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Playing For Keeps—Season 2, Episode 2

I’ve decided to keep my character by character reviews going with this season.

Liam and Kendall—Despite the events at the end of the previous episode, Liam and Kendall weren’t really focused on in this one. Liam comes out of the incident with six stitches, no glass in his skull and no sign of concussion, while Kendall tearfully admits she hit him with the glass. Kendall, although still aggressive, seeks Maddie’s help in getting into rehab. Maddie helps her, and her and Kath go to see Kendall and Liam. Liam is reluctant to let Kendall go, however Kendall stands her ground, and heads to rehab. Despite Maddie’s and Kath’s efforts to keep Kendall going to rehab out of the press, it’s made public anyway. Although progress has been made with them, I’m still suspicious of Liam, why would he be so reluctant for Kendall to go to rehab?

Paige and Tahlia—Much like Liam and Kendall, the subplot on Paige and Tahlia was relatively minor. Tahlia is trying to build her career up, starting with promoting herself on daytime television and having to inform the host that her and Connor are no longer together. When Tahlia returns from the TV studio, her and Paige talk about Tahlia’s plans to release a swimwear line (even though, as Paige points out, summer is ending) and Paige hanging out with Dan. Tahlia encourages Paige to have a one night stand. While they are out at a nightclub, Paige runs into Brody and Tahlia runs into Liam. Although Paige tries to have a one night stand with Brody, she resists his kiss at her apartment, and days later she only ends up kissing him on his doorstep and then leaving. She also tries to be friends with Dan, including telling him about her one night stand plan, but not mentioning that she is referring to Brody.

Maddie and Trav—Their subplot is also relatively minor as the only time they were focused on was when they were arguing about Kath’s run for the club’s presidency, with Trav expecting Maddie to stop her, and Maddie telling Trav that she can’t put her life on hold for the club.

Jessie and Rusty—Other than Kath’s run for presidency, I felt the Jessie and Rusty subplot was the most interesting one of the episode. Their friendship generally revolved around their connection to Jack, especially last season, but now that the mystery of Jack’s death has been solved, there is room for their characters and friendship to develop further, which was proven in this episode. While they are hanging out at their regular cafe, Jessie encourages Rusty to go out with the barista, Shane, who has been flirting with him. Although Rusty doesn’t feel ready, Jessie gives him a push. Rusty also pushes Jessie to get back into training, where it’s revealed that she was also an AFL player in the women’s league before having her children. Although Rusty is resistant, the date goes well and he’s glad Jessie pushed him, while Jessie starts training again.

Kath—The major focus of the episode was Kath’s decision to run for the club presidency after she finds out at a board meeting that John, the current president, is planning on having an alcohol company sponsor the club. No-one believes Kath can or should be president, but for different reasons. Brian and Trav oppose it but don’t really have the guts to admit their clear reasons why they are against it, the girls support her but don’t think she has a chance due to her lack of experience and qualifications (they admit that on paper, Maddie has a better chance). Her only supporter, unknown to her, is Rusty, who tells Jessie he thinks she’d be a great president.

While Brian tells Kath he is against it as he wanted distance from the club and wanted to do something for himself, Kath points out that their relationship has always revolved around his career and she has been part of the club for over 20 years, and wants to put her experience to use. Their relationship is clearly at breaking point and Kath says it isn’t working anymore, Brian quietly agrees to leave.

Meanwhile Kath meets with Bob, the board member who had the idea for the alcohol sponsorship and outlines her plans for the club, which includes other sponsorship that would bring in the same amount of money that the alcohol sponsorship would. Bob admits that he likes her and that he knows about her “behind the scenes work” for the club which includes getting Kendall into rehab.

When the story about Kendall going into rehab breaks, John meets with Liam and Trav and refuses to tell Kath, but she confronts him anyway. While Liam and John try to throw Kath under the bus, Kath threatens to out John as a liar if he does it publicly.

The girls are shocked to find out via the news that Kath has been successfully voted in as club president but are nevertheless happy for her. Brian also has a drink with her when she gets home, congratulates her and tells her that she’ll do a great job before he leaves.

Brian, Trav & Connor—Although they weren’t in the spotlight per se, there was a strong focus on them. Brian and Trav were heavily against the idea of Kath being voted in as president (Connor’s views on this weren’t made clear). Trav basically demands Maddie to talk Kath out of it but she refuses. While Brian is against it as he wanted distance from the club and do something for himself, however he does congratulate her and support her when she is voted in.

On another subject, at the beginning of the episode, Trav holds a press conference where he announces the club’s leadership team: Connor is still the captain, with Rusty and Liam as vice captains. Connor clearly had a problem with Liam in the previous episode, and in this one he addresses it with Trav when he tells him that Liam has a bad attitude and asks about his injury. It will be interesting to see whether Connor’s suspicions and negative feelings towards Liam will escalate as the season progresses.

Themes—This episode was unlike any other in a sense that a theme was present throughout the episode: sexism. While there have been times where sexism was touched upon, this episode deliberately focused on it when Kath wanted to run for the club’s presidency. Brian’s and Trav’s reactions to it come from a place of selfishness, although they don’t say outright that Kath shouldn’t run because she’s a woman. While the girls support her, but doubt her chances due to her lack of experience, nevertheless they do celebrate her win.

While the main men (with the exception of Rusty), as well as John, don’t support Kath’s run for presidency and try (and fail) to stop her, in contrast, Kath’s win ends up inspiring the girls to pursue their own goals–Paige kisses Brody, Tahlia launches her swimwear line promotion against her agent’s advice, and Jessie starts training again.

While not a theme, a television motif was present at the beginning of the episode with Maddie and Kendall watching Liam and the press conference on Kendall’s television, as well as Paige watching Tahlia when she was on daytime television.


Overall this was one of the best episodes I’ve ever seen, especially with the writers choosing to focus more on the girls’ lives and careers outside of the football world.


Stray Observations:

-Rusty hates press conferences.

