Seachange (Reboot)–Season 1, Episode 6

This episode focuses on the annual fishing competition.

The episode kicks off with Anna going on holidays and leaving Lillian in charge. The first thing Lillian has to deal with is a fight between two men over an esky. In the process of dealing with this, Lillian discovers that the Fishing Club President, Phil Tran, is missing. It then cuts to a part of the beach where Phil’s belongings are found, which include his phone, which shows Ben calling him.

Phil eventually calls Ben and they met up and talk, where Phil reveals he has made a mess of his life and was faking his death so his ex-wife and kids could inherit his money. Laura sees them talking and they eventually end up in court, where she acquits Phil as his ex-wife and kids had no involvement in his plan and faking his own death isn’t actually illegal.

Throughout the episode, everyone is trying to win the fishing competition for the $20,000 prize money. The two men fighting over the esky, are revealed to be fighting over the fact that one of them was trying to fake catching the fish, and is quickly caught out in court. When Mr Shortland loses the case, he retaliates by giving Miranda a Letter of Demand, telling her she needs to pay back rent on the building where her office is, rent she wasn’t obligated to pay as Phil Tran let her use the space for free.

Miranda asks Findlay to catch the fish for her using his scientific knowledge due to being ethically against fishing, so she can use the prize money to pay her rent. She does this unaware that Laura has asked Ben to take her fishing so she can win the prize money for the same reason. Findlay eventually catches the fish, Miranda takes the prize money cheque and hands it over to Mr Shortland, paying the back rent.

Before this happens, Bob breaks into the police cell and steals the bags of money, he also steals Phil’s boat, unaware Laura is on board, and hides the money there. Laura, having had margaritas, has fallen asleep and is shocked to see Bob on board when she wakes up. They are both equally shocked when they are stuck on the river when the boat runs out of petrol.

Bob tells Laura about his plans to use the cash (to a degree), and Laura agrees to play dumb and let him get away, so when Lillian and Zac come to the rescue, he’s nowhere to be found, and Laura convinces Lillian to put the cash back and not tell Anna about it.

The episode ends with Ben and Laura going fishing together and it not going well.

Overall I enjoyed this episode, it was quirky and different. I don’t feel it necessarily pushed the major story arcs forward, but it was fun.


Stray Observations:

-According to Lillian, in previous fishing competitions people have used dynamite, have been caught in their own fishing tackle, and speared by a leaping marlin.

-Kevin’s caravan park is called The Come On Inn.

-It’s been 30 days since the black packages with money started showing up in the Bay.

-This is the first episode not to feature a Kevin chat at the end. However Kevin and Phrani are still absent, so I’m assuming they’re still on their honeymoon.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “I’ve got zero interest in fishing or anything that gets me up before the sun does.” (Ben to Laura)
  • “Any man that sits at my bar most nights doing the crossword and eating peanuts has some serious issues.” “Including yourself?” (Ben-Laura on Phil Tran)
  • “This isn’t theft, it’s a redistribution of wealth. To prepare for the perfect crime you’ll need to assemble a few simple household items—an empty drink can, a good pair of scissors, a few paperclips, and a credit card. Now you’re ready for your journey through step one: choosing your disguise through to the final step: stashing the loot, as we teach you to break into almost anywhere.” (Bob’s theft podcast)
  • “Lovely vest, it’s terrifying!” (Ben to Laura on her fishing vest)
  • “Your life crashed and burned, how come you didn’t run away?” “I embraced the humiliation!” (Phil-Ben)
  • “I would be prepared to take a motormouth fishing if it meant stitching up Shorty McShortypants!” (Ben to Laura on taking her fishing and outdoing Mr Shortland)
  • “Let’s face it people, fishing’s a lot like love—you put out your bait, you wait for a nibble and most days there’s nothing—but we keep on hoping for the perfect catch.” (Radio Riley)
  • “Lillian gave you an ultimatum?” “Yeah—get over it and get it in my tinny!” “Get over what?” “My irrational and unfounded fear of open water. Well not water per se—just what’s in it, under it, lurking in it…” (Laura-Zac going back and forth)
  • “I was promised margaritas and now I’m stuck here with you!” (Laura to Bob on Phil’s boat)
  • “I was going to do a runner. You know: bag wig, new name, fly Heather over to a Greek island.” (Bob to Laura)



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