Playing For Keeps–Season 2, Episode 6

This episode had a lot of secrets and feelings come out in the open.

Paige & Dan—Her subplot focused on her conflicting feelings for Dan and the fallout of her sleeping with him in the previous episode. The episode kicks off with Dan calling Paige as she is starting to confess to Brody. She eventually confesses, which upsets both of them and Brody leaves. After Dan and Liam’s car crash (which I’ll get to), Paige confronts Dan about his involvement and tries to convince him that Liam doesn’t care about him. While Dan admits he misses her, she says that what happened between them was wrong and was a mistake, which makes things worse for them.

At the end of the episode, Brody tells Paige he wants to move past her hook-up with Dan, but Paige silently admits she doesn’t want to and he leaves again.

Trav, Brian & Kath—As the Jets record a sixth loss out of their so far 10-game season, it’s becoming clear as day to the public that Trav is struggling as a coach. Kath asks Brian to come on as a mentor, an offer Brian is reluctant to take up as he believes Trav needs the time and space to grow as a coach.

Brian at first goes to see Rusty, who seems reluctant to engage with him until Brian makes it clear to Rusty he wants to make amends with him, Rusty than embraces Brian as a mentor. When Trav informs Maddy of this, she isn’t thrilled and confronts Kath about it, however Trav is fine with and Maddy calms down when Kath promises her Brian is a mentor and nothing more.

Meanwhile Kath is once again dealing with pressure from the Board regarding Connor and Trav’s coaching. She deals with even more pressure when Brian asks Kath to let Liam play (after Liam asked Brian to talk to Kath for him). She faces even further pressure when Liam blackmails her (which I’ll get to).

Tahlia & Connor—The episode kicks off with Connor discovering his phone in his locker and immediately realising that Liam took it and put it back. Connor goes to confront him but is stopped as he has no proof of Liam’s actions.

Meanwhile Connor is struggling with his plans for his future, as he feels his days at the club are numbered. He later admits to Tahlia he now realises she was trying to help him by promoting him, as she did in the previous season’s episodes. Tahlia ultimately ends up helping Connor by providing his management ideas for sponsorship deals for his future.

Although throughout the episode it seems that sparks are flying between them, even more so when Connor tells Tahlia that he and Annabel broke up, nothing happens between them.

Overall I enjoyed their subplot, although I wouldn’t be surprised if they got back together, I think they are currently working better together as friends for now.

Maddy & Trav—This episode finally has Maddy deal with her anxiety by at first admitting to Kath about it, and then later admitting how she feels to Trav at the end of the episode. Before Maddy gets to this point, she takes a week off work and drinks heavily while on a night out with the girls.

Although this subplot was relatively minor, I appreciated that her anxiety was finally addressed, especially with Trav. I appreciated Trav’s apology to her for not paying enough attention, and him revealing to her how he feels about Brian becoming the club mentor.

Rusty—A highlight of this episode for me was the reappearance of Shane and the progress of the relationship between him and Rusty. Shane wants Rusty to meet his friends on a night out. While on his night out, a fellow footy player, Alex, comes up to him and thanks him for coming out to his team as it gave him the courage to do so.

Towards the end of the episode, Rusty meets up with Shane and tells him that he wants to be with him and initially shows reluctance due to his romance with Jack and its fallout.

Overall I enjoyed the character development not only in Rusty, but in his and Shane’s relationship.

Jessie—Jessie is preparing to do a press conference to be posted online for the impending membership vote, which the women’s team’s fate depends on.

While Bob tries to spook Jessie with the postal votes results showing more members are against than for the women’s team, it doesn’t stop her from winning over the members online, and the women’s team will be going forward. Bob admits defeat by telling Jessie she presented a compelling argument.

Overall I was pleased with how this subplot turned out, although I am wondering how much time has passed as Jessie was walking perfectly so soon after tearing her ACL.

Liam—Liam is becoming more and more unlikeable as the season progresses, this time putting his and Dan’s life, as well as the club’s reputation at risk. Liam takes Dan to a high stakes poker game, where he snorts cocaine. He then crashes his car, with Dan in it, whilst high and speeding. When they are caught, he throws the keys at Dan so he will take the blame. Paige eventually tells Kath that Liam was driving as Dan was on the phone to her the entire time.

While Dan initially covers for Liam, he eventually tells Kath the truth, which leads to Kath suspending Liam pending a full investigation into his behaviour over the previous two episodes.

After his attempt to get Brian to change Kath’s mind fails, Liam resorts to blackmailing Kath regarding her affair with Connor and threatens Kath by making it public.

Overall, while I find myself despising Liam’s character, I’m looking forward to seeing where the blackmail subplot and Liam goes in the remaining episodes.


Overall this was a solid episode with plenty of material to work with in the remaining episodes.


Stray Observations:

-Maddy has had panic attacks before.

Best one liners and interactions:

  • “The longer it takes, the more painful it’s going to be….like the Brownlow.” (Tahlia to Paige on confessing to Brody)
  • “The only time you should be seen in a bed is for an Armani underwear ad.” (Tahlia to Connor)


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