My Life Is Murder—Season 1 Finale (Mirror Mirror)

This episode, the season one finale, explores the world of cosmetic surgery.

The episode kicks off with Alexa and Kieran meeting up, with Alexa criticising Kieran’s choice of wedding anniversary gift—a decorative plate—by breaking it on the ground. He gives her the case of the week—-Matilda Phillips, a doctor working at the Cavanagh Clinic, a cosmetic surgery clinic, who had a micro-needling procedure done before leaving work and was found dead by her husband the next morning when he returned from travelling interstate. The autopsy report showed a cocktail of drugs in her system, including botox and the cause of death was anaphlyaxis.

Alexa goes to see Matilda’s husband, who reveals he loved how Matilda looked before she starting getting cosmetic surgery done herself and that he doesn’t sleep in their bedroom anymore. He believes that the owners of the clinic brainwashed her into thinking she needed to have work done.

Alexa goes to the Cavanagh Clinic to speak to the owners, Levi and Imogen. She goes to see Levi, under the guise of having a mole check and also to satisfy her curiosity of what work she apparently needs done. When she starts to ask him questions, he gets suspicious and holds back, and she reveals who she is. She then speaks to him and Imogen privately, who explain the micro-needling procedure and the new drug Matilda was trialling to her. The more she pries, the more Levi resists and she is asked to leave. Imogen goes to see Alexa in the street and tells her to ignore him and asks whatever questions she wants.

Madison finds a malpractice suit that has been filed against the Cavanagh Clinic by a man who was subjected to a botched procedure, to get rid of acne scars by the Clinic’s receptionist. He reveals that Matilda came over to apologise to him. Madison and Alexa then come up with the theory that Matilda was going to blow the whistle on the lawsuit and it gave Levi motive to kill her. Madison later finds out Matilda received text messages from someone who bought a phone near the Clinic.

Alexa goes to see Levi again to ask him whether he was having an affair with Matilda, he denies it until she calls the mobile phone number. He admits he was having an affair with the Clinic’s receptionist, Ainsley, and was with her when Matilda was killed. Alexa then goes to Levi and Imogen’s home to ask more questions, with Levi clearly scared Alexa’s going to tell her about his affair, only for Imogen to reveal to Alexa in private that she already knows about it.

Later, Alexa questions why Matilda would take a sleeping pill to make herself drowsy before injecting herself with Tomilax. Her questioning this theory leads to her finding out who killed Matilda.

Alexa goes to the Juliette Rose Foundation auction to see Imogen. When Imogen spots her, she immediately goes to see Alexa. Alexa reveals to the viewers that Imogen laced the numbing cream for the micro-needling procedure with barbituates, she then let herself into Matilda’s home with the key Matilda gave Levi, and injected her with the Tomilax, because Matilda and Levi were planning on opening their own clinic. Alexa then reveals that Imogen’s mistake was leaving behind a rose petal of a Juliette Rose that only grows in France, that only she ordered in for the Foundation.

The episode ends with Alexa trying to open a bottle of special wine, only for the cork to break in half in the process. She gets a text about her birthday dinner and goes there, just as everyone is about to leave.

Overall this episode didn’t really feel different to any of the others, in the sense that the finale didn’t feel like a finale. Another Australian crime show I’ve reviewed, Harrow, had a major season-long story arc, whereas My Life Is Murder didn’t, instead focusing on self-contained stories with every episode. That being said, I felt it worked well for this series, especially as it compensated with solid relationships between the characters: Alexa and Kieran were believable as old colleagues and friends, whereas Madison and George were Alexa’s believable and hilarious sidekicks and friends. I also felt that the cases of the week contrasted perfectly with comedic moments, such as the dynamic between Alexa and George, as well as Alexa’s relationship with the stray cat who has clearly made itself at home with her.

I personally don’t feel that this show is over and I certainly hope this isn’t all we’ve seen of it. I’ve enjoyed watching and reviewing this season and I hope there’s another one (or rather many more).



Stray Observations:

-Alexa’s birthday was a theme throughout the episode, with her celebrating it in the final moments.

-Madison suggests that Alexa incorporate herself and be called “Murder of Crowes Pty Ltd”.

-Dawn colour coded the apartment complex’s bins to prevent arguments between tenants.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “You don’t want to start your divorce off on the wrong foot.” (Alexa to Kieran when she smashes Kieran’s anniversary gift to Pippa)
  • “Look, his bark is far worse than his bite.” “Maybe you should walk him more often.” (Imogen-Alexa on Levi)
  • “Is this phone for affairs in general or just Tilly?” (Alexa to Levi)
  • “Mads, have you got time to do something for me?” “Wow!” “What?” “Well, you’re actually asking.” “Well I’m trying to be polite.” “It’s good that you’re trying new things.” (Alexa-Madison going back and forth over the phone)


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