-Paige got a permanent job at a St Helga’s School.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Sit down, shut up and listen!” “I am sitting down.” (Tahlia-Paige)
  • “You have to keep all your emotional eggs in one basket. Where are your eggs right now?” “In my ovaries, thank you.” (Tahlia-Paige)
  • “I’ve had one night stands before.” “In this postcode?” (Paige-Tahlia)
  • “Confident, sexy. I could have mounted the TV.” (Maddie to Trav on his performance during the press conference)
  • “Liquid life!” (Paige’s reaction to Dan bringing her coffee)
  • “This is the first time we’ve been alone, conscious, together all week.” “We had a date on Thursday night.” (Maddie-Trav)
  • “I’m not sure if I’m ready to date.” “Well, I better call the celebrant and tell him the wedding’s off.” (Rusty-Shane while on their date)
  • “You friendzoned your one night stand? I cannot get my head around that.” (Tahlia to Paige)


My Life Is Murder—Season 1 Finale (Mirror Mirror)

This episode, the season one finale, explores the world of cosmetic surgery.

The episode kicks off with Alexa and Kieran meeting up, with Alexa criticising Kieran’s choice of wedding anniversary gift—a decorative plate—by breaking it on the ground. He gives her the case of the week—-Matilda Phillips, a doctor working at the Cavanagh Clinic, a cosmetic surgery clinic, who had a micro-needling procedure done before leaving work and was found dead by her husband the next morning when he returned from travelling interstate. The autopsy report showed a cocktail of drugs in her system, including botox and the cause of death was anaphlyaxis.

Alexa goes to see Matilda’s husband, who reveals he loved how Matilda looked before she starting getting cosmetic surgery done herself and that he doesn’t sleep in their bedroom anymore. He believes that the owners of the clinic brainwashed her into thinking she needed to have work done.

Alexa goes to the Cavanagh Clinic to speak to the owners, Levi and Imogen. She goes to see Levi, under the guise of having a mole check and also to satisfy her curiosity of what work she apparently needs done. When she starts to ask him questions, he gets suspicious and holds back, and she reveals who she is. She then speaks to him and Imogen privately, who explain the micro-needling procedure and the new drug Matilda was trialling to her. The more she pries, the more Levi resists and she is asked to leave. Imogen goes to see Alexa in the street and tells her to ignore him and asks whatever questions she wants.

Madison finds a malpractice suit that has been filed against the Cavanagh Clinic by a man who was subjected to a botched procedure, to get rid of acne scars by the Clinic’s receptionist. He reveals that Matilda came over to apologise to him. Madison and Alexa then come up with the theory that Matilda was going to blow the whistle on the lawsuit and it gave Levi motive to kill her. Madison later finds out Matilda received text messages from someone who bought a phone near the Clinic.

Alexa goes to see Levi again to ask him whether he was having an affair with Matilda, he denies it until she calls the mobile phone number. He admits he was having an affair with the Clinic’s receptionist, Ainsley, and was with her when Matilda was killed. Alexa then goes to Levi and Imogen’s home to ask more questions, with Levi clearly scared Alexa’s going to tell her about his affair, only for Imogen to reveal to Alexa in private that she already knows about it.

Later, Alexa questions why Matilda would take a sleeping pill to make herself drowsy before injecting herself with Tomilax. Her questioning this theory leads to her finding out who killed Matilda.

Alexa goes to the Juliette Rose Foundation auction to see Imogen. When Imogen spots her, she immediately goes to see Alexa. Alexa reveals to the viewers that Imogen laced the numbing cream for the micro-needling procedure with barbituates, she then let herself into Matilda’s home with the key Matilda gave Levi, and injected her with the Tomilax, because Matilda and Levi were planning on opening their own clinic. Alexa then reveals that Imogen’s mistake was leaving behind a rose petal of a Juliette Rose that only grows in France, that only she ordered in for the Foundation.

The episode ends with Alexa trying to open a bottle of special wine, only for the cork to break in half in the process. She gets a text about her birthday dinner and goes there, just as everyone is about to leave.

Overall this episode didn’t really feel different to any of the others, in the sense that the finale didn’t feel like a finale. Another Australian crime show I’ve reviewed, Harrow, had a major season-long story arc, whereas My Life Is Murder didn’t, instead focusing on self-contained stories with every episode. That being said, I felt it worked well for this series, especially as it compensated with solid relationships between the characters: Alexa and Kieran were believable as old colleagues and friends, whereas Madison and George were Alexa’s believable and hilarious sidekicks and friends. I also felt that the cases of the week contrasted perfectly with comedic moments, such as the dynamic between Alexa and George, as well as Alexa’s relationship with the stray cat who has clearly made itself at home with her.

I personally don’t feel that this show is over and I certainly hope this isn’t all we’ve seen of it. I’ve enjoyed watching and reviewing this season and I hope there’s another one (or rather many more).



Stray Observations:

-Alexa’s birthday was a theme throughout the episode, with her celebrating it in the final moments.

-Madison suggests that Alexa incorporate herself and be called “Murder of Crowes Pty Ltd”.

-Dawn colour coded the apartment complex’s bins to prevent arguments between tenants.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “You don’t want to start your divorce off on the wrong foot.” (Alexa to Kieran when she smashes Kieran’s anniversary gift to Pippa)
  • “Look, his bark is far worse than his bite.” “Maybe you should walk him more often.” (Imogen-Alexa on Levi)
  • “Is this phone for affairs in general or just Tilly?” (Alexa to Levi)
  • “Mads, have you got time to do something for me?” “Wow!” “What?” “Well, you’re actually asking.” “Well I’m trying to be polite.” “It’s good that you’re trying new things.” (Alexa-Madison going back and forth over the phone)


My Life Is Murder—Season 1, Episode 9 (Fake Empire)

This episode has Alexa trying to prove that clairvoyants and psychics are frauds!

