Brett)
  • “Breaking news: the M4 is back running smoothly and I’m back on Tinder!” (Radio announcer)
  • “A reminder that landscape work will be happening on the M5 tonight, so if you see a bunch of guys with neck tattoos making each other cups of tea, be sure to say hi!” (Radio announcer)
  • “There is a difference between being honest and being a psychopath.” (Talia to Romi)
  • “Why don’t you take that cake and shove it up your arse!” “Why don’t you take this cake, give it a spell check, then I’ll shove it up my arse!” “So you will shove it up your arse?” “Probably.” (Bridget and Gary arguing after Bridget gives Gary a misspelt apology cake)


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