My Life Is Murder—Season 1, Episode 8 (Remains to Be Seen)

The episode kicks off with drama with Alexa experiencing chest pain on her morning run.

She goes to see her doctor and he diagnoses her with atrial fibrillation and treats it by shocking her heart back into rhythm.

The episode then cuts to Alexa going to meet Kieran, almost back to her old self, to get her next case—Patrick Mandel, whose body was found in an occupied grave and has been dead for five months. He was a gambler who owed money to a lot of people and ironically owned a financial advice business.

Alexa goes to see Patrick’s girlfriend, Katrina Logan, who owns a funeral planning business. She claims she had no idea that Patrick was a gambler. Alexa also finds out Katrina has a daughter, Gaby. Alexa develops a theory that Patrick’s body was put in the funeral home fridge for three days before being buried in the grave, and Madison then informs her that Katrina lied. She found footage of Katrina standing next to Patrick at a casino ATM a year-and-a-half ago.

Alexa and Madison find out from Katrina that she did give him money. They also speak with the company’s grave digger, Tye, who is seemingly flirting with Madison. Alexa says that a grave digging machine would have made too much noise and that the grave must have been dug by hand. She also finds out that the day that the grave was used, Tye came into work and then went home sick.

Madison discovers that Tye made a large payment to a head scarf company, and Alexa remembers that Gaby wears head scarves, and puts two and two together. Alexa then sneaks into the ashes room of the funeral home and finds a piece of ceramic in the ashes of another man, Richard Rourke.

Alexa then confronts Gaby and tells the viewers of how Patrick Mandel died. Patrick snuck into the funeral home to steal any valuables he could find and sell. He thought no-one would be there, but Gaby was. Gaby thought Patrick was stealing from her mother, she hit him over the head with something heavy. She got Tye to help her dispose of his body and possessions, which included putting his antique teapot in Richard Rourke’s casket. She is then arrested in front of Katrina.

Throughout the episode, the nature and location of the crime scene, as well as her medical episode, make Alexa question her mortality, her funeral plans and ultimately, her decision to hold onto Gary’s ashes. The case ultimately led to Alexa making her funeral plans and releasing Gary’s ashes at the site where he died, which led to a great comedic moment—the wind blowing Gary’s ashes back in her face. I felt that these moments were well and accurately portrayed, and explored a different side to Alexa’s character, and it was the first time that a case was shown affecting Alexa so personally.

Overall this was a solid episode with a compelling case of the week, and more insight into Alexa’s character.


Stray Observations:

-Alexa runs by the area where her husband, Sergeant Gary Quinn, was killed while on duty. She even touches the sign erected when the area was dedicated to him.

-Gary was born in 1965 and died in 2017, making him either 51 or 52 when he died (depending on whether he died before or after his birthday).

-Madison believes Alexa likes unfinished business and likes working on the murder cases to let herself think that she’s moving on with her life.

-Madison’s family has a columbarium for every family member to be stored in.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Are you frowning, it’s hard to tell with you sometimes.” (Alexa to her doctor)
  • “Where does a dead guy go for three days?” “Not Bali.” (Alexa-Kieran on Patrick’s dead body)
  • “Are you some sort of rent-a-sleuth?” (Gaby to Alexa)
  • “Maybe someone played Weekend at Bernie’s with him?” (Alexa to Madison on Patrick’s dead body)
  • “Don’t stare at the cat! It’s a sign of aggression!” (Alexa to Madison)
  • “He had a resurrection just looking at you!” “You’re going to hell!” (Alexa-Madison on Tye flirting with Madison at the cemetery)
  • “I will touch with my eyes.” (Alexa to Kieran in the evidence room)
  • “Don’t believe anything Kieran says, he’s a grade A catastrophiser.” (Alexa to George)
  • “Kieran, even if I die when I’m running, make sure I don’t end up on a slab in my smelly shoes and sweats.” “You’ve got to look your best before getting burned.” (Alexa-Kieran)



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