The episode kicks off with Alexa telling off a psychology student, Finn, who stops her in the street to ask her to do a survey for an assignment. She then goes to meet Kieran at the aquarium to be assigned her next case. The victim is Steven Harborne, 31, a nurse, who was stabbed in an apparent break and enter gone wrong in his home the previous year. He was found by his fiancee, Justine Harris, and the neighbours heard her screams. Alexa has been assigned the case as a clairvoyant, Chloe Angel, got in touch with the police informing them of details that were never made public.

Alexa meets Chloe, where it’s revealed her day job is a Council gardener, and the ticket sales for her psychic show aren’t selling. Despite Alexa’s scepticism, which she doesn’t hide, Chloe tells her that Steven has been talking to her about the day of his death, which included getting the engagement ring resized, and keeps repeating the word ‘epiphany’. Chloe also says that Steven will only talk to Jasmine.

Jasmine and Alexa meet up with her, with Alexa warning Jasmine not to give too much info away or get too emotional—but she does anyway. The session ends in anger with Chloe telling Jasmine that Steven is apologising repeatedly for falling for someone else. After the session, Jasmine tells Alexa that Chloe is lying, and reveals that Steven use to take photos of her naked when they had sex. Madison later reveals that the tech guys went through Steven’s computer and found photos of Jasmine that were taken at the apartment, however there were also recent photos taken while Jasmine was at work and with a woman with a flower tattoo.

Alexa goes to see Chloe at work to find out whether she has a tattoo and she doesn’t. This didn’t surprise me as I felt it would be too easy. A TV crew arrives to interview Chloe. Later Alexa goes to Jasmine’s apartment, where she’s having a “break-up” party with her friends, which include her workmates, Adam and Abby, to move on from Steven. Just as Alexa asks Jasmine outright whether she killed Steven, Chloe’s TV interview airs where she claims to be working for the police.

When Madison and Alexa re-watch Chloe’s interview, they realise she was being fed specific information for a purpose and now she has gone national television and revealed it, she has made herself a target for the killer. The episode then cuts to a hooded figure bumping into Chloe, shortly after that Chloe struggles to breathe and then collapses, just as Alexa comes to see her and calls an ambulance.

At the hospital, Chloe reveals that someone contacted her with details about Steven and his death, and paid her $500 to go public. Chloe then tells her that when the figure bumped into her, she felt a pain in her thigh. Alexa looks at her pants and finds a needle hole in them. Meanwhile, Madison has found the tattoo artist, Lena, and sets up a dating profile to meet with her and find out more about it.

Alexa goes to the hospital and speaks with Abby, who has the tattoo and is unsurprisingly revealed to be Steven’s mistress. Abby tells Alexa tells her that Stephen wasn’t the marrying type and Jasmine would have to be blind not to know this. The episode cuts to Alexa walking down the street to see Finn asking Madison questions, having taken Alexa’s harsh feedback at the begging of the episode on board. One of Finn’s questions gives Alexa the idea that Chloe was injected with epinephrine, a substance that is naturally made in the body, but would lead to the symptoms Chloe experienced.

Alexa goes to the hospital to talk with Adam, who she clearly believes is a suspect, to spook him. She then asks Chloe for help in catching the killer, as she knows who it is.

Alexa, George, Madison, Kieran, Jasmine and Adam go to Chloe’s show, which is now sold out. Chloe channels a few spirits, include George’s grandfather, before getting to Steven. Chloe says Steven is saying that Jasmine is his killer. Jasmine asks Adam to defend her, Chloe provides details about Steven’s murder, including the fact that his death was made to look like a robbery, than Alexa continues by informing Adam about his history with Jasmine and feelings for her. Adam tries to leave but is stopped and arrested.

The episode ends with Alexa questioning Chloe about her knowledge of the inscription on Gary’s watch. Chloe tells her that as she is a detective, she should figure it out for herself.

Overall this was a good but not great episode as the perp became obvious, and the psychic and affair elements were cliche. However I enjoyed that Chloe and Alexa shared the duties of revealing how the murder happened to the viewers.


Stray Observations:

-According to Madison, her mum’s cousin’s stepmum is psychic and spent last Christmas reading people’s coffee cups, telling their fortune.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Well liked, even though he was a Collingwood fan.” (Kieran to Alexa on the murder victim)
  • “No grinning, because you haven’t won.” (Alexa to Kieran on her taking the case)
  • “Never get hung up on expectations, they do more harm than good.” (Chloe to Alexa)
  • “Fine? Crikey that’s what every girl dreams of.” (Alexa to Jasmine when Alexa asks Jasmine about her sex life with Steven)
  • “I hope your camera has a bullshit filter!” (Alexa to the TV crew who arrive to interview Chloe)
  • “It’s the smugness, she’s like a TV game show host or a vegan!” (Alexa to Kieran on Chloe)
  • “All men are bastards.” “Present company excluded.” “Oh no, no, no, that’s me. Absolute bastard.” (Abby then Jasmine to Adam, then Adam)
  • “Kill me now! Except that wouldn’t help because she’d be blabbing to my ashes.” (Alexa to Madison on Chloe)
  • “Where’s your white horse?” “This isn’t a date!” (Alexa to George, then Madison answers her question)


Playing For Keeps—Season 2 Premiere

The job of a season premiere is to establish new story arcs for the season, as well as address the loose ends left in the previous season’s finale. I felt that this premiere did its job.

Because it’s been about a year since the season 1 finale aired, I had to re-read the review I wrote on the finale to remind myself of what happened, so I was able to review this premiere.

Like the finale’s review, I’ll be reviewing the season 2 premiere character by character:

Brian and Kath—Kath is now working on the Southern Jets Board, a fact that is revealed in the first few minutes of the episode, at the Jets’ season launch party. It’s also revealed that Brian has stepped down as the Jets’ coach. Throughout the episode, it’s clear that Brian and Kath are struggling in their relationship, but not because of Kath’s affair with Connor last season, rather Brian’s struggle to move on from Jack’s death. The new club president and Kath are encouraging him to take a job with the club and Brian is clearly not keen. He ultimately turns down the job and tells Kath that he is considering a job opportunity in the outback, and Kath tells him that she can’t go anywhere as she’s on the Board; he tells her he knows this. I’m looking forward to seeing whether Brian takes the job and leaves Kath.

