New Blog Category: TV Shows—Analysis

Although I write my reviews of TV Shows in great detail, I’ve decided to add another category to this blog: TV Shows—Analysis.

As a writer, especially a character rather than plot driven writer, I’ve always loved analysing fiction, especially characters and themes. As I watch TV shows, both the ones I review and the ones I don’t, I notice themes that come up from time to time, so I’ve decided to write blog posts analysing characters and themes of TV shows as I come across them and as I see fit.

My inspiration for this new addition to this blog not only comes from being a writer and my love for analysis, but also by similar analysis of TV shows and movies undertaken by others. I’ve especially fallen in love with The Take’s videos on various themes, plots and characters of TV shows and movies. You can view some of their videos below, as well as on their YouTube channel.




Stay tuned!


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