Seachange (Reboot)–Season 1, Episode 4

This episode is quirkier than the previous ones.

After concluding the adoption subplot, this episode focuses on Bucket’s possessions, which are for sale now that he has passed away. Ben tries to get rid of Bucket’s old chair but Laura and the rest of the town warn him of the bad luck that will come to him if he does, he doesn’t listen, until the pub starts falling apart and he brings it back to its rightful home.

Meanwhile, Anna is devastated after giving Joe back to Miranda. Miranda tries to reach out to her, but fails for much of the episode, Laura tells Miranda that she needs time to adjust to life without Joe. Throughout the episode, Lillian, Anna and Laura have run-ins with local foster kid, Arnold, who has stolen a mobility scooter (again). Lillian has had enough as Arnold is constantly having run-ins with the police, but Anna usually buys him a milkshake and gives him a lecture, but she is too sad to do so. Arnold worries that Anna is angry with him, especially after he tells Laura when his foster family won’t take him back (again) that he would stay at Anna’s and eat pizza together. Arnold later steals a car, not knowing Rocco (who I’ll get to in a minute) is unconscious in the boot. When Arnold stops the car at the police station, Anna lets Rocco out and he goes for Arthur, which forces Anna out of her depression and she ends up tasering Rocco to subdue him.

On the subject of Rocco, Bob’s former cellmate, half of the episode revolves around him taunting Bob as he is on parole for good behaviour. Bob tries to avoid him as he lied about a deal he made with Rocco, however he knows he can’t after Rocco finds him. At one point, Bob thinks Rocco wants to kill him, only to discover Rocco only wanted to get naked, and swim and chat in the ocean. Rocco gives Bob 24 hours to get the caravan park land signed over to him, Heather sees them in the ocean and freaks out. When Bob asks for Heather’s assistance during their lunch meeting, she believes that Bob is in a relationship with Rocco. When Kevin drops by the lunch and tells Bob he won’t be signing over the caravan park to him, Rocco loses it and tries to attack Bob only for Heather to knock him out with a wine bottle. Bob puts him in the boot of the car, which Arnold later steals. After Rocco tries to attack Arnold, his parole is revoked and he’s sent back to jail.

Meanwhile when everyone in town talks about Bucket having claimed to have seen a rainbow seahorse, Stella takes her phone and goes to the beach to try and film it in the water. When she shows footage of a rainbow seahorse in the ocean. Miranda, sensing something is up, tries to look for it but can’t find it. When Miranda comes across mail for Stella with a copy of the footage she used, she discovers Stella doctored her video. She goes to tell Findlay, only to find out that the sand mining has been delayed due to Stella’s footage and decides to keep quiet. Eventually Findlay finds out and he is suspended from his job and angry at Miranda for not telling him the truth.

Towards the end of the episode, Laura invites Anna and Arthur over for dinner, where Arthur is fixing Bucket’s lamp. He thinks he hasn’t fixed it and everyone leaves the room to have dinner. However once everyone leaves, it’s discovered the lamp has been fixed and spins, revealing that the rainbow seahorse Bucket saw was one conjured by the light from the lamp against the wall.

The episode ends with Kevin and Zac having their usual chat over whether mythical creatures such as the rainbow seahorse exist. According to Kevin bunyips exist and they like to eat parmigiana.

Overall I felt that this episode was the strongest in the series so far as Stella was developed further, and it looks like Anna is set to become a foster mother to Arthur. I hope the series continues to bring strong episodes.


Stray Observations:

-Bucket, the famous but unseen crazy character in the original series, has passed away.

-According to Lillian, Arnold constantly steals a mobility scooter from a woman by the name of Marge.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “How long do you think she’ll stay now that she hates me?” (Miranda to Laura on Stella)
  • “I haven’t interrogated him yet but I think he’s after a cooked breakfast.” (Ben to Lillian on Rocco)


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