Maddie and Trav—Towards the end of the previous season, Trav had re-signed as a player without consulting Maddie, just after she had been promoted at work, only to be benched. Now Trav is the coach as Brian has stepped down. With Trav being the coach, Maddie is filling the role Kath had in the previous season of welcoming the new player and his partner to the club. While Maddie and Trav still struggle with maintaining their busy schedules and making time for each other as a couple, the love between them is still strong, especially when Trav is doubting his coaching abilities and Maddie already has a pep talk ready to go. Maddie also tries to reach out to the new player, Liam’s, girlfriend, Kendall, with little to no success until the end of the episode. The episode ends with Maddie and Trav being called by Kendall to help out with an incident her and Liam had.

Connor and Tahlia—In the season 1 finale, Connor and Tahlia part on friendly terms after initially breaking up acrimoniously. At Dan’s 21st birthday party, Connor seems to be flirting with a woman, and Tahlia swoops in and ends up going home with her. Connor later comes over to tell Tahlia he is seeing someone new, Annabelle. Tahlia immediately but somewhat politely asks him to leave. She is clearly struggling with this news and still has feelings for Connor. I’m looking forward to seeing Annabelle eventually (I’m sure we will), that being said from what I’ve seen in the season’s teasers, it looks like she may hook up with Liam, which will only cause trouble.

Paige and Dan—At the end of the season one finale, Paige was leaving to go back home and then off to the UK for a job, and Dan begged her to stay. In the premiere, Paige is returning after travelling through Europe and has found a full-time job back in Melbourne. Paige first lets Tahlia know she’s coming back, who then tells the girls. Paige goes to Dan’s 21st birthday party and they run into each other when Paige is trying to find his birthday present in the backseat of the car. Their interactions throughout the episode are awkward, to the point where Paige deliberately dresses in daggy clothes in order to repel Dan. They both tell each other that they don’t want to get back together, although Paige clearly doesn’t mean it. It will be interesting to see where their relationship goes from here.

Paige and Tahlia—The highlight of this episode for me was the emphasis on how far Paige and Tahlia’s friendship has come from the start of the previous season. In the finale, Paige moved in with Tahlia after Connor moved out. After Tahlia finishes a photo shoot, she goes to pick up Paige from the airport. Their slow motion run towards each other was hilariously sweet, as was Tahlia coming in to snuggle with Paige the morning after her hook-up with the other woman. After Tahlia’s conversation with Connor regarding his new girlfriend, Tahlia invites Paige to move in with her permanently.

Jessie and Rusty—The first thing I noticed at the start of the episode was Jessie’s missing pregnancy belly, which was addressed when it’s revealed she had a baby girl, Georgie. It’s also revealed Rusty is a big part of her life, as they are living together and have been for a while as Jack Jnr. calls him daddy. Both Jessie and Rusty are awkward about it, but dismiss discussing it with Jack Jnr. as they have to go to Dan’s birthday party.

After Jessie goes with Maddie to speak with Kendall, she sees Rusty parked outside of their apartment complex, and asks him again whether he feels comfortable with their situation. Jessie believes that her nanny may be making him uncomfortable and she firmly, but without aggression, tells her nanny that Rusty is not her boyfriend or the father of any of her children, and she is okay with it, making it clear she wasn’t making Rusty uncomfortable. Jessie thinks she has made it better, however it’s clear Rusty has some unresolved issues that haven’t really been made quite clear yet. I’m looking forward to seeing their dynamic more as the season progresses.

Liam and Kendall—Liam and Kendall are essentially this season’s Paige and Dan. Liam is the Jets’ new star forward and Kendall is his odd, aggressive girlfriend. Kendall is immediately off-putting to Maddie and Kath, and then gets off to a bad start with Jessie, when she asks her for cocaine and then becomes paranoid she has told the girls about their interaction. She continually accuses Jessie of talking about their interaction, eventually leading to her telling Maddie about it herself and realising that Jessie never said anything. After this, she breaks down and confides in the girls that the player’s wives and girlfriends in Perth never liked her, and she uses it to relieve her stress and anxiety. Kath finds out about her drug use through Liam, when Kath asks about the events at Dan’s 21st birthday party.

The episode ends with Kendall calling Maddie for help, both her and Trav go over and find Kendall hysterical and Liam holding a towel over a bleeding gash on his head caused by a wine glass. Although it seems obvious that Kendall hit him over the head with the wine glass, whether this actually happened is yet to be made clear.


Overall I felt that this was a solid season premiere as a new story arc was established, and any possible continuity errors from the previous season were taken care of, I honestly couldn’t fault it in regards to continuity errors. I’m looking forward to reviewing the rest of the season and seeing where it goes.



Stray Observations:

-The Southern Jets crashed out of the finals in the previous season.

-Maddie apparently got into a “fight” when she was in year 3. A girl named Celia Butler punched her in the arm and she cried until recess. Jessie points out to her that it wasn’t a real fight.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “It’s like I’m watching them having sex and they’re not even touching.” (Jessie to the girls on Tahlia flirting with Liam)
  • “This stinks.” “Oh it’s my body in liquid form.” (Tahlia-Paige on Paige’s backpack)
  • “Shit!” “I know the shapewear’s tight but you have to wear it with that outfit.” (Paige-Tahlia)
  • “In my experience, an ex wants to have coffee with you for three reasons: 1. He has an STI, 2. he’s seeing someone, 3. he wants to get back together.” (Tahlia to Paige when Paige tells Tahlia she’s meeting Dan for coffee)
  • “I love the smell of a season launch.” “I don’t smell anything.” “It’s the raw power, testosterone…” “dubious cologne choices.” (Jessie-Maddie-Jessie-Kath)
  • “If her and Dan get back together: champagne, confetti, everyone goes home with a car!” (Maddie to Kath)
  • “Everything I own is in that bag and you felt it, so unless the dress code is moist…” (Paige to Tahlia when Tahlia asks Paige what she plans on wearing to the season launch)
  • “I’ve tried, I’ve left a lot of messages, at one point I thought ‘I’ve stepped over into stalker territory’.” (Maddie to Kath on getting a hold of Kendall)


My Life Is Murder—Season 1, Episode 8 (Remains to Be Seen)

The episode kicks off with drama with Alexa experiencing chest pain on her morning run.

