Seachange (Reboot)–Season 1, Episode 5

Love is in the air at Pearl Bay with Kevin and Phrani’s long-awaited wedding.

Frankly I was surprised that their wedding was written in considering Phrani’s determination not to marry Kevin in the original series due to her traumatic dowry experience with her first husband. However people change a lot over 20 years, including their minds.

The episode kicks off with Kevin armed with a bouquet of flowers, the engagement ring, and an adorable welcome home sign for Phrani, who he is expecting to see come off the morning bus, when she doesn’t show, he thinks she’s dumped him. He is about to throw the ring he worked hard for in the ocean when Lillian stops him just in time with the threat of a littering fine. He then confides in Laura in town and narrowly misses being hit by a keg Ben is throwing out.

Phrani eventually arrives home after caring for her sick father in India, and tells Kevin that she was late due to airport delays. She then proposes to Kevin and he joyfully says yes. He also asks Bob to be his best man, who is at the caravan park trying to get Kevin to sign over his land.

The engagement party quickly gets underway and Phrani asks Heather to be her wedding planner, however Heather kindly refuses due to her complicated situation with Bob, although she quickly changes her mind and becomes a co-planner with Lillian. While the wedding is being planned, which includes a Bollywood dance class, Phrani gives Kevin a wedding suit from measurements he gave five years ago. His suit doesn’t fit so he works out hard to get in shape, but it doesn’t work, so Phrani secretly lets his suit out in the middle of the night. The next time he tries it on, it fits and Phrani smiles at him, never admitting the truth.

The wedding goes off without a hitch, with Ben giving a heartfelt speech at the reception and Miranda giving the happy couple her chevy (which I’ll get to) for them to drive off into the sunset with.

While the wedding is being planned, a few minor subplots are at play.

Findlay is leaving in a couple of weeks and his position at Striplands is being reviewed and he is contemplating taking a research position in Antarctica. Findlay suggests that Miranda’s chevy is used as the wedding car for Kevin and Phrani, but when Miranda finds out she’s furious, to the point where she tries to set the car on fire during a meltdown. Miranda calms down and tells Findlay that she was engaged once to Elliott Conway and the car was compensation for him leaving her and she’s still healing. Findlay tells her there’s no timeline to it. After the wedding, Miranda visits Findlay at his office, where they dance and flirt and it looks like they’re going to kiss, but alas we (the viewers) are left hanging. Overall I enjoyed this subplot and character development between them.

Meanwhile Ben and Laura’s subplot revolves around him being back in court again over the keg throwing incident. Ben reveals to Laura that he was throwing out his brews as his ex-wife’s boyfriend claimed them as his own and won an award for them. When Kevin makes it clear in court he doesn’t want to pursue it any further because Ben apologised, Laura still holds him to account by sentencing him to 40 hours community service, brewing beer for the wedding, when Zac and Lillian remind her of the fact that drinks are needed for the wedding and he’s the only bartender in town. Ben does what he’s told, and gets Laura to help him get his brews out of the dumpster.

The episode ends with Bob tricking Kevin into signing his land over, and Zac and Stone chatting at the end of the episode as Kevin is away. They chat about the tradition of putting a piece of wedding cake under your pillow and dreaming about the person you will marry, which is a throwback to Phrani explaining this tradition in the original series finale at Angus and Karen’s wedding.

Overall I enjoyed this episode and it’s sweet nature, and I was happy to see Kevin and Phrani finally tying the knot.


Stray Observations:

-Georgina Naidu is the fifth original cast member to return to the series.

-Phrani likes disco dancing.

-Stone’s a vegan.

-Phrani throwing lotus flowers at Kevin is a throwback to the original series when she left a trail of them to let him know she was ready to take their relationship to the next level.

-Photos of teenage and adult Trev are present throughout Kevin and Phrani’s caravan.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Clearly I wasn’t thinking clearly!” (Ben to Laura on throwing the keg in the street)
  • “I saw her get on a bicycle and ride like the wind, she must like engagement parties as much as I do!” (Ben to Laura on Miranda)
  • “Can we put him in back in jail?” “Yeah, sure.” (Miranda-Anna on Bob)
  • “We’ve heard a great deal about your beer brewing crisis and self sabotage Mr Russo!” (Laura to Ben in court)
  • “Got any flammable liquids over there?” (Findlay to Miranda)
  • “You are a truly fascinating dancer!” (Laura to Ben)


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