Seachange (Reboot)—Season 1, Episode 7

We’ve reached the penultimate episode of the season and the caravan park story arc is escalating.

The episode kicks off with the caravan park residents being evicted, including Stone, who tells Miranda he’ll have to move in with his mum and that he no longer has access to his vegetable garden. Meanwhile both Laura and Miranda ask Bob what’s going on, just as he is about to explain, his daughter, Jules (originally portrayed by Bryony Price, now portrayed by Emm Wiseman) arrives. Jules has arrived to take over Bob’s company as he can’t legally run it. Laura calls Kevin to tell him what’s happened, only to reach his voicemail. Findlay tells Miranda that he is now working as an environmental consultant for Jules’ law firm.

Ben encourages Stone to exercise squatter rights, which gets them in court, but Bob and Jules play hard ball and win. Laura then offers to defend Stone, which leads to Clara Russo coming back to town to be the magistrate. Laura goes on to spend most of the episode feeling inadequate to Clara, as she is her professional and love rival.

When Zac tells Laura a story of a “magic gumtree” near her old property, which has moved her property outside of the boundary line, which would ultimately make Bob’s DA invalid. Zac tells her that the map which proves this is in her office, which is now Clara’s. Ben gets the map for her under the guise of delivering Clara her lunch and cleaning the map’s frame. Clara clearly doesn’t buy this but allows him to leave anyway.

While all of this is going on, Jules and Miranda get reacquainted. In the original series they weren’t friends and Jules was mean to her, except for one episode where Jules was accused of robbery, and Miranda and Jules’ younger brother, Craig, stuck by her. Adult Jules is being nice to Miranda and asks for her plans for the Marine Centre, so she can make it a part of the construction project. She also asks Miranda what’s going on with Findlay, as she’s interested in him but doesn’t want to step on any toes. Miranda gives her approval to go for Findlay.

Prior to going back to court, Laura finds out from Clara that she is applying for the magistrate’s job permanently and that Jules demanded her to be the magistrate over Laura. When she goes back to court, she uses the map to prove her argument and wins.

After court, Miranda goes back to work and yells at Findlay to do something to help her, he kisses her, she walks away, appalled, then returns and kisses him and they finally hook up.

While Clara and Ben talk about their marriage, they admit it is over and part on amicable terms. Ben later tells Laura that Clara has left town so the magistrate position will be permanently hers. At the Jelly’s, Jules makes a mysterious phone call that will only spell trouble in the finale.

The episode ends with Zac and Stone talking about the magic gumtree and how it moved.

Overall I felt that this was a solid episode, especially with the re-introduction of Jules Jelly, even if she has been recast. It will be interesting to see in the finale exactly how much she has followed in Bob’s footsteps. I also enjoyed seeing Laura as a solicitor again, and Findlay and Miranda finally giving into their feelings. I’m looking forward to seeing how this all plays out in the finale.


Stray Observations:

-Heather left Jules’ room exactly as she left it, which includes leaving a Backstreet Boys poster on the wall.

-Jules is a lawyer-turned-property developer. At the end of the original series, Jules was working at her father’s real estate agency and doing a TAFE course to become an agent. She didn’t completely follow in her father’s footsteps, but she came pretty close, if not, has done better than him.

-Lillian went to school with Jules and Miranda.

-Jules has 7,000 Instagram followers.

-Clara’s allergic to orchids.

-Clara and Ben were married for 15 years.

-According to Laura, Stone built a Kubb pitch. She states that Kubb is a Scandinavian game that is a combination of Chess and Bocce.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Were you a squatter?” “More of a starving artist, but it goes hand-in-hand.” (Laura-Ben)
  • “Go for it! I can only pay in veggies!” (Stone to Bob when the latter threatens to sue the former for squatting)
  • “I would love to help you but Clara scares me.” “Don’t I scare you?” “Yeah yeah you do, just not as much as, I’m sorry.” (Zac-Laura-Zac on getting the map out of Clara’s office)
  • “Off to deal with the devil?” “Get a job!” (Stella-Miranda)
  • “Look at her rocking those heels, do you think they help?” “Help what?” “With the power trip.” “I’m just amazed she can walk in those.” “Oh I bet she can run, Zac.” (Lillian-Zac going back and forth about Jules)
  • “Aren’t those against uniform policy?” “Not in Italy.” (Zac-Lillian on the latter wearing heels with her uniform)


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