She goes to see her doctor and he diagnoses her with atrial fibrillation and treats it by shocking her heart back into rhythm.

The episode then cuts to Alexa going to meet Kieran, almost back to her old self, to get her next case—Patrick Mandel, whose body was found in an occupied grave and has been dead for five months. He was a gambler who owed money to a lot of people and ironically owned a financial advice business.

Alexa goes to see Patrick’s girlfriend, Katrina Logan, who owns a funeral planning business. She claims she had no idea that Patrick was a gambler. Alexa also finds out Katrina has a daughter, Gaby. Alexa develops a theory that Patrick’s body was put in the funeral home fridge for three days before being buried in the grave, and Madison then informs her that Katrina lied. She found footage of Katrina standing next to Patrick at a casino ATM a year-and-a-half ago.

Alexa and Madison find out from Katrina that she did give him money. They also speak with the company’s grave digger, Tye, who is seemingly flirting with Madison. Alexa says that a grave digging machine would have made too much noise and that the grave must have been dug by hand. She also finds out that the day that the grave was used, Tye came into work and then went home sick.

Madison discovers that Tye made a large payment to a head scarf company, and Alexa remembers that Gaby wears head scarves, and puts two and two together. Alexa then sneaks into the ashes room of the funeral home and finds a piece of ceramic in the ashes of another man, Richard Rourke.

Alexa then confronts Gaby and tells the viewers of how Patrick Mandel died. Patrick snuck into the funeral home to steal any valuables he could find and sell. He thought no-one would be there, but Gaby was. Gaby thought Patrick was stealing from her mother, she hit him over the head with something heavy. She got Tye to help her dispose of his body and possessions, which included putting his antique teapot in Richard Rourke’s casket. She is then arrested in front of Katrina.

Throughout the episode, the nature and location of the crime scene, as well as her medical episode, make Alexa question her mortality, her funeral plans and ultimately, her decision to hold onto Gary’s ashes. The case ultimately led to Alexa making her funeral plans and releasing Gary’s ashes at the site where he died, which led to a great comedic moment—the wind blowing Gary’s ashes back in her face. I felt that these moments were well and accurately portrayed, and explored a different side to Alexa’s character, and it was the first time that a case was shown affecting Alexa so personally.

Overall this was a solid episode with a compelling case of the week, and more insight into Alexa’s character.


Stray Observations:

-Alexa runs by the area where her husband, Sergeant Gary Quinn, was killed while on duty. She even touches the sign erected when the area was dedicated to him.

-Gary was born in 1965 and died in 2017, making him either 51 or 52 when he died (depending on whether he died before or after his birthday).

-Madison believes Alexa likes unfinished business and likes working on the murder cases to let herself think that she’s moving on with her life.

-Madison’s family has a columbarium for every family member to be stored in.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Are you frowning, it’s hard to tell with you sometimes.” (Alexa to her doctor)
  • “Where does a dead guy go for three days?” “Not Bali.” (Alexa-Kieran on Patrick’s dead body)
  • “Are you some sort of rent-a-sleuth?” (Gaby to Alexa)
  • “Maybe someone played Weekend at Bernie’s with him?” (Alexa to Madison on Patrick’s dead body)
  • “Don’t stare at the cat! It’s a sign of aggression!” (Alexa to Madison)
  • “He had a resurrection just looking at you!” “You’re going to hell!” (Alexa-Madison on Tye flirting with Madison at the cemetery)
  • “I will touch with my eyes.” (Alexa to Kieran in the evidence room)
  • “Don’t believe anything Kieran says, he’s a grade A catastrophiser.” (Alexa to George)
  • “Kieran, even if I die when I’m running, make sure I don’t end up on a slab in my smelly shoes and sweats.” “You’ve got to look your best before getting burned.” (Alexa-Kieran)



My Life Is Murder—Season 1, Episode 7 (Old School)

This episode has Alexa’s past catching up with her when she has to investigate a murder case at her old high school.

The episode kicks off with a video of a teenage Alexa and Miranda Lee drinking, and Alexa stealing a teacher’s car and crashing it into a tree.

The episode then brings us back to the present day with Kieran discussing the case of Imelda Beecroft, Alexa’s old English teacher-turned headmistress. She died a year ago after she stood on a boat rack to take down a poster, which gave away and led to her falling and being crushed by the boats as the rack fell on top of her. She finds out from Kieran that Miranda Lee, who is now the Deputy Headmistress found Imelda, and now has Imelda’s job.

While Miranda is showing Alexa around the school, she discovers that a code has to be entered to access the boat shed. Miranda tells her that teachers and the rowing students have access, and when practice is. Miranda then introduces her to three schoolgirls who are running the student protest.

Later, Alexa kicks Miranda out of her own office to look at Beecroft’s files, and finds her own file. She also discovers that Miranda keeps a black book on troublesome students and their indiscretions, and uses them to blackmail the students. When Miranda gives Alexa the book, she finds out that model student, Gemma Shaw, whom Alexa has taken a shine to, grew pot in the school’s roof and was selling it. When she asks Miranda about her schedule, and she tells her Beecroft stayed unusually late, she realises and tells Miranda that the murderer was targeting her and not Beecroft.

Miranda and Alexa take a breather from the investigation to pay their respect at Beecroft’s grave, watch the video tape of them acting up, as shown as the beginning of the episode, and smoke a joint that Miranda confiscated from Gemma.

