My Life Is Murder—Season 1, Episode 2 (The Locked Room)

Now that the pilot has established the premise and characters of the show, the fun can really begin. This episode not only has a case of the week but also has the series start delving into Alexa’s past as a cop.

The episode kicks off five years earlier, with Alexa undercover at a bar. Alexa makes a deal with Nikki Malone (Danielle Cormack), which involves Alexa getting a briefcase filled with cocaine, only for the police to bust in. Alexa tries to maintain her cover, only for Nikki’s henchman to slash her in the shoulder with a knife. Kieran tends to her, while Alexa watches Nikki get arrested.

The episode cuts to the present day with Alexa having a check-up and her doctor’s shock at her shoulder x-ray showing a part of the knife lodged in her shoulder. Her doctor recommends that she have it removed, as well as being more active and eating healthier, however Alexa refuses to have the knife bit removed as it’s her “good luck charm”.

She then goes to see Kieran and he gives her the option of three murder cases to investigate: the first is an outlaw bikie that has been dismembered and put in Ziplock bags, the second are the remains of an unidentified woman left in bushland for months after being shot in the head, and the third is a man, Alan Gillespie, shot dead in a motel room locked from the inside, and the DNA of a red-headed woman by his body. Alexa chooses the third case and takes Madison to the hotel room with her to investigate.

The first theory that Alexa and Madison think of is that Alan was having an affair. When Alexa talks to his wife, Carmel, she dismisses Alexa’s accusation and even shows her an unusual painting that a homeless man gave Alan, which he referred to as “The Spirit”. Later, when Alexa and Madison are back at the former’s apartment investigating Alan’s finances, Alexa finds payments he made to Nikki Malone and it’s in this moment she realises her past has come back to somewhat haunt her.

Alexa goes to see Nikki at her new club and catch up. It’s revealed that Nikki went clean after her husband died and she is an investor in Seraphim Manufacturing where Alan worked. It’s cleared that Nikki has grown a little but hasn’t completed changed. When her daughter, Cass, walks in and takes off her hat to reveal her red hair, Nikki is clearly trying to signal her to leave.

Later when Cass is on her way to a rehearsal, Alexa tries to ask her questions. Alexa is clearly giving scripted answers and not being truthful. After Cass leaves, Alexa breaks into her car to steal her lip gloss to see if her DNA matches the DNA found at the crime scene. It doesn’t, which blows Alexa’s theory of Cass having an affair with Alan.

Throughout the episode, Cass tells Nikki about her interaction with Alexa and asks her questions about Alan and her past, which reveals that Nikki is simultaneously not living completely clean but neither proves Nikki’s guilt of the murder. Also, Alexa buys a chain lock and install it on her door to try and figure out how the hotel room was locked from the inside, and locks herself outside in the process. When she gets back inside, she watches a promotional video on Seraphim Manufacturing and discovers a red-headed female employee in the video who is wearing the same hairclip as the red-headed woman found in the bushes that Kieran told her about.

The employee is revealed to be Rachel Isaacs, who quit after Alan’s death. When Madison manages to hack their email accounts, she finds that Rachel and Alan were talking in code, which leads to Alexa finding a USB in The Spirit painting. The USB contains files revealing the airbags in Seraphim cars were dodgy. On her way back, Nikki’s security guard, Anton, tries to run over Alexa at Nikki’s request.

Alexa goes for one last inspection of the motel room and the wallpaper catches her eye and she asks the manager to see the adjacent room. The room has wallpaper on the same side, she notices something and licks it. She looks down and finds an object, however what she’s found—both on the wallpaper and the floor is not revealed to the viewer.

Alexa returns to Nikki’s house to confront her. Alexa tells the viewer by confronting Nikki that she killed Alan over the botched investment by shooting him through the adjoining hotel room wall and put plugs in the wall to hide the holes, however she had to put toothpaste over the wall in the room she was in to cover up the plug as the colours of both didn’t match. Her mistake was leaving the guitar pic she used to put the toothpaste on behind in the room, which had her DNA on it, and she is arrested in front of Cass.

The episode ends with Alexa back at her doctors, with her blood pressure improved and still refusing to remove the knife bit in her shoulder.

Overall this was a solid episode as there were many twists and turns. For one thing, I was wrong on many fronts. I at first thought Cass was having an affair with Alan or he raped her, but they fact had nothing to do with each other. I then thought the hotel manager may have been responsible, but he wasn’t and was quite helpful. I didn’t initially think Nikki was guilty as she was too obvious a suspect, however how she committed the murder was very unique, which I enjoyed. I also enjoyed the character development with Alexa and hope to eventually see more of it.


Stray Observations:

-Madison’s weekend plans involved orienteering and going to an Ed Sheeran concert.

-Alexa has no qualms taking the milk out of the cat’s bowl and using it for her own cereal when she’s run out of milk.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Paleo-caffeine diet, it’s what the cavemen lived on when they discovered coffee.” (Alexa to her doctor on her eating habits)
  • “It’s like playing Twister after having too many wines.” (Madison to Alexa on playing dead)
  • “Ed Sheeran looks like someone’s grandfather!” (Alexa to Madison)
  • “He’s like Jamie Oliver with sleeve tattoos!” (Alexa describing Ed Sheeran to Kieran)
  • “Please go back to caffeine, for all of our sakes.” (George to Alexa on her mood and her choice of green smoothie)


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