My Life Is Murder—Season 1, Episode 9 (Fake Empire)

This episode has Alexa trying to prove that clairvoyants and psychics are frauds!

The episode kicks off with Alexa telling off a psychology student, Finn, who stops her in the street to ask her to do a survey for an assignment. She then goes to meet Kieran at the aquarium to be assigned her next case. The victim is Steven Harborne, 31, a nurse, who was stabbed in an apparent break and enter gone wrong in his home the previous year. He was found by his fiancee, Justine Harris, and the neighbours heard her screams. Alexa has been assigned the case as a clairvoyant, Chloe Angel, got in touch with the police informing them of details that were never made public.

Alexa meets Chloe, where it’s revealed her day job is a Council gardener, and the ticket sales for her psychic show aren’t selling. Despite Alexa’s scepticism, which she doesn’t hide, Chloe tells her that Steven has been talking to her about the day of his death, which included getting the engagement ring resized, and keeps repeating the word ‘epiphany’. Chloe also says that Steven will only talk to Jasmine.

Jasmine and Alexa meet up with her, with Alexa warning Jasmine not to give too much info away or get too emotional—but she does anyway. The session ends in anger with Chloe telling Jasmine that Steven is apologising repeatedly for falling for someone else. After the session, Jasmine tells Alexa that Chloe is lying, and reveals that Steven use to take photos of her naked when they had sex. Madison later reveals that the tech guys went through Steven’s computer and found photos of Jasmine that were taken at the apartment, however there were also recent photos taken while Jasmine was at work and with a woman with a flower tattoo.

Alexa goes to see Chloe at work to find out whether she has a tattoo and she doesn’t. This didn’t surprise me as I felt it would be too easy. A TV crew arrives to interview Chloe. Later Alexa goes to Jasmine’s apartment, where she’s having a “break-up” party with her friends, which include her workmates, Adam and Abby, to move on from Steven. Just as Alexa asks Jasmine outright whether she killed Steven, Chloe’s TV interview airs where she claims to be working for the police.

When Madison and Alexa re-watch Chloe’s interview, they realise she was being fed specific information for a purpose and now she has gone national television and revealed it, she has made herself a target for the killer. The episode then cuts to a hooded figure bumping into Chloe, shortly after that Chloe struggles to breathe and then collapses, just as Alexa comes to see her and calls an ambulance.

At the hospital, Chloe reveals that someone contacted her with details about Steven and his death, and paid her $500 to go public. Chloe then tells her that when the figure bumped into her, she felt a pain in her thigh. Alexa looks at her pants and finds a needle hole in them. Meanwhile, Madison has found the tattoo artist, Lena, and sets up a dating profile to meet with her and find out more about it.

Alexa goes to the hospital and speaks with Abby, who has the tattoo and is unsurprisingly revealed to be Steven’s mistress. Abby tells Alexa tells her that Stephen wasn’t the marrying type and Jasmine would have to be blind not to know this. The episode cuts to Alexa walking down the street to see Finn asking Madison questions, having taken Alexa’s harsh feedback at the begging of the episode on board. One of Finn’s questions gives Alexa the idea that Chloe was injected with epinephrine, a substance that is naturally made in the body, but would lead to the symptoms Chloe experienced.

Alexa goes to the hospital to talk with Adam, who she clearly believes is a suspect, to spook him. She then asks Chloe for help in catching the killer, as she knows who it is.

Alexa, George, Madison, Kieran, Jasmine and Adam go to Chloe’s show, which is now sold out. Chloe channels a few spirits, include George’s grandfather, before getting to Steven. Chloe says Steven is saying that Jasmine is his killer. Jasmine asks Adam to defend her, Chloe provides details about Steven’s murder, including the fact that his death was made to look like a robbery, than Alexa continues by informing Adam about his history with Jasmine and feelings for her. Adam tries to leave but is stopped and arrested.

The episode ends with Alexa questioning Chloe about her knowledge of the inscription on Gary’s watch. Chloe tells her that as she is a detective, she should figure it out for herself.

Overall this was a good but not great episode as the perp became obvious, and the psychic and affair elements were cliche. However I enjoyed that Chloe and Alexa shared the duties of revealing how the murder happened to the viewers.


Stray Observations:

-According to Madison, her mum’s cousin’s stepmum is psychic and spent last Christmas reading people’s coffee cups, telling their fortune.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Well liked, even though he was a Collingwood fan.” (Kieran to Alexa on the murder victim)
  • “No grinning, because you haven’t won.” (Alexa to Kieran on her taking the case)
  • “Never get hung up on expectations, they do more harm than good.” (Chloe to Alexa)
  • “Fine? Crikey that’s what every girl dreams of.” (Alexa to Jasmine when Alexa asks Jasmine about her sex life with Steven)
  • “I hope your camera has a bullshit filter!” (Alexa to the TV crew who arrive to interview Chloe)
  • “It’s the smugness, she’s like a TV game show host or a vegan!” (Alexa to Kieran on Chloe)
  • “All men are bastards.” “Present company excluded.” “Oh no, no, no, that’s me. Absolute bastard.” (Abby then Jasmine to Adam, then Adam)
  • “Kill me now! Except that wouldn’t help because she’d be blabbing to my ashes.” (Alexa to Madison on Chloe)
  • “Where’s your white horse?” “This isn’t a date!” (Alexa to George, then Madison answers her question)


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