The episode then moves forward to the year 12 muck up day, where the students are going wild. Gemma tells Alexa when Beecroft died that she was in her extension maths class. When Alexa comes across a student’s prank, she realises that the murderer was trying to lure Beecroft to the boat shed with the posters as a trail. She then looks at the photos of Gemma’s pot factory and asks Madison to go to the hardware store, while she lies down in the shed.

Alexa confronts Gemma about her plan to lure Miranda, only to see from the window in her extension maths classroom that Beecroft was taking the bait. She followed her down to the boat shed and found it was too late, but she still carried on with her plan to recover the posters. Alexa tells her, her mistake was not hiding the wrench she used to loosen the bolts on the boat shed’s shelves. Miranda comes to the boat shed just as Gemma is trying to throw her under the bus, but Gemma breaks down and Miranda comforts her.

Overall I felt this was a solid episode, especially with further exploration into Alexa’s past, this time focusing on her personal instead of her professional past. I also enjoyed the minor subplot of George dating around. However I felt Gemma was a lot too obvious a perp as she constantly inserted herself in the case.


Stray Observations:

-The date on the video and of Alexa’s car crash at school was 1 May 1985.

-The song at the beginning of the episode, “Counting the Beat” by The Swingers, was also used in Episode 3 by Alexa to aggravate her neighbour, Dawn.



My Life Is Murder—Season 1, Episode 6 (Another Bloody Podcast)

This episode hits the trifecta of life events with the birth of a baby, an outrageous moment at a wedding reception and of course, death in the case of the week.

The episode kicks off with Alexa struggling to sleep and dealing with her insomnia by making bread, gaming and eventually listening to an anonymous podcast on an unsolved murder case. Kieran gives her the details of the case—Zac Morgan, he was his brother’s best man when his boyfriend showed up drunk and uninvited at the wedding reception, outing Zac to his whole family. Zac’s neighbour heard them arguing, and eventually found Zac dead, due to blunt force trauma on his head, with a red mark on his forehead.

Alexa asks Madison to track the podcaster. She then goes to speak with Zac’s brother, Sam, at the café. Sam begged him to come out to their family and thinks that his boyfriend, Tony Riles, killed him. While Alexa is in the process of tracking down the podcaster, she also finds that Tony went on a dating site and was talking to a man named Andre, which makes it look like Tony was cheating on Zac. Alexa goes to see Tony, and he denies killing him and says that they loved each other, and Zac proposed.

While Alexa goes to see her doctor to get sleeping pills for her insomnia, another episode of the podcast is uploaded and she listens to it, and realises the podcaster was at the wedding. She then goes to see Sam’s wife, Cara, who’s pregnant. Cara shows Alexa the footage of the wedding reception, which shows Sam’s cousin, Gilbert, force Tony out of there.  Meanwhile Madison discovers that Andre doesn’t exist and Tony was catfished.

Alexa listens to the podcast again and realises who the podcaster is, and asks Madison about voice recognition software. Alexa goes back to see Cara and tells her she knows she is the podcaster, as she was the only person who would have known exactly how many people were there, which included two late additions. Cara was able to manipulate her voice electronically as she is a software engineer, she also tells Alexa that Sam was catfishing Tony, in an effort to prove to Zac that Tony wasn’t good for him.

Later when Alexa goes to see Cara again, her waters break and she takes her to the hospital. While Alexa is with her, Madison texts her and reveals Sam’s wedding ring had the same logo in Zac’s head wound, and that Sam melted the lost wedding rings down. When Sam arrives after his son is born, Alexa tells him she knows he killed Zac. He asks her not to talk about it now and Alexa waits for him outside Cara’s room.

After having a moment with Cara and their son, Sam comes out, and Alexa reveals to the viewers that Sam went to Zac’s house to get the rings. Sam told Zac about what he did to Tony, but instead of being happy about it, Zac was furious and punched Sam. Sam returned the punch, which led to Zac hitting his head on the pavement. Sam saw Zac was badly hurt, but then thought he was fine when Zac got up and walked away, not knowing that Zac collapsed and died moments after he walked away. Sam breaks down and the police arrest him.

The episode ends with Alexa once again dealing with her insomnia by gaming.

Overall this was a solid episode, especially as it was the first case of the week that was an accidental death/manslaughter and not murder. I also enjoyed the running gag of Alexa’s insomnia and Madison’s cakes.

It will be interesting to see if there will be any more accidental deaths in the remaining episodes.


Stray Observations:

Love Child alumni Ryan Corr and Andy Ryan appeared in this episode.

-When Alexa called Madison, despite her trying to lie, Alexa figured out straight away Madison was at the beach instead of work.

-Kieran’s children, Mike and Dom, appear on screen for the first time. It’s also revealed that Kieran’s wife’s name is Pippa and they are clearly struggling with their marriage as Kieran is in the middle of a phone session with a marriage counsellor when Alexa calls, Madison notices Kieran isn’t wearing his wedding ring anymore, and they have separated.

-Madison was eating delicious cakes that she loved so much that she sent some to Alexa, who also ended up loving them.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Can you get us there alive?” “Yeah, I use to do pursuits!” (Cara-Alexa when Cara’s waters break and Alexa is about to drive her to the hospital)


My Life Is Murder—Season 1, Episode 5 (Feet of Clay)

This episode explores PR, social media and image.

The episode kicks off with Alexa stepping in front of bus for an unknown reason and then goes back a few days. Alexa is trying to do yoga in the park and is horrified to see Kieran watching her in amusement. Kieran gives her the case of the week—Christina Cortez, 22 years old, assistant at a PR company, hit by a drunk driver a year ago. Although the drunk driver, Joanne Argus, swears Christina was pushed in front of her car before she ran over her, and Christina also received an anonymous Snapchat message minutes before her death that was traced back to her work.

Alexa goes to the murder site where she finds a tribute to Christina and her mother laying flowers there. Alexa talks to Mrs. Cortez and points out that Christina had mud on her shoes and wasn’t holding her keys in her hand as a weapon when she was outside, indicating she was meeting someone she knew.

