Seachange (Reboot)—Season 1, Episode 3

This episode has a lot of truths come out and a new arrival.

The episode starts with Laura discovering that the adoption hearing is happening. Despite Miranda pleading Laura to stay out of the courthouse, she goes in with Joe, and tells the magistrate, an old friend of hers, that she will be applying for custody of Joe, which naturally angers both Miranda and Anna.

Meanwhile, Stella, Max and Laura’s daughter, arrives in town. She tells Laura that her boyfriend, Josh, broke up with her. Miranda immediately starts to hide evidence of her pregnancy and Joe’s existence, so when Josh shows up in town and sees Miranda and Laura, and calls the former “Panda”, Laura puts two and two together, and Miranda admits Josh is Joe’s father. Laura berates Miranda to the point of telling her she is as bad as Trudy, referencing Trudy’s affair with Jack. Josh is in town because Stella has lost his passport and he’s stuck in Australia.

The secret eventually comes out in pieces when Stella finds Miranda’s maternity bra, pregnancy vitamins, and finally when she sees breast milk being delivered to Anna. It’s also at this moment that Josh figures out Joe is his child. When he admits it, Stella takes his car and furiously drives off to confront Miranda and Laura in front of Findlay, and Josh isn’t seen again after this.

After being confronted by Laura and Stella, Miranda, upset, buries herself in the sand, with Findlay finding her. Findlay tells her that her mistakes don’t define her as a bad mother and pulls her out of the sand. Later, Miranda goes over to Anna’s and Anna reveals Joe can’t sleep without hearing Miranda’s voice, and they come to the inevitable conclusion that Joe belongs with Miranda. Miranda apologises to Anna and leaves with Joe.

When Miranda returns with Joe, Stella is leaving. Miranda tries to make amends, revealing that she doesn’t remember having sex with Josh due to being too drunk. They make up and Stella decides to stay, pleasing Laura.

Meanwhile on a smaller subplot, Ben’s having trouble with his girlfriend, Candace, who’s gorgeous but with four kids and overly clingy. Laura helps him get rid of her by kissing him in front of her. I felt that this subplot didn’t add much to the episode, other than to insert the cliche obstacle of keeping Ben and Laura apart.

The episode ends with Zac and Kevin having their usual chat, Zac’s desire to surf is squashed when Kevin talks about the perils of being a fish.

Overall I felt this episode was an improvement over the previous two as it concluded the adoption subplot and introduced Stella, who is an interesting character—typical of her age, but clearly just like Laura with her ability to figure out that Josh and Miranda had a fling pretty much the same way Laura did. I hope I see more of Stella as the series progresses.


Stray Observations:

-Laura missed Miranda’s 21st birthday.

-Angus is Zac’s uncle, this marks the first connection between a character from the original series and a character from the reboot.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Never trust a man who doesn’t wear socks.” (Laura to Stella)
  • “She makes a sloth look hyperactive!” (Miranda on Stella)
  • “That’s a crime in this country?” “It should be!” (Josh-Lillian on not wearing socks)
  • “Go to hell both of you! Actually hell is right here, so stay where you are!” (Stella to Miranda and Laura when she finds out the truth about Joe)


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