Squinters–Season 2 Finale (Take a Back Road)

Now we have reached the season 2 finale of Squinters.

The job of a season finale is to wrap up the season’s story arcs and set up new story arcs for the next season (if there is one). I feel this finale executed this perfectly.

The episode kicks off with Brett and Tina’s morning commute with Tina reading an email that Brett sent to the staff asking them to join him in a sit in protest over Tina’s firing. Tina tells him she likes his email, including the mystique of making himself out to be an anonymous disgruntled K2 employee, however she points out that he ruined it by signing the email off with “Cheers, Brett”. She also tells Brett that she had sympathy sex with him.

Talia and Romi’s morning commute revolves around them discussing their Christmas plans, where it’s revealed that Talia’s dad and Romi’s mum are also having an affair. They also discuss Romi’s job interview for the Marketing Director role at K2 and Talia tells Romi she looks up to her, and in turn, Romi thanks Talia for bringing happiness into her life.

Lukas’ morning commute with Rachel and Alison revolves around them discussing Audrey’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, which Alison also didn’t know about, and she apologises to Lukas and Rachel for not knowing about it. Alison also reveals to the audience that Lukas is joining in on the sit in protest. Alison also gives Lukas and Rachel their inheritance. Alison then goes on about her impending overseas trip.

Jess and Macca’s morning commute revolves around a discussion on whether they are too old to be parents.

Bridget’s morning commute with Gary and Mia revolves around discussing what they are grateful for before Gary proposes to Bridget. She says yes, and even though Mia points out she’s still married to Mia’s father, they still celebrate.

The episode then does something it has never done before, flash forward six days from December 18 to Christmas Eve. The radio announcer reveals that K2 employees are on their way home after the sit in protest.

Bridget’s afternoon commute involves Mia driving with Gary supervising her. Bridget reveals that they eventually ran out of wet wipes and she cried. Mia also reveals that over the six days that her and Gary bonded. Bridget reveals how happy she is in life and that her waters have broken.

Talia and Romi’s afternoon commute revolves around Romi finding out she got the Marketing Director role and Talia got the Marketing Coordinator role after originally applying for a Quality Control Associate role. Talia thinks her new role is above Romi’s, but Romi informs her it isn’t. Romi then tells her that she broke up with Guy.

During their afternoon commute, Tina reveals to Brett and the audience that she has been reinstated as CEO after the protest and she then invites him back to her place.

Lukas’ afternoon commute with Rachel involves them discussing their share of the inheritance money which is due to hit their accounts any minute. Their excitement disappears when they discover that they only got $2,700.

Jess and Macca also discuss the possibility of their IVF attempt not working and the benefits of being childless. The IVF Clinic calls Jess to tell her the implantation was successful and she’s pregnant, only for them to call back moments later to tell her they had the wrong information and she’s not pregnant. I found their afternoon commute scenes to be the most powerful in the entire series as Clarke and Rosniak managed to convey the sadness, pain and disappointment their respective characters were feeling purely with facial expressions.

The episodes and the season ends showing all of the different characters on their commutes—Mia with a smile on her face as she drives Bridget, Gary and her newly born baby sister to the hospital, Talia putting a Santa hat on Romi’s head, Lukas’ and Rachel’s shocked and disappointed facial expressions over their small inheritance, Tina and Brett laughing at each other adoringly, and Jess and Macca smiling but still not saying a word to each other.

Overall I felt this was a solid season finale, and that this season was an improvement over the first due to the introduction of new characters and increased character development. I hope there is a third season, however if there isn’t, the show has ended on a high note.


Stray Observations:

-Brett’s email to the K2 staff: “Dear K2 staff, This is disgruntled K2 employee here asking you to join me for a sit in protest at the warehouse. My plan is to shut down the distribution plant until the big wigs in the States agree to give Tina her job back. Cheers, Brett.”

-Bridget says she looked like “toe sucking Fergie” (Sarah Ferguson) in her last licence photo. I’m not sure if it was an inside joke to McElhinney’s role as Nene King in Paper Giants: Magazine Wars and her depictions of Fergie in Comedy Inc. 

-At the start of the episode, the radio announcer revealed it was a week before Christmas.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “You know I look up to you. You’re the kind of person I want to be. And so saying that, I’ve decided I’m gonna start folding my underwear, clean underwear. Stop wearing your underwear obviously.” (Talia to Romi)
  • “Perhaps even arseholes have a heart.” (Alison to Rachel after Rachel calls her an arsehole)
  • “OK, Merry Christmas and get fucked to you too, buddy.” “How is your Mum?” “Nah that’s Jackson. He’s 43 and he still hasn’t grown up.” “How old were you when you grew up?” “41. If you haven’t grown up by the time you’re 41, then God help you. I mean Jackson’s carrying on like a 40 year old.” (Macca on the phone to Jackson, then going back and forth with Jess about him and growing up)
  • “So Mia, what are you grateful for?” “I’m grateful for every conversation that doesn’t start with ‘how is uni going?’ or ‘are you in a relationship?’ or ‘are you a lesbian?'” “Your mum told me to ask you that.” (Bridget-Mia-Gary)
  • “You were adopted, they gave you back.” (Bridget to Mia)
  • “It’s 9am and a week out till Christmas, which means you only have to hear that Mariah Carey song another 17 billion times.” (Radio announcer)
  • “We ran out of wet wipes, I actually cried. Then I washed myself with my own tears and now I smell like misery.” (Bridget to Mia and Gary on the sit in protest)
  • “Gary…I mean…I mean, Dad, has actually been really great the last six days. I mean he taught me how to drive, taught me how to cook a steak…fart and not apologise.” (Mia to Bridget on the bond she and Gary developed while Bridget was at the sit in protest)
  • “Oh no. Well do you just want to hold hands, or play Monopoly, or we could vacuum the floors? I could read to you from the Bible…” (Tina to Brett after she invites him and he says he doesn’t want a sympathy shag)
  • “I can still vacuum in the nude!” “I never signed off on that.” (Macca-Jess on one of the benefits of being childless)



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