Alexa goes to Christina’s work to talk to her boss, Morgana Finch. She first talks to Zoe, who started working for Morgana after she left school and was at reception when Christina started working there, and now she works directly for Morgana. Alexa then chats to Morgana who is a little dismissive and clearly rattled by Alexa’s questions. Zoe than takes Alexa to Christina’s work locker and gives her, her possessions. According to Zoe, Christina and Morgana didn’t get along and Christina’s emotions were up-and-down.

Alexa explores a theory that Christina was having an affair with Morgana’s now ex-husband, Jackson Netto, as their marriage broke down shortly after Christina died. After Alexa goes to see him to ask questions, she goes to see Morgana and discovers that Jackson called her and told her about Alexa. Morgana “asks nicely” for Alexa to leave things alone.

Later Madison calls Alexa, telling her that she managed to hack into Morgana’s and Christina’s calendars and found that they shared a pattern of appointments over a two month period with an unnamed client. Alexa releases that Morgana was undergoing IVF treatments and Christina was donating her eggs to her. Alexa then thinks that Christina may have changed her mind, she also finds that Jackson’s car, which is the same as Joanne’s, had been repaired shortly after Christina died.

Alexa then goes to see Joanne Argus, who is now making and serving food to the less fortunate. Alexa asks her questions about that night and her statement, however she says she doesn’t remember.  Madison then finds that Christina was reimbursed for a medical appointment and Alexa finds a religious charm baring the patron of cancer patients on it, and realises Christina found out she had cancer before she died.

The episode then takes us back to the moment where Alexa stands in front of the bus, she moves out of the way and looks at her watch. She asks Madison to look into the bus routes of that area, and Madison reveals that the bus was late that night as there was traffic congestion due to a footy game. Alexa then goes to see Morgana at the fertility clinic and apologises to her. Morgana breaks down due to all the hormones she’s taking and Alexa tells her that she knows she didn’t kill her, and didn’t mean to set the chain of events into motion but she’s going to help and needs her phone.

Alexa uses Morgana’s phone to impersonate her and send a message to Zoe. Zoe meets with her and Alexa explains to the viewers that Zoe lured Christina into the street with the Snapchat message and they fought. Zoe was jealous of Christina and wanted her job and planned to push her in front of the bus, however as the bus was late, she had to improvise and pushed her in front of Joanne’s car. Alexa also brings up that Christina’s shoes were caked with the mud they were standing on, which would mean Zoe’s would be too. Zoe leaves and rushes back to her work locker to get her shoes but can’t find them. Alexa meets her back there to tell her the police already have her shoes. Alexa also tells her it was a waste as Christina had quit and had she waited a few more days, the job would have been hers anyway.

Meanwhile throughout the episode, Alexa’s stray cat has been hiding under the couch for reasons that don’t end up being specified, which made a great running gag. The episode ends with Alexa anonymously donating bread to Joanne’s food drive and the cat coming out of hiding when it smells Alexa’s and Kieran’s fish and chips dinner.

Overall this was a solid episode with a compelling case of the week and a good running gag. In terms of whom the murderer turned out to be, I felt Zoe was an obvious candidate, but not the most obvious.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “In the future all people are going to want are 15 minutes of privacy.” (Alexa to Madison)
  • “He’s in hiding, he’s offended by my offer of Home Brand tuna. He’s protesting.” (Alexa to Madison on the cat hiding under the couch)
  • “Bless you.” “Get a dog!” (Alexa-Madison when Madison sneezes due to her cat allergy)
  • “Journo are you?” “More like a professional sticky beak.” (Jackson-Alexa)


My Life Is Murder—Season 1, Episode 4 (Can’t Stand the Heat)

This episode explores the competitive nature of cooking schools.

The episode kicks off with Alexa giving unsolicited cologne wearing advice to a deaf man (of course not knowing that he was deaf) while in line to get a ride on the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel. It then cuts to Alexa inside one of the Wheel’s cabins with Kieran where he gives her the case of the week.

Ivan Zhang, a top student at a cooking school was found dead on the classroom floor, killed by blunt force head trauma. The kitchen staff found his body at 8am, the time of death was estimated between 4am and 5am, and there was oil on the floor. The dish he was cooking didn’t require oil. One person of interest was fellow student, Yi Ling, who was also staying back late and has a temper, she was expelled from high school for assaulting a teacher.

Alexa has Madison enrol her in the cooking school and she goes to her storage locker to retrieve Gary’s cooking equipment, while she is there, she finds his cologne bottle, the same cologne the deaf man was wearing.

When Alexa arrives at the school under the guise of being a transfer student, she sees how aggressive the head chef, Brenda Levine, is, as well as how competitive the students are. When Alexa cuts her finger while chopping, she asks Brenda for a band-aid, and Brenda offers to help her, revealing a softer side to her. Alexa finds out that Brenda’s alibi for the time of the murder was her date with Diego Mann, an ex AFL player.

Alexa later discovers that Yi and Ivan got into a fight three weeks before his death. She also finds out from his mother that Ivan use to work in Queensland, collected recipes and reviews and was in a local soccer team. She also tells Alexa that his classmates were his friends, but also his enemies due to its competitive nature.

Alexa sends Madison to interview Ivan’s soccer team, and she asks one of the guys, Simon, questions and is clearly interested in him. Simon tells her Ivan missed training and a semi-final game and cancelled on hanging out with him a few times. Alexa later discovers that Ivan was meeting Brenda late at night and she gave him a pristine set of knives. Brenda admits she tutored him and gave him the knives as she wanted him to improve, and she likes doing things for people she gets along with. Alexa also concludes that the murder weapon was a frozen chicken.

Although Alexa thinks that Brenda plagiarised recipes, she eventually finds out through Ivan’s scrapbook that she didn’t, and also discovers that Brenda was once a chef in Townsville and her real name is Elaine Summer. Her restaurant in Townsville closed as she served week-old bearnaise sauce, which resulted in a customer dying of food poisoning. When Alexa cooks the same meal as Ivan did and it doesn’t turn out exactly like Ivan’s or the picture, she solves the case.

