Squinters–Season 2, Episode 5 (Bless the Broken Road)

We are now at the penultimate episode of the season.

The episode kicks off with Jess and Macca’s morning commute where he shows her a photo of himself from when they met and they discuss how much Macca has evolved over time. Later on, they pick up Gav who goes into explicit detail about his experience at the sperm donor clinic, including the fact that he pictured Jess during the experience. During their afternoon commute, Jess gets a call from the IVF clinic informing her that they have two healthy embryos and they need her to come in so they can be implanted.

Meanwhile Talia and Romi’s morning commute revolves around Talia’s impending egg extraction procedure. Their afternoon commute has Talia ranting and not making much sense due to the effects of the anaesthetic that she was given for the procedure, with Simoni in the backseat. Romi told Simoni about Talia donating her eggs and Simoni wanted to congratulate her on the first selfless thing she’s ever done. Simoni reveals that she doesn’t hate Talia but she did need distance from her after she didn’t pay her share of the business debt. Talia then apologises to Simoni, passes out, then vomits suddenly on the car window.

Meanwhile Tina and Brett decide to mix things up by having Tina drive to work and they discuss her husband moving in with his ex-girlfriend. Brett drives them on their afternoon commute and Tina apologises for driving style and gets a call from the EPA to let her know that the asbestos wasn’t found anywhere else at K2. She then sends all the K2 employees an odd but hilarious email to let them know. She then gets a phone call from a higher-up named Vince, informing her that her contract has been terminated due to telling the staff about the asbestos and that Christmas Day will be her last day with K2.

Meanwhile Bridget has Brian, Gary’s father, accompanying her on her morning commute. Their interaction starts off as awkward and transforms into hilarious when he tells her he hired a private investigator to run a background check on her. After a brief to-and-fro, Bridget tells Brian to get out of her car for not accepting her apology. Bridget then spends her afternoon commute with Gary where they discuss Brian, and Gary tells her about Brian once leaving him behind for three days on the Kokoda Trial when he got lost.

Meanwhile Rachel is accompanying Lukas on his morning commute where they discuss methods to have Alison removed as executor by focusing on her past behaviour. Lukas also tries to convince Rachel to come with him to his Christmas party. He also spends the first part of their afternoon commute still begging her to come and it’s also revealed that Audrey had Alzheimer’s Disease and didn’t tell them. Rachel points out to Lukas that this gives them what they need to have Alison removed as executor. Rachel then agrees to go the party with Lukas.



Stray Observations:

-Macca had dreadlocks when he met Jess.

-Talia signed Romi up to the National Rifle Association of Australia.

-According to the radio announcer, it’s two weeks until Christmas, which approximately sets the series around December 11 at least.

-Jess’ date of birth is 16 January 1976.

-The email Tina sent to the K2 staff: “Good news K2 Crew—you’re not going to die! Well, you are, but not from OUR asbestos. Materials in ceiling remain intact.”

-Macca has never met Talia.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Do you want me to go through all the ways you were a dickhead? You went from being a drunken dickhead to a drug-addled dickhead to an ‘I found God’ dickhead.” “That’s right, I found God! I forgot about that.” “Then swinger dickhead. Remember him?” “Bad memories.” “Rehab dickhead, relapse dickhead, remorseful dickhead.” “Yeah, well remorseful dickhead wasn’t such a bad dickhead. “I liked him.” “He was a bit of a downer.” “But now I like to think I’m more of a mature dickhead.” “Is that right?” “Yeah that is right. I’ve learnt a lot in the past few months, babe.” “Have ya?” “Yeah, I’ve learnt that it’s unkind to get on rugby league message forums and anonymously call blokes who disagree with me ‘flogs’.” (Jess-Macca going back and forth on how much he has changed over the years)
  • “I hope accents aren’t genetic.” (Macca to Jess on Talia’s accent)
  • “I’ve already been through the four stages of grief—shock, denial, fear and then posting pictures of myself on Instagram where I look incredibly happy.” (Tina to Brett on her marriage breakdown)
  • “I hired a private investigator to run a background check on you.” “My God!” “Yeah, your God, alright, and I tell you what, it makes for some pretty grim reading. You don’t separate your recycling, you leave hair on the sink…” “Some of that is Mia’s.” “And take incredibly long showers during a drought.” “That’s an invasion of privacy!” “Yeah, well so was colonisation and here we are.” “You were once stopped for a police breathlyser and tried to flee on foot.” “In my defence, I was very drunk at the time.” “Well I haven’t even read the bad stuff yet.” (Brian and Bridget going back and forth on the background check the former ran on the latter)
  • “Today’s the first hot day of summer and also the first day of people thinking they look good in shorts.” (Radio announcer)
  • “My favourite Christmas was when I ate 10 gingerbread men and then spent the rest of the day climbing a tree. Ah, my 40s.” (Radio announcer)


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