Squinters–Season 2, Episode 4 (Thunder Road)

This episode makes it clear that a fair amount of time has passed since the events of the previous episode.

The episode kicks off with Lukas commuting to work with his beloved dog, Barney, asking him how he managed to swallow so many objects to the point that his bowel is obstructed and needs medical attention. After dropping Barney off, his morning commute continues on with Rachel, where they discuss the fact that him and Lacey had sex five times even though Lacey is closeted, and that their solicitor told Rachel that they have to prove Audrey was insane when she wrote the will to receive any inheritance. His afternoon commute involves taking Barney home and lecturing him again, revealing to the audience that despite spending thousands of dollars on care, random objects are still obstructing Barney’s bowels.

Meanwhile Romi and Talia’s morning commute revolved around discussing Romi’s relationship with Guy, the progressing affair between Romi’s dad and Talia’s mum, and Tina emailing Romi about her promotion video. During their afternoon commute, Romi reveals she and Guy had their first fight over Beyonce as Guy thinks she is overrated. Talia reveals to Romi that she is Jess and Macca’s egg donor. The emotional reveal was fantastic and the fact that subtitles appeared as they were talking, due to the fact that they were crying so hard, provided some equally fantastic, well-timed comic relief.

Meanwhile during Jess and Macca’s morning commute we find out that an unknown and unidentified colleague of Macca’s pulled an odd and disgusting prank on him by taking a picture of his penis on Macca’s cake. After Jess laughs it off, she tells Macca that she found an egg donor. They then spend their afternoon commute with Gavin, a K2 Warehouse Labourer, who has agreed to be their sperm donor.

Meanwhile Brett and Tina’s morning commute revolves around Tina denying her kiss with Brett before leaving for New York to deal with the fallout of revealing the presence of asbestos at K2 to the staff. During their afternoon commute, Tina tells Brett that her private investigator called to inform her that her husband hired a private investigator of his own.

Meanwhile Bridget spends her morning commute with Mia, who is in a band by the name of Linguini Anonymous (previously named The Three Busketeers). During their commute, Mia points out Bridget’s casual racism and encourages her to call Gary and apologise for their fight which led to their break-up in the previous episode. However as Bridget’s apology isn’t entirely sincere, it doesn’t go well for her. Her afternoon commute has her with Mia again where Mia is asking for Bridget’s opinion on a severance letter she is writing to one of her band mates.

Overall, I felt this was a solid episode due to the time lapse forcing the subplots to make quick but real progression without overwhelming the viewers.


Stray Observations:

-According to Lukas, Barney has swallowed the following objects:

  • A whole bauble
  • Tinsel
  • His car keys
  • A bag of marbles
  • His father’s Lego men

-Bridget’s eldest daughter, Mia, makes her first appearance for this season.

-Bridget has been doing “Am I Racist?” online quizzes. According to the results, she is less ignorant than she was last week and is now a casual racist. The week before she was ‘institutionalised’ and the week before that she was ‘grand wizard’ and that by next week, she plans to be ‘fully woke’.

-According to Talia, selling her eggs is illegal and it has to be a philanthropic gesture, that being said Jess and Macca said that they’d pay her unpaid parking fines.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “I don’t understand swinging, it’s takes the best part out of an affair…the lying!” (Talia to Romi)
  • “Oh yeah, you’re important, I keep forgetting because of your eczema.” (Talia to Romi)
  • “Don’t infect the car with your bad attitude.” (Jess to Macca)
  • “Attracting a baby into our lives? You make it sound like we’re trying to trap a beaver.” (Macca to Jess)
  • “Talk about having your cock and eating it too!” (Jess to Macca on Macca’s unknown colleague’s prank of taking a picture of his penis on Macca’s cake)
  • “What does Linguini Anonymous even mean? Has it got something to do with pasta or just being too literal?” (Bridget to Mia on Mia’s band’s name)
  • “Scientists have found 15,000 types of genetic material at Central Station. If any of it’s yours, it can be collected from lost and found.” (Radio announcer)
  • “A new study out today is saying women are more attracted to men who are depressed. I’d be rapt with that news if I wasn’t so depressed.” (Radio announcer)
  • “I only understand 25% of what you say.” (Tina to Brett)
  • “Years of hard work and strategic side boob all for nothing because I opened my big mouth about the asbestos. God my career is over.” (Tina to Brett)
  • “At the moment, Gary thinks I’m a racist who’s dying. If you take away the asbestos, I’m just a racist.” (Bridget to Mia)

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