Alexa confronts Brenda, telling the viewers that Ivan recognised Brenda as Elaine, who he worked for in Townsville and confronted her. He blackmailed her to help him with his cooking, but he kept asking for more. She knew he was staying back late to perfect one of her recipes, she waited until Yi left, and surprised him by hitting him over the head with the frozen chicken. She then defrosted more chickens, smeared oil on the ground and cooked the recipe to make it look like Ivan had been up all night. She heated up the room to fool a pathologist into making an inaccurate estimate of his time of death. However the school’s electricity usage spiked from 10pm, however her mistake was making the room too hot, which lead to the meal being overcooked. Brenda admits to her that Ivan wanted to be her partner but he wasn’t good enough and he wouldn’t let her forget about her one mistake. The police arrest her.

Overall I felt this was a solid episode. The murder mystery was intriguing, and I was surprised the murder weapon ended up being a frozen chicken, something I’ve never seen before in a crime show. I also enjoyed the running gag of Alexa losing her phone, having to replace it, then having to replace the replacement when Brenda breaks it. I also enjoyed Madison’s interactions with Simon, although I felt for her when she disappointed to hear that Simon is engaged. I’m sure she’ll eventually see George is interested in her soon. I was also excited to see more insight into Gary’s character when Alexa reveals how much cooking equipment he owned.


Stray Observations:

-Alexa calls George “Georgeous”.

-Gary clearly loved cooking.

-Madison’s father is a cook.

-One of the police officers was kind enough to open a door for Madison while she was eating a bowl of noodles while walking.

-Madison has dated AFL players.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Food wankers at each other’s throats…irresistible.” (Alexa to Kieran on accepting the case of the week)
  • “Just enrol me smartarse!” (Alexa to Madison on the cooking school)
  • “Did he teach you to be a smartarse?” “No, I picked that up more recently.” (Alexa-Madison when the latter talks about her father)
  • “I tracked down Ivan’s soccer team, their shorts are just as tight as the AFL guys.” (Madison on the phone to Alexa)
  • “I like that blue, it’s matches your shirt.” (Kieran to Alexa on her band-aids)
  • “You cut them, you eat them, no wastage!” (George to Alexa on the cucumbers she cut at his cafe)
  • “Coffee or cucumbers this morning?” (George to Alexa)
  • “For someone who’s always late, you’re an incredibly impatient person!” (Madison to Alexa)
  • “People are never as interesting as their dating profiles, or as good looking as their pictures.” (Madison)
  • “I know you did that, sabotage is for dead shits.” (Brenda to Yi on the latter burning Alexa’s garlic)


My Life Is Murder—Season 1, Episode 3 (Lividity in Lycra)

This episode has Alexa investigating CEOs who love to ride around town on their bikes.

The episode starts with Roger Simms (Don Hany) is receiving the award of MBM Entrepreneur of the Year at the Palais Theatre and dedicates the award to his colleague, Hugh Miller. The episode then moves forward two weeks later where Alexa goes to George’s café to deliver her sourdough bread, only to find out from George that it’s not selling. On her way she sees a group of cyclists at the café, she encounters one of them, Dan, when he returns slices of her toasted bread, claiming not to like it even though he didn’t try it. They have a flirtatious argument, giving her his business card as he walks out.

Kieran then drops by the café as Alexa forgot to meet him and gives her the case of the week. Hugh Miller was found dead on the side of the road while cycling with his colleagues, which include his boss, Roger. He had a heart attack, which lead to blunt force trauma on the back of his head.

Alexa goes to Roger’s bar to talk to him and asks to join his cycling group. When she goes cycling with them, she notices flowers at the murder site and starts chatting to one of the guys, Iman Abarh. Roger bought his new property from Iman’s company.

While they are out, talking about Lycra and other bike attire, Roger takes Alexa to his new property, which he apparently bought for the garden. It is there he reveals that he investigated Alexa. She later questions why he would buy a property for its garden only to rip out the flowers. Kieran then tells her that Roger called the DPP to ask why Alexa was snooping around, and that Iman is missing.

Alexa later visits the cycling site again to find a water bottle in a tree. Once she sees it, Alexa asks Madison to call Roger at 10am the next morning to tell him that the toxicology report showed traces of Monk’s Hood in his system and ask how he could have come into contact with it. We then see Roger trying to find the bottle only for Alexa to confront him, revealing to the viewer that he and Iman were trying to profit from the property sale and Hugh figured it out. He then put Monks Hood in the water bottle and gave it to Hugh so he would have a heart attack, and then smashed his head on the rock to finish the job. Alexa then asks him if he was looking for the water bottle, which she’s holding her in hand, and tells him that she bets him a new pair of cycling socks (which are apparently $60) that Monk’s Hood will be found on the inside and his fingerprints on the outside. He is then arrested for Hugh’s murder and Alexa reveals Iman is on a plane to Malaysia.

The episode ends with Dan coming over to see his Alexa with his Lycra.

Overall I found the case of the week to be a little predictable, however it redeemed itself by having Alexa and Madison use unique methods to investigate, such as the use of the cycling app. The episode also had some great comedic moments, such as the relationship between Alexa and George, her interactions with her lawyer neighbour, Dawn, and Madison attending Alexa’s strata meeting on her behalf. I’m hoping to see more moments like this throughout the series.


Stray Observations:

-Kieran has two children aged 6 and 8.

-Madison knew Alexa’s husband, Gary.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “I see you’re serving yourself now?” “You weren’t here what I supposed to do?” “Wait…I was only gone 30 seconds.” (George-Alexa-George on Alexa serving herself in the café)
  • “Don’t bullshit a bullshitter!” (Kieran to Alexa)
  • “We’re going to have to establish some boundaries.” “You’re an insomniac, normal rules don’t apply.” (Alexa-Madison)
  • “Am I the queen of data or what?” (Madison to Alexa)
  • “You need to stop being so defensive about your bread!” “Not defensive, perfectionist.” “Uh, obsessive actually.” (George-Alexa going back and forth)