Seachange (Reboot)—Season 1 Finale

The job of a season finale is to wrap up the season’s story arcs and establish new ones for the next season (if there is one). I felt this finale did most of the job but not all of it.

The episode kicks off with Miranda waking up after hooking up with Findlay and sneaking out. As she is wandering down the street, she runs into Jules and Jules tells her that she has got the construction rezoned and she is going to destroy Pearl Bay. Jules expands on this by revealing that she has plans for a massive sand mining plant on the caravan site, abandoning Bob’s plans for luxury apartments. Her plans disgust everyone, including her parents. Shortly after this, Kevin and Phrani return from their honeymoon and find out what’s happened.

Kevin insists he didn’t sign his land over to Bob, so he is charged of obtaining property by deception, and everyone’s back in court again, this time with Laura back as magistrate.

While this is happening, Miranda calls Findlay a traitor for working with Jules, he calls her out on her accusation and tells her he quit his job. Later, Miranda admits to Anna she’s scared of pursuing Findlay as she knows he’ll eventually leave.

Miranda runs into Findlay again after the first court session and they figure out that someone should have footage of Bob trying to deceive Kevin on their phones as everyone had them out on Kevin and Phrani’s wedding day. After viewing nearly everyone’s footage, they realise Heather was filming the signing of the marriage certificate. Miranda asks Heather to see the footage, which does prove Bob deceived Kevin.

As a trial would take time, Miranda (on Laura’s advice) shows the footage to Jules and demands that she excuses herself from the case, get Bob to plead guilty, and leave town. Jules agrees and as Kevin has given Bob a good recommendation, despite the fact that he screwed him over, Laura voids the contract and sentences Bob to a community service order.

While all of this is going on, Laura receives divorce papers from Max and doesn’t know how to tell Stella. Much like her efforts to hide Miranda’s pregnancy from her earlier in the season, her efforts fail as Stella finds them and confronts Laura. Stella thinks the divorce is Laura’s fault and Laura immediately dismisses this idea. Later, Laura finds Stella upset on the couch, Stella tells her that she called Max and he told her the truth. Stella says she knows Max is sorry, however Laura tells her signing the divorce papers is the kindest thing he’s done for her in a long time, and Stella reluctantly accepts her parents’ marriage is over.

On a minor subplot, Lillian believes Zac is psychic and gets him to help her with her investigations. While it’s clear throughout the episode Zac isn’t psychic, he reveals to Kevin at the end of the episode during their chat that he appears psychic due to knowing Lillian very well and information others provide him. Overall I felt that this subplot was a little silly, however it redeemed itself by providing a valid explanation to his psychic abilities.

The episode and season end with the community deciding to spend the plastic bag money on building Miranda’s marine centre.  Miranda finally tells Findlay how she feels and that she wants him to stay, however he tells her he accepted the research position in Antarctica. He asks her to come but due to the baby she says no, however she agrees to wait for him.

The episode ends with Kevin and Zac chatting about Zac’s psychic abilities.

Overall I felt this finale did it’s job—Bob’s construction plans are thwarted, Miranda and Findlay finally figure out their relationship, Ben and Laura (kind of) get together, Heather and Bob look like they’re getting back together, and Miranda is getting the marine centre she wanted. However I felt Miranda’s efforts to avoid Findlay, only to admit how she feels when it’s too late, to be a cliche, and no solid future story arcs were set up.

Overall I felt the reboot got off to a shaky start, especially with its huge continuity errors between the original series and this one, and the assassination of Max’s character, however I do feel the series has improved over time. It’ll be interesting to see if it’s renewed.


Stray Observations:

-Total number of original cast members returning: 5

-Total number of original characters returning: 7


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Between the woman who destroyed your year 12 formal gown and the woman who destroyed your family, what choice did you have?” (Laura to Miranda on Miranda’s choice to listen to Jules over her)
  • “We should have said no to jazz ballet, I wanted her to do classical!” (Heather to Bob and Laura on Jules and how she has turned out)
  • “Bob Jelly’s a one-man crime wave!” (Anna to Lillian)
  • “Short of torturing Bob…” “Oh..” “No.” (Anna-Lillian-Anna on Bob)
  • “Nan’s not really doing much now…since the cremation.” (Zac to Lillian)
  • “It’s okay, we don’t have to talk about it. Although you know far too much about my creative and financial mess, and my criminal history.” (Ben to Laura)
  • “I thought you said that was done and dusted. ‘Exploded’ was the exact word you used.” (Ben to Laura on her description of her marriage)
  • “I will join your book club, I will join the netball team, I will learn how to play Mahjong!” (Miranda trying to beg Anna for forgiveness for standing her up for Jules)
  • “What possible reason could he have to stay in Pearl Bay?” “The calamari.” “Yeah, the calamari is pretty good.” (Miranda-Anna on Findlay possibly staying in Pearl Bay)
  • “It’s my job to love the pelicans!” (Miranda to Anna)
  • “Is it too early for a wine?” “Never!” (Laura-Ben)
  • “Mum, don’t come down here unless you want to pervert the course of justice.” (Miranda on the phone to Laura)
  • “She’s a big girl, she can apologise all by herself.” (Ben to Laura on Stella)
  • “I’d like my parents to get back together, although with my dad’s dementia, it’s a possibility.” (Ben to Laura)
  • “So how do you do the psychic thing with the underpants?” (Kevin to Zac)


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