My Life Is Murder—Season 1, Episode 7 (Old School)

This episode has Alexa’s past catching up with her when she has to investigate a murder case at her old high school.

The episode kicks off with a video of a teenage Alexa and Miranda Lee drinking, and Alexa stealing a teacher’s car and crashing it into a tree.

The episode then brings us back to the present day with Kieran discussing the case of Imelda Beecroft, Alexa’s old English teacher-turned headmistress. She died a year ago after she stood on a boat rack to take down a poster, which gave away and led to her falling and being crushed by the boats as the rack fell on top of her. She finds out from Kieran that Miranda Lee, who is now the Deputy Headmistress found Imelda, and now has Imelda’s job.

While Miranda is showing Alexa around the school, she discovers that a code has to be entered to access the boat shed. Miranda tells her that teachers and the rowing students have access, and when practice is. Miranda then introduces her to three schoolgirls who are running the student protest.

Later, Alexa kicks Miranda out of her own office to look at Beecroft’s files, and finds her own file. She also discovers that Miranda keeps a black book on troublesome students and their indiscretions, and uses them to blackmail the students. When Miranda gives Alexa the book, she finds out that model student, Gemma Shaw, whom Alexa has taken a shine to, grew pot in the school’s roof and was selling it. When she asks Miranda about her schedule, and she tells her Beecroft stayed unusually late, she realises and tells Miranda that the murderer was targeting her and not Beecroft.

Miranda and Alexa take a breather from the investigation to pay their respect at Beecroft’s grave, watch the video tape of them acting up, as shown as the beginning of the episode, and smoke a joint that Miranda confiscated from Gemma.

The episode then moves forward to the year 12 muck up day, where the students are going wild. Gemma tells Alexa when Beecroft died that she was in her extension maths class. When Alexa comes across a student’s prank, she realises that the murderer was trying to lure Beecroft to the boat shed with the posters as a trail. She then looks at the photos of Gemma’s pot factory and asks Madison to go to the hardware store, while she lies down in the shed.

Alexa confronts Gemma about her plan to lure Miranda, only to see from the window in her extension maths classroom that Beecroft was taking the bait. She followed her down to the boat shed and found it was too late, but she still carried on with her plan to recover the posters. Alexa tells her, her mistake was not hiding the wrench she used to loosen the bolts on the boat shed’s shelves. Miranda comes to the boat shed just as Gemma is trying to throw her under the bus, but Gemma breaks down and Miranda comforts her.

Overall I felt this was a solid episode, especially with further exploration into Alexa’s past, this time focusing on her personal instead of her professional past. I also enjoyed the minor subplot of George dating around. However I felt Gemma was a lot too obvious a perp as she constantly inserted herself in the case.


Stray Observations:

-The date on the video and of Alexa’s car crash at school was 1 May 1985.

-The song at the beginning of the episode, “Counting the Beat” by The Swingers, was also used in Episode 3 by Alexa to aggravate her neighbour, Dawn.



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