My Life Is Murder—Season 1, Episode 3 (Lividity in Lycra)

This episode has Alexa investigating CEOs who love to ride around town on their bikes.

The episode starts with Roger Simms (Don Hany) is receiving the award of MBM Entrepreneur of the Year at the Palais Theatre and dedicates the award to his colleague, Hugh Miller. The episode then moves forward two weeks later where Alexa goes to George’s café to deliver her sourdough bread, only to find out from George that it’s not selling. On her way she sees a group of cyclists at the café, she encounters one of them, Dan, when he returns slices of her toasted bread, claiming not to like it even though he didn’t try it. They have a flirtatious argument, giving her his business card as he walks out.

Kieran then drops by the café as Alexa forgot to meet him and gives her the case of the week. Hugh Miller was found dead on the side of the road while cycling with his colleagues, which include his boss, Roger. He had a heart attack, which lead to blunt force trauma on the back of his head.

Alexa goes to Roger’s bar to talk to him and asks to join his cycling group. When she goes cycling with them, she notices flowers at the murder site and starts chatting to one of the guys, Iman Abarh. Roger bought his new property from Iman’s company.

While they are out, talking about Lycra and other bike attire, Roger takes Alexa to his new property, which he apparently bought for the garden. It is there he reveals that he investigated Alexa. She later questions why he would buy a property for its garden only to rip out the flowers. Kieran then tells her that Roger called the DPP to ask why Alexa was snooping around, and that Iman is missing.

Alexa later visits the cycling site again to find a water bottle in a tree. Once she sees it, Alexa asks Madison to call Roger at 10am the next morning to tell him that the toxicology report showed traces of Monk’s Hood in his system and ask how he could have come into contact with it. We then see Roger trying to find the bottle only for Alexa to confront him, revealing to the viewer that he and Iman were trying to profit from the property sale and Hugh figured it out. He then put Monks Hood in the water bottle and gave it to Hugh so he would have a heart attack, and then smashed his head on the rock to finish the job. Alexa then asks him if he was looking for the water bottle, which she’s holding her in hand, and tells him that she bets him a new pair of cycling socks (which are apparently $60) that Monk’s Hood will be found on the inside and his fingerprints on the outside. He is then arrested for Hugh’s murder and Alexa reveals Iman is on a plane to Malaysia.

The episode ends with Dan coming over to see his Alexa with his Lycra.

Overall I found the case of the week to be a little predictable, however it redeemed itself by having Alexa and Madison use unique methods to investigate, such as the use of the cycling app. The episode also had some great comedic moments, such as the relationship between Alexa and George, her interactions with her lawyer neighbour, Dawn, and Madison attending Alexa’s strata meeting on her behalf. I’m hoping to see more moments like this throughout the series.


Stray Observations:

-Kieran has two children aged 6 and 8.

-Madison knew Alexa’s husband, Gary.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “I see you’re serving yourself now?” “You weren’t here what I supposed to do?” “Wait…I was only gone 30 seconds.” (George-Alexa-George on Alexa serving herself in the café)
  • “Don’t bullshit a bullshitter!” (Kieran to Alexa)
  • “We’re going to have to establish some boundaries.” “You’re an insomniac, normal rules don’t apply.” (Alexa-Madison)
  • “Am I the queen of data or what?” (Madison to Alexa)
  • “You need to stop being so defensive about your bread!” “Not defensive, perfectionist.” “Uh, obsessive actually.” (George-Alexa going back and forth)


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