Seachange (Reboot)–Season 1, Episode 2

Now that the premise and characters of the show have been established, the show can really get underway.

This episode focuses on one of Pearl Bay’s many eccentricities, specifically the shimmery moon–a phenomenon that reveals hidden truths and brings people together according to Miranda.

The episode kicks off with Kevin kissing a photo of Phrani and sending it off in the ocean for unknown reasons. It then changes focus to Laura, Miranda and baby Joe.

Anna takes Joe to Miranda’s so Laura can babysit while she is at work. Laura tries to keep her promise to stay at home, however this backfires when she is called in to start her first day as magistrate on short notice. Of course she is eventually caught when Anna goes to collect Joe from Laura and can’t find her. When her and Miranda show up at the courthouse, both women claim Joe as their baby. This eventually leads to Laura and Miranda having a conversation about motherhood, where Miranda reveals exactly how she felt when she left for London and Laura tells Miranda she thinks the adoption is a mistake. This conversation also reveals a continuity error when Miranda says Laura left her at 16, when in fact she was around 18 when the series ended, and Laura and Max hadn’t left yet.

Meanwhile, Lillian is determined to solve the mystery of the loafer in the drum under the window of the cell where the money is kept. Despite wanting to conduct a Cinderella-esque search of who it belongs to, Anna immediately deduces it belongs to Bob. In the meantime, Bob tries to get a room at the Tropical Star, only for Ben to refuse and for Anna to show up to question him about his loafer. Bob takes Ben to court, where it’s revealed Ben doesn’t have a liquor licence for the Tropical Star. Later, Ben eventually comforts Bob and offers him a place to stay.

Later, Ben and Laura share a bottle of wine when Ben comes across Laura talking to Joe in her car. They bond, with Ben revealing he is an artist, and that he and Clara moved to Pearl Bay for him to find inspiration to paint and make money.

Meanwhile, Miranda has Findlay’s office set up at the old Historical Society headquarters, which is next to her office. While Miranda is working at night, she runs into Findlay at the beach and they work together to get Myrtle the turtle out of a net, Laura watches on with Joe, just as the tension between them seems to be fading away. It’s during this time that Miranda tells Findlay how she feels about the motherhood predicament she finds herself in and Findlay listens with an open ear and without judgement, which Miranda appreciates.

Meanwhile Heather visits Bob at the Tropical Star to bring him some clean shirts and Bob tries to use the shimmery moon to reignite their relationship, but Heather refuses and leaves.

When Anna comes to Miranda’s house to pick up Joe, Miranda breaks down and finally admits she doesn’t want to give Joe up.

The next day, Laura goes to the police station and pays for Ben’s liquor licence on the condition she remains anonymous. However this doesn’t last as Ben celebrates at the pub and praises Bob, believing he did it. Bob tries to take credit, only for Lillian to reveal to everyone Laura paid for it. Ben thanks Laura.

After the celebration, Anna reveals to the town that the cash in the black bags will be donated to the community, when Bob squirms at Anna’s threat that the guilty party of dumping the black bags in the ocean will be punished, Lillian realises he’s guilty. While Anna is busy talking to everyone, Laura tries to take Joe, only for Ben to stop her.

The episode ends with the signature Kevin chat, this time with Zac, who discuss Kevin re-releasing a nine-legged octopus into the ocean, a running gag throughout the episode.

Overall I found this episode to be a little bland, however I am interested to see where the series goes from here with Miranda admitting she doesn’t want to give up Joe, and Ben clearly being set up as Laura’s new love interest.


Stray Observations:

-According to Miranda, the Pearl Bay Historical Society stopped operating when Meredith retired from running it.

-According to Bob, Meredith no longer owns the Tropical Star.

-The sign outside the Tropical Star states that it was established in 1898, yet Heather states that it has been part of the town fabric for 97 years, that’s a huge continuity error.

-Clara Russo has left Ben.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Why should I babysit some other dude when I can barely take care of myself?” (Ben to Laura in court, on Bob)


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